Alina wrapped one end of the chain around her hand, holding Tianshuo and holding the basket in her right hand.

Alina tried to choose a gentler road, and the two changed their belongings and some knowledge that Alina wanted to know after half a day.

To Tianshuo's surprise, the village did not reject the infected, but treated them like normal people.


The world is deformed, but there are still many good people, but a large part of them have to do it for special reasons." Alina is in a good mood, and people in the camp who are uncomfortable with a cold can leave early.

And she switched to some dried fruits to keep infected people away from some diseases.

The two collected some mushrooms on the way back to the camp, of course, Alina was doing all this, and Tianshuo was just carrying a basket for her.

Tianshuo heard footsteps, he wasn't sure who it was, and the loss of his eyes made him more dependent on hearing.

"Alina, I heard the footsteps..." "I

saw them... It's the pickets..." Alina got up and pulled Tianshuo behind her, put the chain in the basket and covered it with a cloth.

A team of pickets passed in front of the two people, Tianshuo was covered in cold sweat, and the invisible Tianshuo could better understand the tension and powerlessness.

Alina's right hand rested on the back of Tianshuo's hand to reassure him, fortunately, the infected characteristics of both of them were not obvious and would not be detected.

"Ellafia (Alina's race)?" A picket of infected people stopped in front of Alina.

"Hey, what are you doing there, these two can't squeeze anything out of the first sight." The pickets walking in front laughed.

"She's kind of like a sister of mine."

"Come on, you said that to the infected person before, right?" Several infected pickets hooked up and laughed, "It has to be a little new to talk about, hahahahaha." The

picket in front of Alina reached out to tease Alina, and Alina closed her eyes and tried to raise her head upwards so that the pickets would not touch her.

Tenshuo didn't know what was going on, but he could clearly sense that Alina was leaning back and the infected pickets were approaching her.

Even so, she was still protecting him.

"To find a better being, to find something that can resolve to give up everything."

Alina... Infected people....

The hands of the infected pickets stopped only a centimeter from Alina's face and could no longer advance.

His hand seemed to be embedded in a wall of mud, unable to move or withdraw.

"What is this?" The pickets of infected people tugged hard in the clearing, trying to pull their hands out, but to no avail.

"Yo, there are really new tricks, underestimate you." Watch the lively picket of an infected person come with interest.

"No, something is wrong." An infected picket pulled out his blade and pointed it at the two.

Tianshuo whispered in Alina's ear in a voice that only the two of them could hear: "Alina, I can't see, I don't know their location.

Alina opened her eyes and looked at the hand that was fixed in front of her, the hand that could not be withdrawn no matter what.

"They are infected! They are infected! The infected pickets who drew their blades shouted, causing all the infected pickets in the audience to draw their blades at the two.

"Self-centered, four meters three people in the northeast, four meters in the north, nine meters in the southwest..." Alina looked like she was talking to herself.

"Quick, don't give them a chance to release the source stone technique." A picket of infected people who were closer to the two jumped up and prepared to slash down, but it was instantly twisted into meat mud in the air, and blood exploded everywhere.

And when he jumped up, Tianshuo had already uncuffed his handcuffs and covered Alina's eyes with his hand.


The twelve infected pickets exploded like balloons, and the sky was still covered with snowflakes, falling along with the fragile flesh, dotting the land.

The rich smell of blood came to his face, making Tianshuo gag, although he was used to seeing life and death, this pungent and unbearable smell of blood still made him feel a little sick to his stomach.

Alina withdrew Tianshuo's hands.

"Don't look, Alina, don't look..." Tianshuo's body was extremely tired, why...

Why are you so tired and dying?

[Will resistance has reached level 1]

Tianshuo fainted with his legs weak, fell forward, was held by Alina, and lay in his arms.

Looking at the mountains of corpses and the sea of blood around him... Not counting, after all, not a single complete corpse at all.

Even the armor and blades were distorted so that they could not see their original appearance, and some even exploded into countless small pieces like the pickets of the infected and fell to the ground.


From a distance, Tallula's voice was heard, and Tallulah rushed over after receiving information that there was a picket of infected people here.

The scene in front of her was basically the same as that day's warehouse, except that there were many fewer corpses, and the deer in the center was kneeling on the ground, and Tianshuo was lying there.

Tallulah rushed over and hugged Alina, "Great, you're okay... If something happens to you... I

..." Alina smiled a little and touched Tallula's head, "It's okay, I changed to a lot of dried fruits, infected people can stay away from some diseases, and I have learned a lot of new knowledge..."

Talullah rarely lost control of her emotions: "I don't know... "Without me

, Tallulah would be strong, and remember to let Yelena remind you..." Alina's voice was still so gentle and soothing.

The two hugged each other for a long time and separated.

Tallulah looked at Tianshuo, who was still lying on the ground with her head resting on Alina's lap.

"He saved you?"

Alina nodded, "He's found his way." "

Talullah picked up Tianshuo on her back" First go back to the camp, it is not safe here, said while walking on the road. "


Back to the camp

"Tallula, you..." Frost

Star looked at Tianshuo, who was covered in blood, and didn't know what to say for a while.

"Advanced tent, Tianshuo should be caused by the energy overdraft of the first time using the source stone technique."

The patriot sat around the campfire and watched as the three walked into the tent, "Welcome." The

next moment, the perspective turned to the basket that slipped down on Tianshuo's shoulder and thought.

"What happened, I hurried back after feeling the handcuffs being violently lifted in the mining area..." Frost Star asked, looking at the settled Tianshuo.

"Yelena, don't worry, let Alina say it." Tallulah motioned for Froststar to sit down.

"Alina? Who is Alina? Frost Star asked after sitting down.

"Just..." Tallulah looked around and saw that Alina wasn't there, "Looks like she's out, so I'll talk about it." "


Tianshuo opened his eyes and found that he had come to the sea of flowers again, but this time there was an additional pavilion not far away.

On it sat a little girl from Erapia.

"It seems that you have found it."

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