Huang watched as Tianshuo and Frost Star made brief contact and ran towards the depths.

"What is the action of integrating movements to come to the volcano? But there's a cliff over there..." When

Huang led the team to investigate when the cave was still frozen before, only magma was flowing under the cliff, and nothing else.

It is also because the cliff is too high that everyone stops.

"It wants to escape." The black voice pulled Huang's thoughts back.


"Red bean, the mayor is outside the cave." Efrit used a flamethrower to stop the densely packed source stone insects on the ground, "What are you doing... Flames do limited damage to them.

"They live in volcanoes... I'll go see the mayor, you and Uncle Kakufeng hold out for a while. "The red bean rushed towards the outside of the cave after piercing the three source stone worms.

"Are you... Rhode Island operators? Herman was carrying a giant crossbow in his hand.

"Mayor, you have this in your hand..."

"This is a black weapon, I sent it to her, trouble you to send it in."

Red Bean took the huge crossbow, "So big? How powerful is that.

"Uncle Kakufeng! Help me open a road, I'll send weapons in. Red Bean rushed towards the source stone worm with a giant crossbow.


"Black! Catch, your weapon! "A giant crossbow was thrown from the periphery, and the black ones rolled over to catch the crossbow and jumped onto the melting wall.

"Everyone can climb the wall?" Huang looked at the upper wall of the black set of flowing clouds.

"Huang, can you block it for a while?" Black is debugging the weapon in his hand.

"Leave it to me!" Huang lifted the chainsaw to heat the air and let her rush from the ground to the sky to draw an arc, jumping sideways at Pompeii, the chainsaw pulled a crack in it, and a purple crossbow arrow exploded again after it.

Frost Star condensed ice picks, pierced into Pompeii's body, and instantly condensed into ice, preventing this mountain-like source stone worm from escaping.

Pompeii's body became hotter and warmer, completely melting the ice that restrained it, and rushed towards Huang like a huge cannonball.


A chainsaw surrounded by a stream of heat fends off this rushing behemoth.

The gas block on Pompeii's surface was extremely heated and compressed by Huang and produced a huge explosion, and while shaking the body of this giant source stone worm, Huang was also flipped in the air.

Secretly, Sasha rushed to stabilize Huang's body and landed smoothly, shooting another purple arrow towards Pompeii's blasted surface.

"This is the crossbowman?"

Until Sasha finished all this, Huang did not see Sasha's figure.

I only saw the purple arrow suddenly appear in the air and hit Pompeii, "Sure enough... Is a reliable guy. "

Pompeii is about to escape, that direction is the direction where Xiao Tian ran..." Frost Star pinched the glowing gem hanging around his neck, "It should be enough to use a winter mark once."

The temperature around the frost star dropped wildly, condensing countless ice picks in the air.


"Miss Frost Star, help me limit it for a second!" The black voice sounded above Frost Star's head.

Black was carrying the giant crossbow and jumping on the cave wall.


The condensed ice pick rushed towards Pompeii with Hei, who lifted his crossbow and jumped up on the cave wall next to Pompeii, and the giant crossbow in the air was facing Pompeii, frantically absorbing all the energy that could be used around him.

A black and red crossbow arrow appeared on the crossbow.

The ice pick pierced Pompeii's body and exploded into ice slag floating in the air, forming an ice pick again and piercing into Pompeii and the surrounding cave walls, leaving Pompeii completely nailed here, temporarily unable to move.

At this time, Hei had come directly above Pompeii, his body was bent like a bow, and Sasha's three purple crossbow arrows shot into the surface of Hei's aim in advance, exploding the magma block on the surface, revealing a bright red piece of flesh, and the black and red crossbow arrows followed the trend.


The black and red crossbow bolts rolled up layers of ripples, piercing Pompeii's entire body in an instant, and the residual energy formed a sharp bayonet blade that quickly cut through its body.

Countless corpses fell off Pompeii's body and were frozen and shattered into ice slag by Frost Star.

"What a strong arrow." Sasha marveled in the shadows, his snake eyes allowed him to capture more delicate fluctuations, and after the arrow had just pierced Pompeii's body, it also pierced the cave floor at least two meters deep.

The heavenly fire fell from the sky and stood firmly on the ground, and Provence draped the clothes he was carrying over the heavenly fire.

"I knew it would be like this, so you should pay attention to your clothes."

Tianhuo tightened his clothes: "No way, the temperature is too high, you know, Rhode Island has not been able to find the fiber that can isolate the heat generated in my body." "


At the bottom of the Xista cliff,

"my brain is so swollen..." Tianshuo woke up again after a brief coma and shook his head.

Now I have to figure out how to get up.

The information given by the space unfolds here is like a huge barrel, and there is no other way out except the exit at the top.

Tianshuo patted his aching brain, trying to sober himself up, nearly a kilometer high.

"If I were in my prime, I should be able to barely maintain my Source Stone Technique..."

The crowd came to the top of the cliff.

"Before I came here, there was still rolling magma underneath, why do I feel that it feels more terrifying to me now..." Huang looked down at the edge of the cliff.

The endless abyss seemed to swallow her in one gulp.

"It's impossible to go down to Tianshuo, we don't even know how deep it is."

"He's down there."

"Even if it's Frost Star, you can't create a passage that can lead to the following after the war."

Frost Star didn't speak, it was the truth, she couldn't do it.

"But how do you make sure he's down there." Black and Froststar walked side by side, and everyone had already contacted the Rhode Island operators to get the equipment to rescue.

"He has a hair ornament made of my source stone technique on his head, and I can sense that he is underneath."

"Can the Source Stone Technique still be played like this?" Huang in Provence supported

"Huang! Don't move anymore, you're not hurting lightly. Provence patted Huang's head.

"Ahhh... Sorry, sorry.

"It should be that only Frost Star can do it, after all, her Source Stone skill is too special." Tianhuo pondered on the sidelines, "All the ice she made is an extension of her will.

"Now that everything is settled, then I will take Miss Ayafara and leave." Su Suluo informed everyone through the communication device.

"Watching here for a day on end, she was so weak that she couldn't stand on her feet."

"Su Suluo, didn't you say not to tell everyone?"

"I'm telling the truth..." Communication

was interrupted.

"Miss Ayafara... Hey, she was originally going to Dosores, but when she heard that she was needed here, she rushed over.

"But the problem here is also solved, vacation in Shista!" The suspended LIVE will be held again tomorrow. Huang tilted his head and looked at Hei.

"It should."

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