"Stop, Kelsey." Scati stopped Kelsey, who was walking in front.

Scati took out a "stone".

"You need this, right, take it."

Kelsey looked at what was in Scati's hand, "I don't interfere in the private affairs of the operators, and I don't ask... As long as they don't have bad Rhode Island interests.

"But hopefully your actions don't compromise your identity in Rhode Island, Scati."

"Hot and cold ridicule is exempt, I know the rules very well, one thing for another, information." Scati squeezed the thing in his hand, "I can crush it easily, you don't want that."

"I know everything you did, you went to the dripping village in Casimir." Kelsey looked at what was in Scati's hand.

"The blood has been filled with melting cores? This is not your blood, you dare not shed blood on the earth. "

It's Grani's, I'll compensate her, you need this thing, I need to know something."

Kelsey walked towards the office.

"Stop, Kelsey."

Scati followed to the office.

"I don't rely on any single part to piece together the whole picture." Kelsey organizes the files on the desktop.

"One, thing, exchange, one, thing."

Kelsey stopped the movement in his hand and looked at the angry Scati, "It's rare to see your angry look, only at this time can you change your usual laziness and decadence."

"I know what you want to ask, you want to ask the source stone neuroagent source on the ghost shark."

“...... How do you know?

Kelsey said in the Agor language, "Deep sea hunters are connected by blood. Fold

the papers in your hand and look at Scati.

"I know everything."


"How? Adapted? Askalun looked at Tianshuo, whose breathing gradually stabilized.

"Probably no problem." Tianshuo moved his hands and feet and got down from the hospital bed, "Still a little weak.

"It's really a terrifying adaptability..."

No wonder Kelsey doesn't worry, he doesn't even have to come and look, I'm afraid he already knows.

"Take a day off and you'll probably be back to your full glory." Tianshuo clenched his fists, and his body didn't seem to be missing anything.

“...... I probably know how you killed the inner guard and was still alive.

"No, it's been four months! Snow Rabbits, what about them?

"It's gone from you." Askalon said expressionlessly.

"What do you mean?"

"Poof... Your expression now... Forget it, don't tease you, now Rhodes Island is on its way to Casimir, and of course they are still in Chernoberg. Askalen scraped Tianshuo's nose with his fingers.

"So I'm not wrong when I say I'm away from you."

"You... It scares me to death.

Askalon gave Tianshuo a brief account of Chernoberg's current form.

"Sister Ta, I really did it..."

"Now at least two countries have recognized the particularity of Chernoborg." Askalun pulled Tianshuo out the door, and at the moment when the space unfolded, he found the machine on the side.

This...... Isn't it the kind of machine that whack-a-mole?

"What is it?" Tianshuo pointed to the machine on the side and said.

"The training machine, you can try it when you recover your body." Askalon brought Tianshuo to Amia.

A palm pressed on Tianshuo's head, "Amia, he will be handed over to you." "

“...... This guy. Tianshuo rubbed the top of his head and found that his hair was now over his shoulders.

"Tianshuo... Mr? "Amia looked at Tianshuo now... Haggard look.

"I'll take you to wash up a little first... If you do this, you may scare the operators.

"Is it so terrifying?" Tianshuo touched his hair, there should be no explosive head.

"Mr. Tianshuo looked in the mirror and probably understood."

“...... I think, I can't see it. Tianshuo pointed to his eye sockets.

"Uh, I'm sorry."

After washing, Tianshuo tied his hair together to leave a small ponytail.

"Weird... I never imagined that I would one day have my hair braided. Tianshuo tied the white bandage prepared by Amia to her head to cover her terrifying eye sockets.

"Amia, what about the man you rescued in Chernoberg before?" Tianshuo wanted to meet each other.

"You said the Doctor, the Doctor is in the office, but if you want to ask about the past, I'm sorry, Doctor he has amnesia." Amia took Tianshuo to the doctor's door.

Amnesia, isn't it... So moldy.

"There have been a lot of things waiting for the doctor to deal with recently, so the doctor will be here most of the time."

Amia whispered in Tianshuo's ear, "Don't bother the doctor now, I've been really busy lately." "

“...... Forget it, there is a lot of time, and I will not return to Chernoberg now. Tianshuo sighed, a little unenergetic.

"Miss Frost Star and Miss Tallulah temporarily left you in Rhode Island to recuperate, no one expected that it would be so long for four months, if it weren't for Dr. Kelsey's stopping, Dr. Warfarin almost dissected you..."

What the? Dissect? "Tianshuo will think of the name Warfarin, like the guy hanging the bridge.

Tianshuo rubbed his brain, after staying in that sea of flowers for a long time, his memory was about to go wrong, and he really couldn't stay in it anymore.

After a little longer, Tianshuo felt that he might not be able to distinguish between the two sides, so he would directly play himself to death regardless of the load of the source stone technique.

You know, he is completely desperate to play in the sea of flowers.

"Scati?" Amia saw Scati come out of Kelsey's office.


reluctantly responded, and said hello and passed by Tianshuo.

This voice? Is it the man who handed me the water before?

"She is?" Tianshuo stopped and asked Amia.

"Scati is a bounty hunter who has shown great strength in many types of operations such as fighting large creatures, destroying hard targets, attacking fortified battles, and annihilation battles."

"No matter how much information there is, only Dr. Kelsey knows. However, she is very strong and trustworthy, although there is indeed a slight problem with the way of fighting..." "

The movements when wielding the greatsword to cut through the armor, smash the defenses, and cut the barrier are very exaggerated, her posture is twisted and wild, and she basically does not care about the combat of other operators..." Amia looked at the file and smiled awkwardly.

"Now I am a single soldier."

"It sounds... It seems to be a ruthless person. This made Tianshuo think of Shirtel, and she didn't have any worries at all when she fought.

There are also sisters and old men, everyone who is integrated, I haven't seen them for a long time....

Old man's wound, grass!

"Amia, the last time you met... Patriots? "

Patriots ... Oh, I've heard Miss Frost Star mention that Chernoberg, who is guarded by Mr. Patriot, has to weigh whether his wrist is so thick or not. "

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