“Shhhhh Blood splattered, and one pirate was stabbed in the stomach by another.

“Bang!” With a bang, another pirate was kicked to the ground by his companion, and then hacked to death with a knife.

“Oh!” The clashing of swords, the roar, resounded in this town.

However, no one heard the sound here, and no one noticed anything wrong here. Even if someone passes here, they are completely oblivious to the miserable situation here. The familiar passage is very strange.

When the last two pirates laughed viciously and cut off each other’s heads with knives, everything quieted down here.

Blood was all over the ground and kept pouring out of the corpses. More than a dozen corpses were piled up, and the deaths were tragic and a little more gloomy.

Finally, when a flame flew out of the window and fell on these corpses, in an instant, the fire quickly burned all the corpses and blood, and not even a trace of ashes could be found. This small island is quiet again. No one noticed that so many people died here.

The next day, after purchasing all the supplies, Luo Cheng and Lu Jiu each held Boni and Ace, embarked on a small sailing ship that one person could drive, and slowly sailed away from the small island where they had lived for most of the year.

On the sea, a sailing ship is methodically heading towards the upside-down mountain of the Red Earth Continent.

Lu Jiu stood at the bow of the boat, staring at the island behind her, and couldn’t help but sigh: “I don’t know when I will come back this time.” ”

I don’t know if this sentence was said to Luo Cheng or to himself, but the sorrow infected Ace in his arms, and let his hand on Lu Jiu’s chest, looking like he was going to breastfeed.

“You little thing, you know how to eat all day long! Mom is almost sucked dry by you. Pouting, Lu Jiu looked at Ace, who was still looking at him innocently, and lifted the corner of his clothes to let Ace breastfeed.

And she didn’t care at all that Luo Cheng was manipulating the rudder on the side, so she lowered her head and smiled at Ace’s milking appearance.

While Luo Cheng was maneuvering the sailboat, he felt a little headache about Lu Jiu’s unmanned feeding. Is this when you don’t exist? Although I am only fourteen years old and have not reached adulthood at all, please pay attention to my position.

But watching Lu Jiu feeding, Luo Cheng did not have the slightest obscene thought in his heart, but could not help but rise a sense of beauty that could not bear to be profane.

This is a kind of maternal love, which is even more sacred and brilliant under the golden sun.

As for Bonnie next to her, she has no such treatment, and can only drink fresh milk.

In this way, the two children drove the boat to Upside Down Mountain.

When Lu Jiu and Luo Cheng on the small boat were already able to see the canal flowing against the upside down mountain, a cannon boomed. Then, more than ten meters away from the boat, the surface of the water rumbled and exploded.

Luo Cheng stared ahead, and saw that not far ahead, a warship blocked the entrance of the canal, and the artillery fire was pointed at this side, and he had the idea of firing a cannon without saying a word.

“Gordo Luo Cheng!” From the warship came the voice of a middle-aged woman.

Luo Cheng let Lu Jiu enter the cabin, walked to the deck and looked at the warship a hundred meters away, his eyes were very good, and he immediately saw clearly that on the flag on the warship, there was a big crane character, and a middle-aged woman of forty or fifty years old was holding a megaphone worm to Luo Cheng.

Tsuru, vice admiral of the Navy headquarters, although he is a vice admiral, he is definitely a woman with the strength of the rank of a general. and the companion of the hero Cappfo’s Warring States, Luo Cheng did not expect to see her here.

But think about it, the admiral and vice admiral of the navy headquarters have almost been hypnotized by Luo Cheng, and the only one who has the strength to pursue Luo Cheng is the crane.

“Sure enough, as I guessed correctly, you did not leave the South China Sea, and it was not in vain that my wife worked hard to wait for you for several months.” Crane’s words made Luo Cheng smile and said lightly, “So, Vice Admiral He, are you trying to stop me from leaving the South China Sea?” ”

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