Kurokas, who used to be the ship doctor on the ship of One Piece King Gor D Roger, has returned to this secluded place since Roger disbanded the Pirate Group, and this time Luo Cheng came to the Great Voyage to see the main person.

Kurokas invited Luo Cheng into his home, and after the two sat down, Kurokas took a sip of the clear tea on the table: “Luo Cheng, are you trying to sail the great voyage?” You are still too young now, the Great Voyage is very dangerous, and it will be better to break out in a few years. ”

Kurokas cautioned that although he was Roger’s ship doctor, he had rarely seen Luo Cheng for so many years, so he did not know what Luo Cheng’s strength was. But after all, it is Roger’s younger brother, and it must not be weak.

In a few years, he may be another figure who stirs up the great voyage.

Kourocas knew that today was the day Roger’s execution, but he didn’t want to hear about Roger’s death, so he didn’t pay attention to the specifics of Roger’s execution. Therefore, Kurokas did not know that Luo Cheng almost killed the red dog in Rogue Town before going to sea.

Luo Cheng chuckled and shook his head, “Uncle Kurokas, I don’t want to go to the Great Passage now, I want the permanent pointer in your hand. My brother Roger gave you a permanent pointer to that small island in the South China Sea. ”

Kurokas’s eyes froze, he sat up from the recliner and looked at Luo Cheng seriously: “How do you know about this permanent pointer?” Roger had told me he would have the permanent pointer taken from me, but I knew that it would definitely not be you. ”

Luo Cheng shrugged, “Why do you think it won’t be me?” Do you think I betrayed Roger? ”

Kurokas shook his head, “It’s not for this reason, it’s because you’re too weak. You are Roger’s brother and more trustworthy than we crew members. But that’s why Roger won’t let you get a permanent pointer from me, and he’s afraid you’ll just go to death. ”

Luo Cheng was silent, he naturally understood what Kurokas meant. But Roger did use his domineering power to pass on the message to him before he died, asking him to come here to take the permanent pointer and protect someone.

Luo Cheng guessed that perhaps because Roger sensed his strength with his domineering and felt that he had the strength to protect that person, so he told himself the news.

Seeing Luo Cheng silent, Kurokas thought that he had hurt his self-esteem, and quickly said, “However, if your strength can be recognized by me, for the sake of you being Roger’s younger brother, I can give you the permanent pointer.” ”

Luo Cheng nodded, just when he wanted to say something. Suddenly.

“Boom!” A loud sound, a violent sound, resounded throughout the Twin Gorges. Immediately afterwards, the huge whale woke up from its fear and roared and howled.


Luo Cheng immediately emitted a domineering aura of seeing and smelling, sensing the situation outside, and couldn’t help but squint. Immediately got up and walked outside the house, and Kurokas hurriedly followed.

Under the canal of the Red Earth Continent, the huge whale roared, frantically shaking its huge body. I saw that above the canal, a pirate ship was tied to the river channel by sand, and the pirates above were constantly laughing and shelling the huge whales with cannons.

“Rab, dive into the water!” Seeing that Rab kept jumping, Kurokas opened his mouth and wanted to bite the pirate ship, but the pirate ship was very far from the sea, and Rab couldn’t jump at all, but crashed into the red earth continent again, hitting his head and bleeding.

Coming out of Kurokas’s house, Luo Cheng raised his head and looked at Rab who persistently hit the Red Earth Continent, and the pirate ship that was fixed to the sand, Luo Cheng narrowed his eyes: “Klockdar? ”

Although the pirate ship is very far from the sea, Luo Cheng’s eyesight is very good, and with the assistance of seeing and hearing domineering, he can naturally see the pirate flag on the ship and the Klockdar who is standing proudly at the bow of the ship with a cigarette.

“Boom!” A sound of shelling rang out, and dozens of shells again blasted towards Rab.

Seeing this, Luo Cheng slowly pressed his hand on the flowing blade.

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