Tianshuo picked up Duma, flipped it in the air, and landed firmly on the other side.

The man with the white cloth wrapped his eyes smiled at the moment he landed, and Jaston looked at the man who didn't know where to pop out, and slowly said a word from the other party's mouth into Jeston's ears.


The mountain erupted at this moment, sweeping all the prisoners who surrounded him and rushing towards Jaston.

The two met with their fists.

The two strong winds collided with a loud noise, and both sides retreated.

No one could help anyone with this blow.

"This Mr. Blindfold is your backhand?" Jeston looked at the blindfolded man in his black coat who put Duma down.

Look at Robin again, "And conclude that Miss Robin will be on your side?" "

Tianshuo's hands are full of blood from Duma's shoulders" can he handle it himself?

"But... In order to. Duma looked at Tianshuo, who was standing in front of him blocking the prisoners.

"Then deal with it with peace of mind, no one can approach your distance of one meter, I said." Tianshuo's blood blade is sharper against the background of the prison's red alert.

Sereya also seemed to be a little head-up, much heavier than before, or maybe she also noticed that more people were gathering here.

Perhaps afraid of the bloody blade in Tianshuo's hands and succumbing to Jeston's threat, no one dared to move forward to die after the prisoners surrounded Tianshuo and Duma.

Tianshuo was also happy to relax, and the rest was left to them, and he was doing his best to search for the whereabouts of the doctor.

This place is much closer to Columbia Prison than Tianshuo's place outside.

As a result, Tianshuo can directly cover the area that could not be explored.

"The Doctor is doing well..." Tianshuo found that the Doctor was sitting on the sofa, although he was still in prison, it seemed that the duck still had some skills.


"Maybe you didn't offer enough money?" Shan stared at Jeston, the other party did not take any weapons, bare hands, there was a chance of victory.

"Hey... Miss Robin, is this really good? It seems to me that you have chosen a path without a future. Jaston rubbed his wrist, and even he couldn't bear the punch of the mountain, after all, he didn't use the source stone technique.

"It was indeed the Simon family that Dad became what he is now, but it was his responsibility to slump after that."

"I always knew that, but I didn't want to face it."

Robin looked at the mountain, "I won't forgive the Simon family either, although I know it's also a last resort."

"Anthony promised me that he would help my father's medical bills when he escaped."

"But it doesn't really matter, I've made up my mind not to assassinate Anthony, even if he doesn't help me, I'll think of other ways."

"Even if in the end it was because of me that I didn't have time to heal my father, then I... Will commit suicide, go underground to apologize to him, it is useless for the daughter.

Robin picked up his dagger and aimed it at Jaston, making a defensive stance, "That's it, my choice!"

After Jaston fell silent, applause broke out in the quiet morgue.

"Pretty, really pretty. What a touching enlightenment, Miss Robin, and if you choose to break our little agreement because of these realizations, then I will praise you.

"Really, I've always wanted to see this, ah... Simply wonderful. Jaston's applause echoed in the morgue.

This guy... Is the spirit really okay?

Tianshuo was horrified by this applause.

"But I also want to remind you that it's all about you being able to get out of here." Jaston stopped applauding.

Bowed to Robin and thanked him, "Thank you Miss Robin for this scene, as a thank you, I will let you die without pain, because you have no future to escape from prison." The

mountain rushed out at this moment, and the ground was trampled out of a small hole by his foot. "


The sound of flesh colliding was clear and loud in everyone's ears.

Jeston's left hand had turned black, covered with a layer of black unknown crystals, and just like that, he grabbed the punch that Shan swung with all his strength.

"No, no, Anthony, you are indeed powerful, but have you forgotten something?"

Jeston threw Anthony out while pressing the button in the guard's uniform.

"Aren't you forgetting that you're still wearing the special shackles of Mansfield Prison?"


Sankav Karobin knelt on the ground with a limp.

"Ahem... Uh..." "

Wow T_T this thing! There is actually such a role. Kafka sat on the ground and had no strength to support his body and stand up.

Well...... It doesn't seem to be good, it won't be turned over, Sereya is still dealing with the pile of heavy prisoners from Area C.

Can't come yet, trouble... It is necessary to guard the Duma.

Find an opportunity to slaughter that annoying prison guard directly... The people who had come to support the prison had already arrived at the gate.

Tianshuo tightened the blood blade in his hand, waiting for the opportunity.

"Are you ready to lie to Robin all the time?" Kafka sat on the ground, unable to exert himself.

"No, no, no, Miss Kafka, I'm just in case of an accident, you see, as it is now."

Mountain got up from the ground "had to admit that if Robin... It might be better to help you, but she didn't, and that's enough!


The roar of the mountain made Tianshuo cover his ears and roar so loudly... Really a tiger?

Jaeston dodged the mountain's onslaught, "Can you fight in this state?" Let me shatter your last illusions. "

Shhh It's good, after all, the sense of existence of a blind person is really low at this time, which is just what I want.

"Hey... You don't want to die either. Tianshuo said to the prisoners who surrounded him.

"Give you a chance to play dead, and in three seconds I'll randomly pick one lucky one who is still standing."

Plop ....

“...... It's all poured. Tianshuo shook his head and turned to slowly face the huge tiger and Jaston over there.

Can't beat Jaston because of the shackles? Tianshuo sensed that the mountain was retreating.

Sereya is rushing towards this side, and the perimeter of the morgue has been piled up as a "mountain of corpses".

Super accelerated, Tianshuo's figure disappeared and came to the top of Jeston's head and slashed down.

Just as he was about to hit, an iron thorn stretched out from the ceiling and stabbed at Tianshuo, so that Tianshuo had to forcibly twist his body in the air and cut it off with a blood blade.

"What kind of source stone technique is this?" Tianshuo was entangled in iron thorns that kept impinging, and it was difficult to detect where these iron thorns extended from under the influence of prison alarms.

Unknown source stone skills are always the most troublesome.

"Good question, blindfolded little guy who sneaked up." Jaeston was still talking distracted during the fight with the mountain.

"This yoke... The limit is too great. Kafka barely got up from the ground against the wall.

"A little introduction to you, my source stone technique, control the iron element."

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