Askalon gently closed the door.

"The Doctor's side... It's so late, forget it, let's go check it out. "

Pushing open the door, I saw a man sleeping on the table, the lamp still illuminated.

"One or the two..." Askalon gently draped the coat on the Doctor and turned off the light, "Come back tomorrow." "

It's so late, and there are still people training outside? Askalon came to the bridge and watched the figures dancing below.

The figure seems to have been seen somewhere....

Was it Lyudmila that Kelsejan brought back that day?

"It's really hardworking." Listening to her conversation with Kelsey, it seems that this is still the child of Kelsey's students?

The children are so old, Kelsey, Kelsey, how old are you....

Askalon shook his head and returned to the ship, sleeping briefly and lightly.



"has stabilized and is basically starting to get back on track." Natalia and Froststar sat on the balcony watching the city, even if they had just experienced a natural disaster, they were still bustling late at night after rebuilding.

"Thanks to the help of Miss Mudstone, it was possible to rebuild the Chernoberg in such a short time."

Natalia looked at the cracked gem on Frost Star's chest, "Are you going to Rhode Island?" "

Frost Star looked down at the gem with Natalia's eyes" ... Let's go back later.

"If you don't go, then I'll go, just when Chernoberg has stabilized, and the infected are also managed by the old general Herag, and I will go and see how Sir is doing when I am free."

“...... I'll go. Frost Star remembered the candidate recommended by Zao Lu before.

"Don't talk about this, what happened to the people you recommended?"

"You said Sonya (Winter Winter's real name) and Anna (Truth's real name), they are in the team of broken bones."

"Rest." Frost Star got up and walked towards the room: "The day after tomorrow, I will escort the medical operator in Rhode Island back." "

I don't know if Dr. Kelsey has any other gems." Frost Star's hand stroked the crack in the gemstone.

No medium can not open winter marks.

This is what the patriot himself said to Frost Star, this is not a warning, this is an order.

As for the consequences of the absence of a medium to open winter marks, Frost Star can probably be guessed.

What greeted her was most likely death.


"It's coming in again..." Tianshuo sat in the sea of flowers, "The torture began again."

"But the previous battle made me seem to realize that in the realm of space-time, my spatial distortion can be locked to any position I want to twist." Tianshuo lay down in a sea of flowers.

So if the space-time realm is always open, can it be accurate to tear and distort space, and then let the two cracks connect?

"I'm a genius!" Tianshuo jumped up from the sea of flowers.

It is unrealistic to keep the realm of time and space open, but this place will not die at all, and it is invincible in the true sense.

Although it has no actual role in reality, here, Tianshuo can only find some things to do, so that he will not be driven crazy by this silence.


Rhode Island home ship

"Kelsey..." Askalen arrived at the room where Kelsey was resting in the morning and found that the person she was holding on the bed had disappeared.

"This guy..."

Askalen came to the medical room and saw Kelsey and Warfarin debugging the potion.

After throwing breakfast on the table, Askalon left angrily with a sentence: "Eat by yourself."

Warfarin was stunned, "Ascaron, what's wrong with her?" It was the first time I'd seen her so angry.

"It's okay, go ahead." Kelsey put the breakfast on the table aside and picked up the potion again.

"Kelsey, can it really be done? To be honest, I have no bottom.


"Hey, okay, you can say yes, I also want Tianshuo to wake up early and continue my experiments..." Warfarin seemed to realize that she had missed her mouth.

"Go ahead."

Askalon came to the door, leaning against the wall with his hands folded in front of his chest.

"When she finishes this potion, I must knock her unconscious and let her sleep for a day and a night."


"Doctor? What are you doing here. "Amia discussed with Kluhill and PRTS about Lentinom.

“...... I'm done with my business, come and take a look. When

the Doctor woke up and began to deal with his affairs, Askalen came over early in the morning and asked him to assist Amia in preparing Operation Lentinum.

"Doctor, I heard Askalon say that Mr. Logos is coming back, is that true?"

The doctor thought about the documents he had processed before, "There is such a thing.

"Then can I apply Mr. Logos to join this operation?"

Logos said he would make a trip to Chernoberg before returning to Rhode Island, arriving around April 1097.

There is plenty of time, and Askalen should also be sent to Lentinyum by Kelch privately.

The Doctor nodded, but he didn't say anything about Askaren, after all, she basically only listened to Kelsey.

Maybe Amia begged her to do the same?

PRTS: "With Mr. Logos, there will be more routes, and safety will rise by leaps and bounds. "


"Kelsey!! How did you know that he had something in his blood that could affect time?! Warfarin held Kelsey's shoulders and shook wildly.


"Don't, you go on, it's just amazing!" Warfarin's eyes seemed to be glowing, and for the first time she was facing blood other than the Doctor, she was a little out of control.

Warfarin patted her face to clear herself up, now needing to focus and not be distracted by blood.

"If you feel uncomfortable, you can stop for a while, and you can go out and calm down the restlessness." Kelsey put down the potion in her hand and looked at Warfarin's unusual behavior.

"Wait for me for ten minutes, I'll be right back." Warfarin rushed out of the medical room, and Ascalon, who was leaning against the door, opened his eyes and saw Warfarin running to the bridge.

Kelsey looked at the placed potion and silently said, "The composition of this blood is somewhat similar to the Doctor..."

Kelsey pondered.

"But you're infected... But the symptoms are very strange. Kelsey picked up the data on the test report and shocked her.

"The time component in the blood is inhibiting the fusion of cells and source stones, overloading the use of source stone techniques many times, until now the fusion of cells and source stones is less than 0.5%, and the crystal density of blood source stones is less than 0.05u/L."

Simply a spectacle.

"This source stone technique... As the body's cells change in an instant, so do the indicators. Kelsey watched the numbers on the fluorescent screen jump, "This is stronger than the data fluctuations of the 'undead'."

"Kelsey, I'm back." Warfarin came in through the door.

"The data is out, see for yourself." Kelsey handed the report to Warfarin, "After reading it, remember that it is best to seal it in your head."

"This... Kelsey, are you sure there is nothing wrong with this data report? "

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