"You're personally involved and don't believe in yourself?" Kelsey looked at the stunned Warfarin and grabbed the report held in the other party's hand.

"But this... Is this really an infected person? Warfarin pointed to the source stone crystal on Tianshuo's chest and said, "His source stone crystal whole body won't be just like that..."

It can be said that in addition, his taste nerves were forcibly cut by something, and he probably never tasted anything again when he woke up.

"It's really miserable, can't it be repaired?"

"The taste nerves are gone, literally, gone, can you understand? Warfarin. "

“...... It won't be some ancient witchcraft of Sakaz that we don't know.

Kelsey mused, as if thinking back to something.

"Hey, Kelsey, when his vital signs are stable, can I..."

Kelsey picked up the potion and put it in the box and closed it, "Let's go, it's over here, he can recover himself."

Reaching for Warfarin's collar, he pulled her out, "Bring my breakfast."

Warfarin, who was like a balloon deflating, let Kelsey pull her, "No, no, why are you so fierce, you a... Uh, forget it. "


Askalun came to the bridge as usual to inspect, "Hey, Mr. Blood, you're here again."

Warfarin hung her head and spread her hands, indicating that she did not want to speak.

"You too, some words, don't say it in front of her, although it's not good to say it behind her back, to be honest, I wonder if you like to be hung here."

"Askaren, don't say any more."

Askalen put Warfarin down, "How's Kelsey's spirit?" "

She? It's about the same as usual. Warfarin tidied up the clothes that had been wrinkled from being hung on them.

"By the way, there is still a little difference, she is tired today, and her strength is not as strong as usual when she gets me out of the medical room."

"It seems that I still have to give her a palm knife and let her sleep for a day and a night."

Warfarin moved, and her eyes suddenly lit up, "Really? Askalun, I support you.

"Don't think about it, even if Kelsey falls asleep, I won't let you in." Askalen followed Kelsey's approach and grabbed Warfarin by the collar and walked in.

"Say it after you get her permission."

After capturing Warfarin back to the blood bank, he came to Kelsey's side.

"Kelsey, are you going to sleep by yourself or will I knock you out and carry you to sleep." Askalen leaned against the wall and said to Kelsey, who was writing the report on his head.

Without waiting for Kelsey to speak, Askalon took the lead: "Today you have to choose one, I can't watch you go on like this."

"Let's finish writing this report, Askalon."

"That's it."


"Askaren, you actually persuaded Dr. Kelsey to go to sleep." Amia whispered next to Askalon, "How did you do it?"

Askalon picked up his right hand and clenched his fist, "This." "

“...... I'd better go to work. Amia trotted back shortly after leaving.

"I almost forgot something important, Miss Frost Star of the Integration Movement will escort the medical operator back, and Mr. Logos is attacked on the way back."

"Please tell Dr. Kelsey these two things when she wakes up."

"Logos was attacked?" Askalun, who had been sleeping lightly with his eyes closed, opened his eyes, "He will also be attacked."

"It's to save a group of infected people, and it won't be clear until Mr. Logos returns."

Logos were attacked... It's strange.

Askalen chuckled, wouldn't it be an exaggeration again, blended into the environment and slept again.


"I'm going to die..." Tianshuo lay in the sea of flowers, his eyes blank.

Because of the crazy practice without worries at all, although there is no problem in the body, mentally it has been....

Tianshuo felt that if the chant in his head continued to sing for half a month, he could slowly keep up with the rhythm and occasionally hum a sentence or two.

The price may be to blow up countless corpses and then resurrect them.

"I want to go out, I can't stand it, what about that line." Tianshuo's pupils collapsed: "Line ~ You come out soon."

Tianshuo's constant moans sounded in this sea of flowers, but no one answered.

Only the zenith occasionally has a huge dragon's tail passing by, letting Tianshuo know that time is flowing.

"Why, so soon, came in again?" The sound of the line suddenly sounded in Tianshuo's ears.

"I don't want to ah, just woke up is a natural disaster put on the top of my head, give me the whole thing."

"Catastrophe? That is, what is it? "The line puts a giant question mark in the air.

"A natural formation or something induced to form..." Speaking of this, Tianshuo was silent, the other party was not a person, how could he understand what he said.

Tianshuo sat up and looked around: "What are these flowers shaking for?" "


"It's this wind that becomes more violent and then causes great damage to this place, this wind, it's a natural disaster." Tianshuo nodded confidently, so that he should be able to understand.

"Is that so?"

A tornado began to form in the middle of this vast sea of flowers, gradually becoming more and more unstable.

Tianshuo watched as the scope of this tornado continued to expand, and finally became larger and larger, larger than the data he had obtained in Chernoberg with spatial unfolding.

"I—of—God!" Tianshuo exclaimed, "I'm sure the biggest tornado I've ever seen in my life is this."

"It's okay, bigger!" The lines make sounds while also learning to spin the tornado.

The tornado swelled wildly in one instant and instantly overwhelmed Tianshuo, tearing him into countless pieces, and the next moment it recovered again, and was torn apart again...

The whole space is like a convulsion, torn apart, restored and torn again.

"Stop—" After the restored Tianshuo made a sound, it was torn apart again.


In the continuous shouting of Tianshuo, the line finally reacted and stopped the huge tornado.

"What the hell have I been through..." Tianshuo knelt in the sea of flowers, his hands propped up on the ground.

Although his body could not feel anything unusual because he was in this space, the never-ending repetition of being torn and torn again made him feel terrified.

"It's fun." The lines around Tianshuo constantly beat "Natural disaster, fun."

Tianshuo felt numb when he heard the pleasant sound of the line, and this was the first time he recognized the horror of the line beside him.

Just now, the tornado swept outside, and it will be a devastating blow to all civilizations.

Tianshuo didn't know who could block it, but even if someone could really resist this tornado, the local civilization he was in would definitely die, and there would be nothing left.

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