After checking that everything was ready, Luo Cheng raised his head to look at the pirate captain.

“This is your own death, don’t blame me.”

The pirate captain looked at Luo Cheng’s eyes without a trace of waves, trembling, the threat of death finally snatched more than the fear of Luo Cheng, the impulse dominated his brain, and roared towards Luo Cheng with a knife.

However, he had only taken the first step, and a sword light lit up, and he didn’t even see when Luo Cheng withdrew the sword into its scabbard.

Luo Cheng packed up the baggage, turned his head and jumped off the pirate ship and landed on his small boat.

And with Luo Cheng’s departure, the body of the captain of the pirate ship suddenly spurted out bright blood from the middle of the body, and the blood was like a fountain, poured on the deck of the ship, dyeing the crew lying on the ground.

The smell and touch of blood and water made the crew wake up one after another, looking at the captain lying on the deck and breaking in two, they couldn’t help it

A cry of horror rises.

However, before they could be sad and shocked, a sword light enveloped the entire pirate ship in an instant.

“Boom!” A sword split the entire pirate ship, and countless sword qi erupted, piercing all the crew. Blood stained the sea, and the ship slowly sank to the bottom of the sea and disappeared.

Luo Cheng watched all this indifferently, killing this kind of evil pirate, Luo Cheng would not have a single burden.

As for those navies, they wanted to kill themselves, and Naro became the only way to kill them if they lived. From the moment he was adopted by Roger’s father and became Roger’s younger brother, his feet were destined to be covered with corpses.

Continuing to strengthen the boat with armed color domineering, Luo Cheng sailed towards the direction of the record pointer.

Not long after Luo Cheng left, a huge sea king appeared from the bottom of the sea, eating the pirates killed by Luo Cheng.

An island in the South China Sea.

By this time, ten warships had surrounded the island, and hundreds of navies had landed on the island.

Landing on this small island, a middle-aged man wearing frog glasses, a beard tied into a twisted shape, and a seagull hat symbolizing the “navy” on his head exhaled softly: “Zefa, you say, did Roger really leave an heir?” ”

“Hey!” Beside him, a man with a purple head, a national character face, and an extremely resolute face grinned, “Warring States, this is not like you!” Are there any heirs heavy either? Anyway, you already have plans, don’t you? ”

The Warring States glanced at Zefa and gave an order to the phone worm in his hand: “The whole army obeys the order, as long as there is a little suspicion of pregnancy, take it away for me.” ”

At the same time, Sengoku saw several men dressed in white and wearing masks coming down from the warship and walking into the island, and couldn’t help but squint: “Even CP0 has been dispatched, if Roger’s bloodline cannot be found in this way, then our navy has nothing to say.” ”

In a certain house on the island, Portcar D Lujiu watched countless navies suddenly pop out of the street, and directly broke into the house for any reason.

When encountering a pregnant woman, he was directly taken away without saying a word, even if his stomach was slightly bulging, he did not let it go, no matter how those civilians begged, he did not let these navies shake a little.

Lu Jiu saw a husband see his pregnant husband being dragged away by the navy, his eyes were red, he picked up a rifle and wanted to shoot the navy, but with a few gunshots, the man was shot and killed by the navy.

Touching her stomach, Lu Jiu took a deep breath: “No, not yet, it’s not yet when you were born.” ”

Saying this, Lu Jiu’s slightly bulging belly actually miraculously shrunk, flat and smooth, and she couldn’t see that she was pregnant at all.

But Lu Jiu’s face became paler from the previous rosy, sweat broke out on her forehead, and her slightly frowned brows were distressing.

“Knock knock!” Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the room, and from outside the door came the voice of the navy.

Lu Jiu took a deep breath and walked towards the door step by step.

“Roger, I will never let our children fall into the hands of the Navy unless I die.”

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