"Do you see clearly how he cut off the iron thorns in the room full of iron thorns? This is simply cool! Kafka sat on the side of the mountain, leaning against the hairy body of the mountain, enjoying it immensely.

"His Source Stone Technique... It's dangerous.

Kafka waved his hand, "I know, but I feel much more comfortable seeing Jeston being beaten like that, he is really infuriating."

"We should also go, and if we don't go, as Jeston said, we really can't go." Shan picked Kafka on his back, picked Robin and Duma up one by one, and left towards the dug passage.

"Huh? Don't wait for the blindfolded man? Kafka said softly as he lay on the back of the mountain.

"Who do you think in this prison can stop him? If it weren't for us because of this shackle, he needed to protect us here, I estimate that he would have been able to destroy Jauston without even using the Source Stone skill.

"Also, this yoke... It's annoying. Kafka pulled the shackles on his body, there was no way at all, "But where did Hemmer find such a powerful helper..."

"Not only him, there is also a person outside blocking all the prison guards and prisoners." The mountain heard movement outside at the very beginning.


Outside the morgue of Mansfield Prison

"Rhein Life, Chief of the Defense Section, Serea, I didn't expect a big man like you to appear in the prison." Jaston looked at the person in front of him who he knew and remembered in his heart.

"Jaston, I remember you, there are not many resumes that can reach my hands." Cereya wailed behind her, "But now you have to leave." "

Exit? No, no, no. Jaston couldn't help but laugh when he heard the word, "You seem to have made a mistake about something."

"I heard that your abilities are somewhat similar to mine, but before I could fight, I was rejected by you, and I have always had a slight doubt about whether you are better than me."

Jaston's hands blackened and turned into blades: "Now it seems that the opportunity has come."

Jeston rushed towards Celea, extremely fast.


A dull crash sounded, and the white grains that emerged from Cereya's right hand fended off Jeston's attack and ejected him.

Jaston looked at the other person in amazement after taking a few steps back, "No, that's not right.

Sereya walked towards Jaston.

"Jaston, I should have told you that you were too content with the status quo and did not insist, and my men did not need people like you."


Jeston looked at the fist swinging towards him, usually he could easily cut it off, but now he didn't even have the power to fight back.

"Your size is too small."

With a horizontal slash, Celeya cut off Jeston's double blade, and the blade cut a slender wound on Jeston's body, revealing bright red flesh.

"Get out of the way."

"No, it can't be, it's a monster over there... It's a monster. Jeston pulled the blades off the ground, put them back together in his hands, and rushed towards Celea.

It was impossible for him to retreat, he knew that the blindfolded man was walking towards here.

"I said, get out of the way!"

The white granules that appeared on Celea's hand glowed brightly, colliding with Jaston's blade.


The black blade shattered into the surrounding wall in the collision, and Jaston was repelled by Celea's punch for tens of meters, and blood was more than in his mouth.

He saw Tianshuo who had just stood in front of the morgue door, carrying his head.

"Mr. Jeston." Tianshuo threw the robot's head in the corner.

"I won't give you a choice like you did, because from the time you say that sentence, there is only one way here, goodbye."

Tianshuo's blood blade cut a wound on Jeston's neck, and blood gushed out, sprinkling on the white cloth strip that Tianshuo covered his eyes, and the blood stained the white purity.

Sereya looked at Jeston, then at Tianshuo, "Are you... What did Dr. Kelsey say?

Tianshuo waited for the blood blade to suck the blood off the blade, "I remember you too, Serea.

"Dr. Kelsey contacted me and said that I should see you in prison and tell you that it would be no problem to listen to the doctor's plan." Sereya looked at the morgue with only one set of prisoners.

“...... Listen to the PhD program? Fortunately, I also found out the location of the doctor and his condition anyway.

Tianshuo put away the blood blade and stood beside Celea.

"Are they gone?"

"Gone, if you have something to do with them, you may be able to catch up now." Tianshuo and Sereya walked side by side towards the passage.

The doors of Mansfield Prison were officially broken, and the guards who came to support easily controlled all the prisoners that Sereya had knocked down.

The few medical staff organized the rescue, and the riots left the entire prison in smoke.

Because of the power outage or with the help of someone, the monitoring equipment was also cut off from the circuit, so that everything that happened here today was not recorded.

When the guards arrived, there was only an excavated passage from the morgue.

Pass through the passage to the outside of the prison.

The prisoners have already escaped.


Columbia Heath

"Mr. Tianshuo... Ms. Celea... And everyone. Amia looked at the few people that Tianshuo had brought back from a trip.

Tianshuo patted Amia's shoulder, and Isa pulled the corner of Tianshuo's clothes, "Over to you, Amia."

"In addition, the doctor is not bad in prison, the duck still has skills, according to the plan, the day after tomorrow the doctor will be able to come out?"

"Well, the fine has been paid, some necessary procedures are going on, and the Colombian government and the Authority, with the assistance of Mr. Duck Lord and Mr. Cannot, are not too targeted." Amia covered her face.

"I haven't told Dr. Kelsey yet, and I don't know what will happen if she knows."

"Well handled, Dr. Kelsey won't say anything." Sereya sat down on the side, took a short break, got up and prepared to leave.

The question she wanted to ask Shan had already been asked.

"Ms. Celea? Don't we go back to Rhode Island together? "

Hmm... I still have some things to do in Colombia, and I'll come back when I'm done. Sereya walked towards Tikarondo alone.

"Don't worry, Serea's guy is strong, you haven't seen her single-handedly single out the entire prison." Tianshuo lay down to rest, and Isa sat beside him obediently.

After some time, Hermer came here with Mina (the original name of the pinecone) and Mel.

"It looks like something terrible has happened in the prison, and now the whole of Colombia is reporting on the mass escape from Mansfield prison."

"Hermer!" Kafka grabbed Hemmer's neck, "I'll tell you, this operation is really exciting..."

That's nice.

The chant in Tianshuo's head has not disappeared and is now torturing him.

Isha pressed her forehead to Tianshuo's forehead, "Dad... The spirit is painful, just like me. "

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