"Isa?" Tianshuo was a little surprised, even Sister Snow Rabbit Tower didn't know that his mental state would become very bad after using the Source Stone Technique.

Isa trembled in Tianshuo's questioning voice, and quickly left Tianshuo's forehead, "I... I'm not..."

Tianshuo put his hand on Isa's head, causing the girl's head to shrink.

"It's okay, Isa, I might as well say thank you."

Tianshuo took Isara in his arms and comforted the little girl who was a little trembling.

"Now the two of us are connected to the same disease."

As night approached, the dawn of the land was about to set again, and everyone was making a fire and cooking dinner.

"Isa, how did you know that I was mentally tortured?" Isha in Tianshuo's arms had calmed down, and Tianshuo finally had the opportunity to ask the doubts in his heart.

"I can... Feel. Isa's voice was very quiet, and if it weren't for Tianshuo's excellent hearing, combined with the sound of the bonfire, she wouldn't have been able to hear it clearly.

"Is that so? Is it the source stone technique..." Tianshuo was guessing, this girl's mental disorder was also because she felt too many complicated emotions and spirits became like this?

No one answered.

The Rhode Island team is getting bigger and bigger, from the team led by Amia Huang to what it is today.

Mountain who escaped from Mansfield Prison, Kafka, Robin, Duma, and Hemmer, Mina, and Mel, who were supposed to pick up.

With Mel's help, several prisoners who escaped from prison were freed and the shackles were lifted.

The wounds on Douma's body had scabbed over under the care of medical operators.

The four who escaped from prison at Hermer's recommendation decided to join Rhode Island, and Mina decided to join because the escape had already been affected.

Now wait for the Doctor to come out and fly directly back to Rhode Island, and then sign a contract with everyone.

Cannott came from a distance, "Friend, your state is not good, it can be said that it is terrible."

Cannott looked at Tianshuo, who was in a trance and looked a little unpleasant, and sat on the side.

Tianshuo didn't speak, just silently handed dinner to Isa, and found that the other party almost vomited out the funny appearance because the food was too hot.

This is a state in which Tianshuo did not faint directly after a battle.

"Honestly friend, I never thought that you were the person who integrated the movement, although it is not clear what position you hold, but with your strength, it is simply too dreamy." Cannot thought about the information he had obtained through special channels before.

"Who would have thought that the integration movement, which had just been on the rise, had already come to Colombia from Usas."

"Cannot, I don't really want to talk right now." Tianshuo slowly blew the food cold and handed it back to Isa.

"You know I'm in a bad mental state now, I'm suppressing, don't let me kill you."

Cannot fell silent and watched the warm scene in front of him leave silently.

Tianshuo's head swelled with pain, making Tianshuo almost make an abnormal move.

Why is it so strong this time... Before...... No, I used to pass out directly.

Is it because it is hard to resist with will?

Isha looked at the man sitting calmly in front of her, but she knew that it was painful, and she could feel it.

But she could not alleviate the pain, and even she herself would be affected and thus fall into it.

"Isa, go to Amia." Tianshuo discovered the girl's unusual behavior.

Isa shook her head this time and did not listen to Tianshuo, but sat next to Tianshuo.

Terra's day passed quickly, during which Tianshuo was inactive, but sat in the same camp with Isha by his side.

At this moment, Tianshuo probably understood why the patriot sat in the camp for a whole day when he was in the tundra before.

Tortured all the time, there is no mind to care about anything else.

At the end of the day, the impact of chanting decreases a lot.

Tianshuo hadn't fallen asleep for two days, not even half a minute, and Isha had just fallen asleep not long ago.

Tianshuo hugged Isa and leaned against the rock wall.

"Old man, didn't I ever fall asleep before I healed him... Ay. "

Next time, let's just pass out....

This feeling, I might as well pass out directly.

Tianshuo rubbed his head, but fortunately resisted.

"Mr. Tianshuo." Amia brought dinner and handed it to Tianshuo, and came to Tianshuo to sit down, "You look a lot better." "

Amia asked the medical operator to treat Tianshuo, but the results were obviously useless.

Even Duma, who could alleviate mental symptoms with the Origin Stone Technique, couldn't do anything about Tianshuo's state.

He was even warned by an unfamiliar voice when trying to use the Source Stone Technique to alleviate Tianshuo's pain, and he bleed in an instant.

In the end, although it was not a big deal, now Duma has completely forgotten the memory of healing Tianshuo.

Tianshuo nodded, "The doctor will come out tomorrow?"

"Well, I'll pick up the doctor tomorrow, and Mr. Tianshuo will be with him?" Or stay here. "

Let's go for a walk..."

In the early morning, the sun's rays shone obliquely on Tianshuo's face, waking up from a light sleep.

It was the first time in three days that he had fallen asleep, although only for two hours.

"It's really uncomfortable..." Tianshuo held his head to find Isha sitting on the side watching him.

"Isha ?"

"Dad... The spirit is much better.

"Uh... You've been watching me? Tianshuo was a little embarrassed to be seen by Isa.

"Well, watch Dad sleep."

"Actually, you don't have to call me dad." Tianshuo got up from the ground and tied his hair up.

Isa fell silent for a long time before speaking up.

"But... What should that be called Daddy.

"Call me by name, call me brother." Tianshuo led Isha towards the troops.

"Got it, Dad."


crowd arrived outside the Columbia prison in a car, because the five of them were wanted and too conspicuously left in Ticarondo, waiting to return to Rhode Island.

Colombian police: "Okay, your people are coming to pick you up, sir go slowly." "

Thank you." The Doctor responded politely.

Amia came from a distance and hugged the Doctor's waist.

"What's wrong, Amia."

"Don't do this next time, I really... Really worried about you.

"It's a good trick, my friend, so clever, even I'm starting to fear you." Cannot watched the two hugging.

"To be honest, I was scared when I woke up and saw an iron head."

"Doctor, it's hard for me to evaluate this incident, Kelsey will be angry..." Amia led the Doctor towards the outside of the prison.

"She does get angry, but from what I know about her, honestly, I learned this from her."

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