"What's your name." Tianshuo asked the little girl with antlers sitting on the pavilion.

The little girl raised her hand and waved high: "You should go back." "

Darkness began to surround everything from the perimeter" Wait, your name..." Tianshuo saw the little girl open her mouth but did not hear what she said, and the voice did not reach his ears.

Tianshuo regained consciousness, and slowly explored with his hands in the air, "I, this is... In bed? Frost

Star and Tallulah looked at Tianshuo silently and did not make a sound.

"Did Alina send me back?" A tingling pain in his head made Tianshuo sober up a lot, "Ali... Forget it, she also has something to do.

"I don't know whose tent I'm in... Hiss, my head hurts. Tianshuo slowly got up and sat up, felt the gadget on his neck, and touched it, "I don't know how Tallulah and Frost Star are doing..."

The two who were watching looked at each other in unison, "How do you feel?" "

Tallula, Froststar? When did you..." Tianshuo suddenly understood, "What, it was there at the beginning, except for the brain swelling, everything else is fine." "


The small thing on Tianshuo's neck fell and landed in the palm of Tianshuo's hand, "You? Do you believe me?

"For now."


The two said one by one, quite tacitly.

Tallulah remembered the sea of blood before, "Let's talk about it, are you consciously releasing the source stone technique, or unconscious.

"It's sort of... Be conscious. Tianshuo scratched his head and thought about the scene at that time: "The situation was critical, I wanted to protect Alina, that power spread throughout my body, naturally I would use it, but I still couldn't control the lethality..."

Frost Star got up and put the coat he had taken off back on, "Which aspect do I mean?" Just like Tallula's Fire My Ice, there is no need to go into too much detail, after all, everyone has their own secrets.

"Uh, can I say I haven't figured it out yet?" Tianshuo really didn't know much about his source stone skills, he could only say that he could speed up everything at that time, quite mysterious, I don't know why he let the other party explode.

"Your Source Stone skill is very weird and powerful, please make good use of it." After Frost Star finished speaking, he lifted the tent and left, delaying long enough.

"Tallula?" Tianshuo cautiously probed "That, can you handcuff me in chains again?"

Tallula's eyes were a little weird, "Are you a perverted masochist?

"No, no, no, I just can't see, I need something to help me determine the direction, it's definitely not what you think."

Tallulah left the handcuffs and left in a hurry.

"No, I... That's not true! Tianshuo fell off the bed "It's over, it's all over, I, I'm a perverted masochist..."

The patriot's voice reached Tianshuo's ears, and Tianshuo quickly cuffed his hands as if he had found a savior, and handed the other end of the chain to the patriot.

"In the future, I will be responsible for training you, survivor, and I hope you will not disappoint those two children."


After walking for a long time, Tianshuo did not calm down: "Mr. Patriot, where are we going?" "


Tianshuo's hanging heart finally let go, and he thought that he would be thrown directly into the battlefield, of course, this was just his exaggerated statement.

"In the northern realm, is there still a frozen glacier?" This was the first thing that came to Tianshuo's mind, as he used to have scarce drinking water, because the snow blocked all the water he could see.

If you want to take a sip, you can only go to the village to beg, or risk your life to steal a little water in the freezing wind and snow at night.

"Just break a hole."

Tianshuo gave a thumbs up, which is indeed a good idea, although this method only works for patriots alone.


The patriot took Tianshuo to the river and smashed a big hole for him: "Can you hear the sound of running water?" Tianshuo

carefully felt that the place chosen by the patriots was very quiet, and as long as Tianshuo calmed down, he could hear the sound of running water ahead.

The Patriot handed the Tianshuo fishing rod, but did not take the bait.

"This is?" Tianshuo, who was confused when he got the fishing rod, was a little overwhelmed.

"Calm down, listen to everything around you, and use the rod in your hand to accurately throw into that hole." The patriot stood by Tianshuo to make room for him.

"This... Listen to the sound. "Tianshuo calm down and shake the rod.

Tear and pull.

Barbs streaked across Tianshuo's back, a long hole was pulled out of his clothes, blood oozed from inside, and the wandering infected did not have thick clothes to keep them warm.

"Hiss~" Tianshuo took a deep breath of cold air and held back his body trembling with pain.

Listen not only to the sound of running water, but also to a series of sounds of fishing rods, barbs, and laying lines.

Stop focusing on the wound that was made by the barb, but calm down... As long as you are careful and careful, this mistake will not be made again.


times, ten times

, thirty times


Tianshuo didn't know how many times he threw the rod, there were many new wounds on his body, his clothes were already tattered, scratches were all over the place, and his whole body was paralyzed by the snow.

[Cold resistance has reached level 6]

"That's it here today." The patriot stood aside and finally spoke up to stop Tianshuo from throwing the rod again.

Hearing the patriot's deep voice, Tianshuo originally softened his body and lost consciousness and fell in front of the patriot.

Picking up the cold Tianshuo, he quickly returned to the camp to keep warm.

The group looked at Tianshuo, who was covered in scars and fainted, and couldn't help but mourn for him.

"Dad, won't it be too harsh." Froststar also came to the campfire and sat with the patriots.

"He needs to grow fast and that won't change."

"What my daughter means, will it be the way to train..." Frost Star tried to express her meaning, but it seemed that she still did not express it clearly, and finally simply stopped speaking.

"Listening to the sound position, controlling the force, and forging the body in the cold wind, this is the best, no matter how good the potential, there needs to be enough weight to make him burst."

Frost Star watched Tianshuo take out a candy from his pocket and hand it to the patriot, "Give this to him after training tomorrow."

After saying that, he turned around and walked towards the direction of the snow monster squad, and the temperature around him increased slightly, not much different from the body temperature that Tianshuo was rising.

The wounds on Tianshuo's body are recovering at an extremely fast speed, visible to the naked eye...

When Tianshuo woke up, the surroundings were quiet, and he could hear the slight sound of the infected people breathing in the tent.

The body is light and has never been so relaxed.

"Well recovered." The patriot sat on the sidelines and watched Tianshuo's every move.

"Mr. Patriot! My body is..." Feeling the incredible changes in his body, Tianshuo could only ask this great man.

"Maybe it's because of your source stone skills."

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