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Tsuru also smiled and shook his head, “I still have self-awareness, so many naval soldiers, vice admirals, and generals can’t keep you, how can I stop you alone?” ”

Through the amplified telephone worm, the crane’s voice was transmitted, and the crane could sense what Luo Cheng was saying by seeing and hearing domineeringly, and she deliberately used the amplified telephone worm, just so that the navy and Lu Jiu on the ship could hear it.

Luo Cheng smiled and shrugged casually: “Then I really can’t think of it, since you didn’t come to arrest me, what are you here for?” ”

Tsuru’s old face smiled, and wrinkles could not be concealed

“I just wondered if I could see what it was like to see this man who completely crushed the navy.” Because I am interested, I will come to this necessary route to the great voyage and see if I can meet you with good luck. ”

Luo Cheng raised his eyes and snorted softly, then pressed his hand on the railing of the boat and laughed: “Then do you see what kind of person I am?” ”

“Well! You are a good boy. He replied very seriously, and this answer made the corner of Luo Cheng’s mouth twitch.

Good boy? The 10 navy who killed 10,000 people, the pirates who don’t know how many, and their hands are already stained with blood, will they actually be good children in the evaluation of others? This made Luo Cheng a little ridiculous.

“yes! You are a good boy. I have studied your past, and the first time I killed someone was in the town of Rogue in the East China Sea, killing a group of pirates who committed evil. ”

“In the following days, you never killed only those pirates, and did not kill civilians, even if you killed the navy, it was because the style of the navy was no different from the pirates, so you killed them.”

“The time when the killing really started was after the death of Rodger, and it was precisely after the Navy began to hunt you down, and you began to resist.

I can understand your situation, if you want to live, you can only kill the navy that wants to kill you. Although it’s a bit bad for me to say this in my Navy capacity, I still think you’re a good boy. ”

Luo Cheng smiled casually, “So what? Do you mean that if I consider me a good boy in your eyes, your navy will not arrest me? ”

Tsuru shook his head: “Of course not, the navy will still arrest you, and the world government will also move because of you, but it will not look at my face and show mercy.” ”

“But I’m not here to talk to you about what the navy will be, what the world government will be, you know better than me, as long as you live, you will never be safe.”

After a pause, Tsuru continued, “People are old, and I want to see young people go astray. Luo Cheng, your ability is too dangerous, once you are like those pirates, it is difficult for me to imagine how chaotic the world will become. ”

Luo Cheng’s face turned cold, and he snorted softly: “Me!” What good boy, bad boy, in the end is not worried that I use hypnotic power to destroy the navy and destroy the world government, to say the crown, righteousness, really disgusting. ”

The crane was silent, she couldn’t refute it, she said so much, in fact, it was because Luo Cheng’s hypnotic ability was too terrifying, if Luo Cheng really went crazy, the whole world would. If Luo Cheng was just a powerful person now, He would have directly stepped forward to arrest Luo Cheng now.

“Okay, I don’t want to talk to you now. Are you finished? When you’re done, let me go and don’t let me break in. ”

Luo Cheng’s eyes were cold, and he pressed his right hand on the hilt of the knife, and he had the posture of fighting without saying a word.

He sighed slightly in his heart, Warring States, it seems that I have no way to persuade Luo Cheng to be hostile to our navy.

Shaking his head, the crane waved his big hand and gave an order to the navy under him: “The warship retreat, let Luo Cheng pass.” ”

As soon as the crane ordered, the warship immediately sailed to the side, making way for Luo Cheng’s boat.

Luo Cheng’s hand holding the handle of the knife loosened slightly, but at that moment, several cannons rumbled out from the warship, and they blasted towards Luo Cheng’s boat with great precision.

The moment he saw this cannon, Luo Cheng’s eyes were cold, and the knife in his hand was instantly unsheathed, slashing out a sharp sword qi, intercepting all the incoming cannonballs in mid-air.

The cannonballs bombarded the sky like fireworks, not only making Luo Cheng’s eyes cold, but also the crane’s gaze.

“Who is it? Who put the shells? The crane’s voice was low, but full of anger.

After a while, her henchmen brought several navies that fired the cannons.

“Vice Admiral Tsuru, these navies have all recently been replenished from the headquarters of the navy, and they…”

Tsuru waved his hand, “I know what’s going on, Sengoku, Kong, Kapu, Zefa will not do such a thing.” The green pheasant has not recovered from his serious injury, so the yellow ape will not do such a troublesome thing, which means that you are Sakaski’s people! ”

As soon as the crane’s voice fell, the navy hurriedly recruited them out in worry

“Lieutenant General Tsuru, our 823 is also on the order of Lieutenant General Sakaski! He ordered us to try our best to defeat the boat that Luo Cheng was riding on. We, we really do what we are told! ”

Listening to their cries, the crane rubbed his temples, and Sakaski, the idiot, was already completely carried away by anger. Was he really naïve enough to destroy Luo Cheng’s ship with a few shells?

Suddenly, a henchman beside the crane became frightened and said to the crane in a panic, “Lieutenant General Crane, has Gord Luocheng made a move?” ”

“What?” The crane quickly turned around, but saw Luo Cheng’s hand burning like a fire, and looked at the crane with a cold face.

Seeing Luo Cheng’s actions, He quickly shouted, “Luo Cheng, this is a misunderstanding.” We have no intention of going to war with you. ”

“Is it interesting to say this now?” Luo Cheng’s eyes were cold, and the flowing blade in his hand swung violently towards the warship in front of him.

The scorching flame sword qi shot towards the warship with a thunderous momentum, and seeing this, the crane quickly stretched out his hand to grab the flame sword qi head-on.

It is also strange to say that the flame with a high temperature of 6,000 degrees was extinguished the moment it touched the crane’s hands, as if it had been extinguished by a large handful of water. _

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