“Luo Cheng, ahhhh~” The red dog’s loud roar made Luo Cheng rub his ears.

“I’m here!” In an instant, Luo Cheng’s figure appeared next to the red dog, very close, very close, so close that the red dog subconsciously laved, and the big spit boomed towards Luo Cheng.

And Luo Cheng also fought back with flames all over his body, and the collision of flames and lava made Chi Dog subconsciously want to dodge, but he suddenly found that the power of the flame became very weak, and the power of his own lava was not much different.

Feeling this, Chi Inu quickly shouted excitedly, “Quick, Luo Cheng should have no physical strength, his flame temperature has dropped too much, we can win.” ”

For a time, the yellow ape’s laser continued to blast towards Luo Cheng, although Zefa’s right arm had completely turned into coke and could not be used, but the left arm was still there, with the anger against Luo Cheng, the armed color domineering was all used on the left arm, making Zefa’s power even better.

As for the green pheasant, it was a little strange, and actually retreated far away and landed next to those warships and navies, and from time to time, one after another ice blades broke through the air and slashed towards Luo Cheng.

Although it is strange about the pheasant’s movements, it is normal to think that the pheasant may be worried that it will be hypnotized by Luo Cheng, so it is normal to hide a little farther.

Besieged by several people, Luo Cheng lived up to his previous strength, and reluctantly confronted everyone. The lava of the red dog could not be burned and could only be counteracted, and the yellow ape’s laser was so fast that it was hit several times.

As for Zefa’s attack, it is really deadly, although he lost an arm, but strengthened the armed color domineering to one hand, Zefa’s attack power is stronger.

With one punch and one punch, he directly beat Luo Cheng and vomited blood.

Seeing that Luo Cheng was injured, several people were even more excited, one by one, as if they were beating chicken blood, they opened up to Luo Cheng, and gradually, Luo Cheng finally couldn’t bear it, and was found by the red dog and hit him in the face with a fist.

The scorching magma rumbled and surged, and the armed color domineering energy was blessed on the magma, adding endless power, smashing Luo Cheng to the ground, motionless, life and death unknown.

“Win?” Chi Inu gasped and looked at Luo Cheng lying on the ice field, a little incredible. After all, Luo Cheng was the one who burned him and Zefa in an instant, how did he suddenly become so rubbish?

The yellow ape is also not at ease, the laser condenses in the fingers, and the biubiu shoots at Luo Cheng who is lying on the ground, which is simply the rhythm of corpse abuse.

Zefa burst into tears again with joy, constantly shouting in his mouth, I have avenged you.

The three people were very excited, although they lost thousands of navies and Zefa lost an arm, they won and really captured Luo Cheng.

And on the side of the warship that they did not notice, blood penetrated the ice, staining the ice field a bloody red.

One warship after another had been completely shattered, corpses piled up into mountains, and tens of thousands of naval soldiers were all lying on the ice field, none of them could stand up and lose their breath.

The weasel’s body was split with a huge opening, lying on the ice, tears could not stop flowing. Looking at the red dog, Zefa and yellow ape who were still attacking the green pheasants on the ice field not far away, they were heartbroken.

He didn’t understand, didn’t understand what was really going on. In just a split second, he saw the three of Red Dog, Yellow Ape and Zefa attacking the green pheasant.

At first, the green pheasant could still hold on, but he faced a siege of three generals, and in an instant, he fell into the downwind and was knocked to the ground.

And when he came back to his senses, the navies around him had been slaughtered, and the warships were completely destroyed by the sword qi, and there was not a single one left.

The weasel suddenly understood that everything turned out to be just a scam. From the beginning, they have been in Luo Cheng’s hypnosis. Where did the green pheasant see Luo Cheng’s ability, it was completely used by Luo Cheng.

His hypnosis not only changed everyone’s perception of Luo Cheng, but also changed the navy’s perception of anyone else and anything. It is a real, completely incomprehensible terror ability.

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