Boni’s big round eyes looked at Luo Cheng, and her childish voice called her vague father, so that Luo Cheng couldn’t help but touch Boni’s tender little face and played, “Call brother!” ”

Luo Cheng glared and corrected, but Boni still blinked and called her father with big bright eyes. At the same time, the two words of mother still did not burst out of his mouth, making Lu Jiu, who was lying on the bed, giggle.

Luo Cheng shrugged helplessly, this year’s Luo Cheng is fourteen years old, due to exercise, his height has grown to one meter eight, although the muscles on his body are not visible under the background of clothes, but faintly have indescribable explosiveness and beauty.

In the past few months, the woman who left Bonnie here has disappeared and completely disappeared. According to Luo Cheng’s estimate, she has been arrested by the Navy and placed under house arrest.

After all, if she escaped from the navy, she would definitely come back to find her daughter. But now the situation is that she has completely disappeared, and the possibility of being arrested is very high.

With Luo Cheng’s guess, I am afraid that it will not be long before the navy will know that Bonnie is still on this island, and then it will be another round of trouble.

Teasing little Boni, Luo Cheng looked at Lu Jiu lying on the bed, her belly was high and bulging, stroking her stomach from time to time, with a smile on the corner of her mouth, a gentle smile, and a loving face made Lu Jiu’s charm very radiated.

Such a dew, even with the faint freckles on the face, can not hide its unique maternal charm. “Luo Cheng, you say, my child and Roger’s child, will it be a boy or a girl?”

Luo Cheng smiled gently: “Boy!” But for me, I still prefer girls. ”

“Oh? Why? ”

“Because girls are obedient. In this unknown world, boys must yearn for all kinds of adventures, and so do I. But the world is dangerous, carelessness will be killed, sometimes a stable life is also good. ”

Lu Jiu listened to Luo Cheng’s words, especially when he saw Luo Cheng talking about adventure, the smile at the corner of his mouth and the brilliance in his eyes made Lu Jiu understand that Luo Cheng had gradually been unable to suppress his comfort.

She understood that now Luo Cheng and herself were staying on this island, just because she was not suitable for trekking mountains and rivers, and could not accept bumps. Once he gave birth to a child, it was the moment when Luo Cheng left him and moved towards his dream.

“Luo Cheng, are you also interested in the onepiece left by Roger?”

Luo Cheng hugged Boni, looked at the bright sun and the street outside the window, and shook his head

“Onepiece, that’s what Roger left behind, and I don’t want to chase Roger’s footsteps. I just want to leave my footprints in this world, the world is so big, I want to see it. That’s all. ”

Lu Jiu looked at Luo Cheng’s side face and pursed her lips. Sure enough, they are indeed brothers! Have your own ideals and dreams, have a free heart, just pure want to know everything unknown.

Thinking like this, Lu Jiu suddenly frowned, her face turned pale sharply, she covered her stomach tightly, and her breathing became violently rapid. A painful moan/moan comes out of the mouth.

Sensing this scene, Luo Cheng immediately knew that Lu Jiu was about to give birth, and quickly asked the midwife who had been waiting in the guest room to rush over.

Staying at the door, Luo Cheng held little Boni and listened to Lu Jiu’s painful moans in the door, and couldn’t help but be a little impatient, and kept walking around the living room.

Although Luo Cheng can use the hypnotic effect of the mirror flower water moon to help Lu Jiu reduce his pain, but he doesn’t feel much pain, then Lu Jiu definitely doesn’t know when to use force and how to exert force, so Luo Cheng can only appropriately alleviate Lu Jiu’s pain, but the pain is still unbearable for ordinary people.

Even Lu Jiu’s childbirth is more painful than ordinary people, after all, she forced the child in her belly not to be born, and the damage to the body is unimaginable.

Suddenly, the midwife opened the door, her hands were bloody, and said anxiously, “Sir, Madame, she is bleeding profusely, we, we can only choose to keep one now.” ”

Hearing this worst news, Luo Cheng clenched his fists, although his heart was very worried and impatient, he knew that once he was in a hurry, things would fall into irreparable conditions.

Taking a deep breath, Luo Cheng walked towards the door.

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