Stopped and I was discovered? Tianshuo sensed that the opponent's whole team had stopped moving forward.

"Wait! W, inside..." Ines saw W's fury for the first time.

"Bad thing, Rhode Island's elite operator Scout is still there!" Ines and the Sakaz mercenaries were preparing to chase in.


A bullet passed by Ines's hair.

"Don't think about it." ACE led the E3 squad to block the movement of Ines and his group.

"Two elite operators were dispatched... It seems that the one inside is real. "


This dead cockroach actually rushed in directly? Stimulated by something.


W was shot and rolled on the ground.

Scout: "Amia, hurry up, a lot of people are rushing over here."

"No, leave, quick!"

W, who was hit, threw a bomb in an instant.


Dead cockroaches... Didn't laugh anymore. W, who was fighting with Tianshuo, laughed all the time, and it made people feel uncomfortable listening to it.

"Sasha takes the Phantom Crossbowman squad to find a position, and I'll be at my command for a while, Ino, let those two things of yours stand by in the ceiling." Tianshuo is also slowly moving position.

"It's okay, everyone." Amia emerges from the fallen machinery and the Doctor.

"The long scorpion died... He covered the bomb with his body...

"Scout shouted from above, "Go! Take the Doctor out, don't live up to their sacrifices, after the Scout squad is left broken, Instructor Dubin, Amia will be handed over to you.

"Don't go together?"

"There has never been more than one person here."

"Sasha!" Tianshuo burst out from the shadows, and the blood blade in his hand had already lit up.

Scout fired as Sasha fired his crossbow, and the bullets collided and exploded in the air, producing huge smoke.

At the same time, two humanoid monsters covered in nails fell from the ceiling, blocking the exit.


A hole was blown open from the other side of the wall, and it was W holding two guardian bolts.

"Sasha protects Ino and gives me support." Tianshuo's speed is extremely fast, he is looking for a target, the thief captures the king first, and the targets on both sides are the person of the sarcophagus.

As the smoke gradually dissipated, Tianshuo's figure emerged, the blood blade was close to Amia's neck, and suddenly stopped, and Dubin's long whip did not know what had wrapped around Tianshuo's right arm.


A bullet shot towards Tianshuo from a high altitude was intercepted by a crossbow arrow and exploded in midair.

"Abominable! Where exactly did these crossbow arrows come from? Scout quickly moved location looking for opportunities.

Tenshuo, who was thrown by the long whip, took a hard blow and Amia's spell hid in the smoke generated by the explosion.

It's a little difficult, those two things in Ino are entangled, this group of people... What comes from.

W is fleeing around, frantically throwing bombs, seemingly ready to raze the place to the ground.

"Although I really want to snatch that person over, but since the dead cockroach is going to blow up, I won't accompany you here." Tenshuo jumped to Sasha's side.

"Prepare to withdraw, this place is going to explode, you go to find the snow rabbit convergence, tell her that the natural disaster is coming, immediately activate Chernoberg, you and Ino take the phantom team to make a preparation to intercept this group of people at this position I marked, if I am stopped by someone and do not come to the rendezvous, you think about fighting, life is the most important, you know?"

Tianshuo handed the map to Sasha and touched the heads of the two, "Withdraw!" The

"Scout" group is gone... w that madman is in... Bury bombs?

Scout fired several shots at W and then pointed at Amia's group, "Take the Doctor, leave!" The Scout squad followed, and I came to break the back. "


Tianshuo, who escaped, breathed a sigh of relief and rested against the wall in the distance, the sky was completely dark.

Bang! Bang! Bang!!

On a firelit night, there are also people fighting outside, what a chaotic day.

I haven't slept for a long time, I'm so sleepy....

Tianshuo slapped his face to force himself to get up and go to join Sasha and them.

There is the sound of blades cutting through!

Ducking down, a sharp dagger swept above his eyes and plunged into the wall.

The wolf again!

Smoke filled the streets in an instant, and it seemed that the other party's ability could only be used in smoke.

"You smell of keys, where are the keys?" The woman's voice swirled in the smoke.

Key? For the key, then Andrei should also ....


Tianshuo can only block the attack by capturing the opponent's actions by constantly unfolding space, and the opponent's teleportation will not stop at all.

"Ahem... Cough. Tianshuo retreated into a corner, and every time he tried to escape the range of smoke, he was forced back.

What to do, there is no other way to be consumed here....

The action on the other side also slowed down, and I had to cut once to let the other party know that I could hurt her, so that she would be afraid and dare not bet on who would try her best first.


Calm down and capture the action.


Parry again, it is now, space banned!

One instant is enough, just one cut!

Super accelerated, Tianshuo's figure instantly disappeared above the other party, aiming at the neck and stabbing it!

Teleported away again....

The Blood Blade sucks the blood that remains on the blade.

The two sides were at a stalemate, and the smoke slowly cleared.

"Poof... Ahem. Tianshuo spewed out a mouthful of blood and gasped heavily, "Cough..."To


Tianshuo, who was holding on to his injuries, came to the empty old house in Rostov and fainted.


The large Rhode Island troops in evacuation

"Amia ... Chernoberg should be left as soon as possible. Scout was carrying a specially modified sniper bolt.

"Companions also need to rest, if only for a moment."

"Forget it, how is the Doctor doing?"

"Not very good, lost... Memory, but operational command is still there, Scout, you see it too. "

From a distance, there were footsteps, it was ACE and his E3 squad.

"What about casualties?" ACE sat next to Scout, the two with their backs against the wall.

"The two brothers and sisters of Chang Scorpion and Changyin were sacrificed, and the others were also a little injured."

"Lingguang also came with news that there was a breakout, and she withdrew from the other side." When ACE arrived, he received news from Linguang.

"She is trying to attract enemy fire."

"Let's go, leave Chernoberg early while it's dark."

"The evacuation operation begins."

Scout walked ahead with a sniper bolt on his back, "I'll go explore the way."

"This guy is always like that." ACE walked to Amiya's side and looked at the Doctor who acted together.


It's this group again! Scout moved as he quickly sniped and fired crossbow arrows.

An enemy that is simply invisible.

"They should have received my signal to hold this group down." Scout circled around.

"It's a signal from Scout, go, another way."

"Scout he..." "

Trust him Amia." ACE touched Amia, who was only 14 years old, "occasionally give us the burden to try."

"But... Well, everyone, evacuate from the other side, Instructor Doberman, please take the E1 squad to pick up Scout. "

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