Tianshuo woke up naturally from sleep and stretched: "That guy from Askalun didn't kick me early in the morning today." "

It's really strange..." Tianshuo walked out of the rest cabin just as he happened to meet Kelsey.

Took out a potion from Kelsey's pocket: "This is a potion that can improve your physique for a certain period of time, there are no side effects, at most it will make you feel sick for a while."

"You'll reach Shista tomorrow, Rhode Island will stop, and you'll go with Dr. Amia and them then."

Tianshuo took the bottle of potion, cold to the bone, "Kai... Dr. Kai Kelhi, is it really okay to drink this? "

How long has it been since Tianshuo felt this level of coldness... Frost Star hadn't had any contact since he had mastered the Source Stone technique.

"No problem."

"I... To be honest, I was afraid that this thing would freeze me directly into ice.

Kelsey held out her hand, meaning to give it to her if she didn't want it.

"I think it's better for me to take it, but then again, aren't you going?"

“...... I'm not interested in this kind of place, you can just go.

"Me! I! I'm going! I want to go too! A woman's voice that had never been heard before came into Tianshuo's ears.

"Huang? Go ahead, it's best to pack your chainsaw and bring it with you. Kelsey turned and left, "Tomorrow Amia will come and call you."

"You are one of the leaders of the integration movement, Tianshuo."

"You recognize me?" Tianshuo did not have any impression of this voice.

"One of the three people who cut the natural disaster in Chernoberg, although the third person has not been announced, but Rhode Island knows it."

The corner of Tianshuo's mouth twitched, natural disaster... After cutting once, ** will go and cut again.

Even if Tianshuo dies and jumps from Rhode Island, it is impossible to cut the natural disaster again.

"Rhode Island elite operators, Huang." Huang stretched out his hand to hold Tianshuo.

This guy... Take care of my eyes out of sight?

"Integration movement, Tianshuo."


After Hehuang separated, Tianshuo came to the empty cafeteria, "It's late... Forget it, don't eat it. "

Turned around and hit an arm directly.

"Askalon ... Well? Bun? Tianshuo smelled a breath.

"I know that your little apprentice has nothing to eat, so I will give you special salty meat buns."

"True or false? After eating what Kelsey specified for half a month, I almost vomited, and that thing had no taste at all. Tianshuo took the bun with an unusually strong smell.

"That's the smell!" Tianshuo took a bite, and the more he chewed, the more wrong it became.

"Ascalon, you're not right, it's tasteless."

Askalon looked puzzled, she had asked the chef to make it on purpose.

There was no problem with sniffing, and took a bite from it, "Smelly, did you deliberately let me eat it too?" "

No, I really didn't eat..." Tianshuo seemed to think of something, and so on.

At first, I woke up with a tongue that seemed to be burning, and I couldn't say what I couldn't say, and after that, I didn't eat any delicious food.

Tianshuo also thought that it was Kelsey's special tasteless food to condition his body...

"Is it taste..." Tianshuo squeezed the bun in his hand.

"Hey, it's okay." Askalun watched the motionless Tianshuo shake him.

"It's okay." Tianshuo took a bite of the bun and said, "Let's go to training."

"No training today, rest, your brain is starting to be abnormal?" I remember I came to tell you yesterday. "

“...... It seems to be too. Tianshuo returned to the rest cabin and lay down, "Sure enough, there will still be loss..." "Tianshuo

, you won't fall here, right." Alina's voice came into Tianshuo's ears from the side.

"Just as Tallulah personally faced and defeated her enemies for the first time. She did not flinch, stubbornly she walked hard. "

I'm afraid... I would lose the only hearing I could rely on.

"Don't get lost and walk the dead." Alina picked up Tianshuo's head and let him lie on her lap, and caressed Tianshuo's face with her right hand, slowly soothing the fear.

"Run towards the goal, so that you can have no regrets..."

Tianshuo's chaotic emotions were indifferent little by little, until he fell asleep peacefully.

"I've always been, by your side..."

Tianshuo woke up to find himself lying in bed, not knowing who had set the alarm clock and ringing non-stop.

Turn off the alarm clock and walk out of the pod, this point seems to be just in time for the operators to eat, and now there are only a few scattered people in the cafeteria.

After the doctor, Tianshuo got the second food prepared for him by Kelsey himself.

"Although it has no taste, it fills the stomach... That's enough.

Tianshuo came to the bridge and stood feeling the breath of the sea breeze.

"Tianshuo? Oh my!

Warfarin's voice came into Tianshuo's ears to make Tianshuo's space unfold, and found that the other party was hanging like last time, "Warfarin? What are you doing again?

Tianshuo lowered Warfarin from above, and was suddenly hugged by the latter, "It's still you and Askalun, and you are risking being hung on it by Kelsey to put me down." "

“...... Then I'd better put you back. "

Haha... Just kidding, joking.

"What did you do, Dr. Kelsey hung you up again." Tianshuo and Warfarin walked side by side towards the rest cabin.

"Isn't I... You want a little of Scati's blood, a little, even a drop. Warfarin pouted.

"And then that's what you see."

"That's really... It's really your style.

"By the way, Xiaotian, give me a little of your blood." Warfarin's eyes seemed to be glowing.

"Let's go, while Kelsey hasn't found out yet."

The two came to the blood bank, and Warfarin drew out a small vial of the potion's blood volume, "Got it!" Got it!! Do experiments, do..." "



"Today... The air is so nice, haha..." The

familiarity of months returned, and Tianshuo was beside Warfarin.

"Hey, Xiaotian, that bottle of blood Kelsey didn't find it, it's still here." Warfarin twisted her waist and held the vial of blood still in her pocket for Tianshuo to see.

"Then you study it well, remember to notify me if there is progress."

"That's for sure, my soulmate." Warfarin is in a pretty good mood today, even if she is hung up twice a day.

Tianshuo lowered his head, "What kind of soulmate is this..." "Tianshuo,

your sense of taste is really gone?"

Tianshuo looked at Warfarin, "How do you know I've lost my sense of taste?"

"Please, Kelsey saved you for nearly three days and nights, and I will check you with Kelsey."

"Well, no, there is no taste in what you eat, it doesn't matter, if you don't have taste, you don't have taste."

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