"There is no other reason for this phenomenon."

"Mr. Patriot, can you take me there again?" Tianshuo got up and stood up, "I think I can do it now." "

The two came to the place during the day.

"Whew~" Tianshuo adjusted his still restless mood and calmed down completely.

He heard the sound of fans, the cold wind, the rustle of leaves from the wind and snow, the sound of running water...

Time stood still at this moment.

Throw the rod.

"Congratulations, infected." The patriot congratulated Tianshuo rarely.

"It worked..." If Tianshuo's tear ducts were still intact, he would definitely burst into tears with excitement.

"This is given to you by Yelena." The patriot stretched out his hand, and in the palm of his hand was a candy: "It was supposed to be given to you tomorrow after training."

"Yelena is...?" Tianshuo fumbled forward with both hands.

"Listen attentively." The patriot's voice reached Tianshuo's ears at this moment, causing Tianshuo to stop moving.

The cold wind helped him locate and reached out and grabbed the candy.

"My daughter, Frost Star."

"Frost Star... Is it? What is it. Tianshuo felt the round thing in his hand and was curious.


"Next stage of training, infected, keep up with me." Saying that, the patriot turned and left.

"Eh, wait, I... No, calm down..." Tianshuo gripped the candy, he had to take this step.


Not far away came the sound of patriot walking footsteps, and the sound of fans, why there was a sound of fans, Tianshuo did not think about it, Tianshuo moved carefully.

Tianshuo felt that he could catch up, probably because the patriots took care of themselves, and the ground was quite gentle and uneven.

I don't know what time it is.

"Rest." The patriot threw down such a sentence and did not make any more sound, only the sound of the fan remained.

Tianshuo pinched the candy in his hand, "Frost Star..."

"Old man? Can I call it that?


"Can the old man tell me about the appearance of Frost Star? And Tallulah and the old man yours. "Tianshuo is full of anticipation.

"You can ask for yourself."

"Old man, the question you asked me before, I have already figured it out, I want to use this power to become Frost Star, Tallula, and old man your spear, which can pierce everything, the spear of the infected." Tianshuo recalled the scene with Alina that day.

"I may not be able to protect anyone, but I can use this power to save those infected who are still suffering."

"Ideals are beautiful, provided you can control them."

Tianshuo, who was woken up by the patriot in the early morning

, followed the patriot out early, and fortunately he was awakened by the wind unique to the cold north.

It's still yesterday's training, following the patriots, but today's pace is much faster than yesterday's, Tianshuo is struggling to keep up, the road is not as smooth as yesterday, and there is a lot of noise.

Thankfully, the old man finally stopped, heard the patriot stop, and Tianshuo cheered deep in his heart.

After keeping up, Tianshuo stood quietly behind the patriot, it was very noisy in the distance, there were constantly cold weapons colliding, and he couldn't tell what the sound was made of.

And panic, screaming, etc., all sounds mixed together.

It seemed that there was still a long way to go, and he couldn't tell these sounds at all, which was what Tianshuo was thinking now.

It didn't take long for the noise in the distance to subside, and it seemed that the fight had stopped, leaving only the sound of footsteps walking and running quickly.

A group of people were walking back and forth, and there was a slight trembling sound in the distance, and it didn't take long for them all to leave.

The patriot also turned around and returned, much faster than before, even if Tianshuo tried to write down some serious potholes to avoid before coming to the past, he gradually could not keep up with the patriot.

Fortunately, in the end, he could hear the sound of the camp and follow the direction to catch up with the patriots.

The patriot is well positioned, because only he will have the sound of a fan turning on him.

"Is Frost Star back?" Tianshuo opened his mouth and asked the patriot sitting with him.

"It's going to be a while."

Tianshuo consciously closed his mouth, patriots did not like to talk more.

The camp was noisy during the day, and Tianshuo could hardly tell where there were people and where there were not, only the unique fan sound of the patriot allowed him to find the patriot.

"Ah, it's so difficult, I can't tell it at all." Tianshuo began to go crazy.

"Tell the difference?" The woman's voice sounded in Tianshuo's ears.

It was his familiar voice of Frost Star.

"Frost Star, when are you..." Frost Star

exhaled as he picked up the steaming soup, "It's been since you asked me when I came back."

"So, what do you think I'm coming back for, Mr. Pervert Masochist."

"No, I just... Finished...... It's all over. "


The patriot's head looked down at Frost Star covertly, how long had it been since he saw her smile.

"You did it on purpose, you must have done it on purpose." Tianshuo's sinking heart surfaced again: "Frost Star, tell me about your appearance." Frost

Star was stunned for a moment, "Carters, Draco, Sakatz."

"Uh..." Tianshuo received a new term again, and now he regretted why he didn't go to play Ark of Tomorrow, or to find out.

"I mean, I mean simply depicting appearance."

Frost Star put down the hot soup in his hand this time and looked at Tianshuo, although Tianshuo couldn't see it.

"You don't care about our race?"

Race? Just now it's race, make a note, this world is multi-race.

"Does it matter what race? We are infected and companions. Frost

Star was silent for a long time, "Want to know? Don't tell you. Saying that, she left the campfire, and there was still something waiting for her.

Tianshuo looked in the direction of the patriot, "Old man..." The patriot

did not speak, the meaning was very obvious, he would not open his mouth to answer this question.

The afternoon was very calm, the patriots hardly even moved, and Tianshuo could only stay here and sit.

He didn't dare to try the source stone technique, he couldn't control it, he was afraid...

So here he struggled to discern the sounds of an afternoon, and although the progress was less obvious, it was still useful.

Towards night, Froststar and the Snow Monster Squad return from outside.

Tianshuo overhears the conversation of the members of the snow monster squad.

"This trade harvest is a bumper harvest, it can be regarded as encountering one of the few villages that do not hate the infected, and even are close to the infected, and there are no traces of the infected pickets stationed in the surrounding area, and the villages have also promised to trade with us for a long time."

The member of the snow monster squad who greeted him patted Petrova's shoulder, "You kid can, even Sister Frost Star is very happy."

"That's not it, the people of the village saw that the eldest sister had cute ears and gave the eldest sister a few turnips." Petrova, who put down her things, sighed: "I haven't met such a village for a long time." "

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