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The next day, when Olvia opened her eyes in a daze, she was greeted by an unfamiliar ceiling.

Olvia instantly tensed up and sat up sharply from the bed. However, what appeared in front of him was Luo Cheng, who was sitting on a chair and closing his eyes to nurture his mind.

Looking down at her clothes, Olvia didn’t feel anything wrong and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“What do you think I’ll do to you?” Luo Cheng’s sudden voice made Olvia glance at Luo Cheng, who woke up, “You took me out of my room for no reason, I didn’t shout insults, it’s not bad!” ”

Luo Cheng shrugged, “You call!” Even if you shout and break your throat, no one will come. What I said is true. ”

Olvia pouted, she felt that Luo Cheng was teasing her, knowing that she would not shout to say so.

Shaking her somewhat dizzy brain, Olvia wondered, “But Luo Cheng, why did you take me out of my room?” Didn’t you say that you want to separate from me? Do you say… ”

Olvia showed a sly smile: “You kid can’t bear me? ”

Luo Cheng chuckled, stood up and scanned Olvia’s petite body up and down, touched his chin and nodded: “Your figure and face are indeed very good.” This compliment made Olvia very useful, and he raised his head and smiled confidently.

“However, the age is too old, already an old woman.” As soon as these words came out, Olvia suddenly angrily picked up the pillow at the end of the bed and slapped it at Luo Cheng: “You give me death, ahhhhh ”

Taking the pillow that was thrown over, Luo Cheng looked at Olvia, whose hair stood on end and was bubbling with black gas, and immediately smiled interestingly, turned and left the room.

Seeing Luo Cheng leaving, Olvia touched her pretty face, although Olvia’s skin was not very white for many years abroad, but her delicate face was still full of charm.

“Little fart who doesn’t know how to appreciate.”

With that said, Olvia got up from the bed and opened the curtains to soak up the morning sun.

However, when Olvia opened the curtains, he was greeted not by warm sunlight, but by a roaring flame that filled the entire vision.

The fire shone on Olvia’s face, red and red, reflecting the cruel scene of yesterday night. “This, what’s going on here?”

“Here, let’s have breakfast!” Suddenly, Luo Cheng’s voice came from behind him, and I saw that he had brought a few pieces of bread and omelette to the table, drinking it with milk, and the man in front of Olvide was so strange.

“Why?” Olvia said softly, but the more she said, “Why do you want to do this?” ”

She finally understood why Luo Cheng would say that no one would come, because all the people on this small island must have been killed by Luo Cheng. She really couldn’t imagine why Luo Cheng, who seemed harmless to humans and animals, would do such a cruel thing.

Luo Cheng drank the milk, looked up at the misty, but full of grief and indignation, Olvia said lightly: “Because they want to kill me, or you can understand that they should be killed.”

“They want to kill you?” Olvia was a little stunned, he suddenly remembered that the man in front of him was a man with a billion bounty, and almost everyone in the world wanted to kill him in exchange for that huge bounty.

She guessed that the residents here must have known Luo Cheng’s bounty, and did not hold their heart’s desire, but wanted to kill Luo Cheng, but they were killed by Luo Cheng.

“But, but this is a whole town! With your strength, they can’t help you at all! Why can’t you just let them go? Like those naval soldiers, spare their lives? ”

Luo Cheng was still calmly eating the simple breakfast he made, his face was still calm, and he formed a strong contrast with the excited Olvia.

Without answering Olvia’s words, Luo Cheng drank the milk and walked towards the door with his knife.

Olvia saw that Luo Cheng was actually leaving, and did not answer his question at all, and immediately followed angrily.

Walking outside the door, Olvia could feel the fierce flames, which had obviously burned everything to ashes, but still did not stop, as if it would never stop.

And Luo Cheng was already walking into the flames at this moment, and it was strange to say that those flames dissipated before they touched Luo Cheng’s body, making way for Luo Cheng.

Olvia followed closely, she wanted to see what Luo Cheng wanted. Although she was extremely unwilling to believe that Luo Cheng was a perverted murderer, the fact was in front of her eyes, making it difficult for her not to believe it.

Finally, Olvia followed Luo Cheng to a clearing, there was no flame here, only a long and dense grassland, green, the wind blew, the grassland whistled, and the sea of fire behind him was in sharp contrast.

“What are you bringing me here for?”

Luo Cheng pointed to the grassland in front of him and said lightly: “You are an archaeologist, and many things have been discovered by you personally, which can make you believe more than what I said.” ”

Olvia looked at Luo Cheng strangely, although he didn’t know what he was thinking, but he still walked into the grassland.

As soon as he entered the grassland, the grassy fragrance made Olvia breathe in comfortably.

However, when she entered the grassland ten meters away, her face changed. Crouching down, looking at the soil under his feet, although the grass was green, it was a newly grown grass, and the soil of this place had been renovated not long ago.

When she dug up a human bone from a place, Olvia’s face finally sank, she already knew what place it was.

Withdrawing from the steppe, Olvia lowered her head and pursed her lips: “You are a good person, I blame you wrong.” ”

Luo Cheng suddenly smiled: “If I am a good person, then there will be no bad people in the world.” ”

Luo Cheng looked at this green grassland, his eyes narrowed, and said lightly: “I only hope that the next time I come here, this place will not become a forest.” “_

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