"It seems that the old man is still tough." Tianshuo thought, did not make a move on the way to the imperial city?

"Amia, how is the negotiation of the Casimir medical business contract?" Kelsey's voice sounded behind Amia.

"It's perfect to complete the mission, Rhode Island can temporarily dock in the Great Knight of Casimir."

Kelsey took the report from Amia, which was a recent important matter.

"Tianshuo follow me, Amiya went to deal with it with the doctor, there are many procedures to enter the territory of Casimir, and the highest executive body of Casimir, the Supervisory Council, is a group of old stubborns..."

After hearing the sound of pushing the door, Tianshuo spoke on the way to Kelsey with him, "Actually, I think, just think ah, there is no other meaning, that little girl may need more of your praise?" "

“...... The Doctor had already encouraged her. Kelsey handed the report sandwiched in the file to Tianshuo, "Your inspection report." "

...," Tianshuo took the report, a little dazed.

Space unfolds without the words on the report, and the last time this happened was when Snow Rabbit gave him the list.

Forget it, put it away, and let the snow rabbit read to him later.

Kelsey took Tianshuo to her rest cabin, and then she was shut out....

When he came out, Kelsey handed Tianshuo the Blood Blade, "The poison on it is too inferior, Askalon can't stand it, and re-adds to you a special one she made with ancient methods."

"Better be careful."

"In addition, I have relayed the news of your awakening to Froststar and Tallula, and you will temporarily leave it under my management until you meet at Xista."


"So where are we going now, what did you say about the Grand Knight of Casimir?"

"No, but it can be said that it is."


"In half a month, Shista's Obsidian Carnival will begin, and the occasional vacation relaxation will be good for both the Doctor and Amia."

Because Tianshuo's eyes could not see, Kelsey did not hand the information to Tianshuo, but gave Tianshuo a pair of headphones.

"There is an introduction to Xista's information inside, sort it out yourself, and manage you by Askalon for the next half month."

As soon as Kelsey's words fell, Tianshuo was slapped on both shoulders, making him almost sound out of shock.

"Little one, meet again." Askalen pushed Tianshuo forward and left Kelsey's rest hatch.

"I said, can you not be so elusive, it will scare people to death."

"So timid, I have already begun to doubt the authenticity of your killing of the inner guard."

Tianshuo rubbed his shoulders, and was patted a little sorely: "I also began to wonder if what I killed was fake not long ago.

"That inner guard didn't use spells at all before."

"The inner guard is not a simple copy, and each inner guard will fight differently... Wait a minute. Askalen stopped in front of him.

"You met an inner guard who can't spell, killed him and is still alive in front of me?" Askalen seems to have developed a great interest in Tianshuo.

"You practice with me." Askalun took Tianshuo's hand and rushed to the training room.

"Wait! Askalun, I haven't recovered yet..." Tianshuo felt as if his arm was about to be torn off.


"That is, a surprise?" Askalun began to think after understanding the situation of Tianshuo.

Then smiled and patted Tianshuo's back: "Although you were almost killed, it's good to be able to hit one or two faces, it's good."

Then slowly leaned into Tianshuo's ear and whispered softly, "Sister Shout, how about I train you?"

Tianshuo goosebumps bulged all over his body, "Sister..."

Askalun touched Tianshuo's head and praised.

Wrong! Tianshuo suddenly came to his senses, this woman... Just the Source Stone Technique?

"Huh? Out of state so quickly? Askalen was indeed shocked for a moment: "Yes, so determined." "

Keep up, rehab."


Tianshuo was once again thrown to the ground by Askalun, half a month, a whole half a month, Tianshuo did not even touch the corner of Askalun's clothes when he fought against Askalun.

Of course, this is not used in the case of space prohibition.

In the case of using the source stone technique, Tianshuo could not sense where Askalon was, and the information of spatial unfolding feedback was around him.

"But there is no one at all, not a single hair."

"The gap between you using the Source Stone technique and not using it is too big." Askalun stood aside and looked at Tianshuo lying on the ground.

"You can say that using the Source Stone Technique is extremely tricky, but the strength of the body itself is too weak, and without the Source Stone Technique, you may not even be able to defeat a few Source Stone Worms."

Askalon walked towards the exit, "I'll be here today."

Tianshuo let out a breath, the day of torture was over....

Askalun came to Kelsey's side: "Kelsey, I feel so strange, Tianshuo's body is not the same as ordinary people.

"It's too weak, it doesn't reach the level of ordinary people at all, and the hardness of the bones is not enough."

Kelsey's hand paused, and he almost dripped the potion liquid on the ground, "You broke his bones?"

"Uh... He said that he could recover, and I was a little more serious..." Askalon winced and took half a step back, "However, I'm talking about business now, his body is different from ordinary people.

"Don't break any of the bones in his body until I've prepared the potion, or you'll have to test it again."

“...... So you know. Askalen was still wondering who Kelsey had been preparsing potions recently, which she had used to make herself, but this time it was obviously a completely new potion.

Tianshuo lay on the bed, and it was like this for half a month, and Askalun's training was too strong, causing his body to be a little overwhelmed.

Fortunately, the active stone technique can allow him to quickly recover his body, although it will make his brain not very good.

"I heard Askalen say it's almost to Shista."

Shista Obsidian Festival, street markets, music... The environment in this kind of place is too bad for me....

With that level of noise, Tianshuo couldn't tell the sounds from all directions, and if there was an accident, he didn't know why.

"But it's a holiday place, so you don't have to think too much."

Tianshuo looked at his muscles, patted and made a crackling sound: "The body of people in this world is too strong, before crossing over, my body is definitely hanging most people." "

Even if I have been training, fighting, and experiencing life and death, I still can't catch up.

"The essential gap?"

Tianshuo sighed and slept groggily.

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