The Miracle Doctor’s Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 816: 【Fanwai 059】Ending

   Chapter 816 [Fanwai 059] Ending

   Little Tie Dan's head buzzed, suspecting that he was dreaming, he pinched himself, and the pain made him gasp!

   is not a dream, it is real!

   She said he was her hero!

   Little Tie Dan felt that his feet were on the cotton, and his body was floating.

  The nine princesses were amused by his foolishness, covered their face with a smile, and quickly ran into the carriage.

   She put on her hijab.

   Little Tie Dan hurriedly ran to the car window, lifted the curtain of the car window, and stammered: "You, you... Did you... want to marry me a long time ago?"

  The nine princesses lifted the hijab and gave him a coquettish look: "Idiot!"

   Little Tie Dan regrets, if he knew the truth was like this, then he still asked her to keep a hairy festival for that black hearted child? It's been three years!

   Is it bad to have a nephrite jade fragrance for three years? Such a waste of money!

   Little Tie Dan feels that he has wasted so much time, and the rest of his life really cannot be delayed for a day.

  Ninth Princess felt the same way, so she pulled the curtain of the carriage out of Little Tiedan's hand and told the driver and guards to ignore him and continue on their way.

  The coachman and the guards didn't dare to move, and stared straight at the little iron egg.

   Little Tie Dan slapped on the carriage and shouted angrily, "I didn't hear the princess tell you to ignore me? You are all deaf, aren't you? Why are you ignoring me?!"

  The corners of everyone's mouth twitched and left, leaving Xiao Tidan alone to be dumbfounded.

  The wedding was held as scheduled, and the Helian Mansion was full of joy.

The ninth princess has been married before. This marriage is not the most suitable for the old lady in any way. However, the old lady also understands how many famous ladies have been rejected by her little grandson over the years. He pretends to be such a person. .

   Really let him marry another person, I'm afraid he will regret it for life.

   And she also believes that such an excellent and good man as her good grandson will definitely be able to win the heart of the Nine Princesses.

   As long as there is affection, the day will pass.

On the whole, the elders of Helian's house are still open-minded, otherwise they would not agree to this marriage even though they have a problem in their hearts. Now that everyone is married, they naturally hope that the young couple will be well. The princess shook her face, it didn't exist.

   Little Tiedan and the Nine Princesses completed their cultivation, and Yu Wan also forgot about one concern. After staying with Yan Jiuchao in Helian Mansion for a few days, they returned to Dazhou and returned to Xianzong from the entrance of Guozijian.

   However, unexpectedly and reasonably, Yan Xiaosi slipped out of the house again!

   This is not the first time, the two of them are not surprised, they thought they would be back soon, but seeing Shengluan's small appearance of guilty conscience, the two hearts were alarmed.

   Then Immortal Monarch of the Nine Dynasties killed the Shengzong. When he learned that his precious daughter was abducted by two stinky men, he was so angry that he almost razed the Shengzong to the ground!

At this time, Yan Xiaosi's mood was no better than that of his own father. Ganoderma lucidum grass appeared in the world, to be exact, it was pulled by Yan Xiaosi. It is the place where the treasure is hidden. How can you expect that the rainbow is just a landscape in the secret realm, and it has nothing to do with the treasure in the world!

  Yan Xiaosi couldn't stay in the tent and walked around.

   Strolled to the river and saw a red fruit on the ground that looked delicious, so I picked it up. Ganoderma lucidum, Ganoderma lucidum, shouldn’t it be a grass? Who would have guessed it would be a fruit?

This is naturally a disguise of Ganoderma lucidum. It thinks that no one can recognize it if it smashes itself. In fact, there are so many monks coming and going, and no one really hits a wild fruit on the side of the road. superior.

   It just escaped disaster after disaster, but in the end it was killed by Yan Xiaosi.

   Yan Xiaosi didn't give it a chance to change back to its original shape, and swallowed it in one bite!

   Ganoderma lucidum is desperate.

   This wave of operations came so quickly that even the divine beast guarding it failed to react.

   When the divine beast reacted, Yan Xiaosi became desperate.

   That is not a guardian beast at all, but an ancient dragon soul.

This is not comparable to the next magic dragon. Most of the next dragons will be Jiaolong, which is still a long way from the real dragon, let alone an ancient blue dragon, so even if it only has a remnant soul, it is enough for everyone. Have a drink.

The ancient dragon soul guards Ganoderma lucidum, because Ganoderma lucidum has the effect of warming and nourishing the remnant soul. Seeing that the Ganoderma lucidum grass is about to mature, as long as it is taken, the ancient dragon soul can recover the remnant soul, and gradually condense into the dragon body , but at the door, he was eaten by Yan Xiaosi.

   The ancient dragon soul ran wild in an instant!

  Dragon Soul was furious, and it buried millions of corpses. This is not a joke, and there is absolutely no exaggeration. All the monks who came to hunt for treasure were suppressed by the coercion of the ancient Dragon Soul.

   What Wanjianzong and Baihua Palace are all weak in front of the ancient dragon soul.

   Seeing that the situation was not good, the three of them ran away.

   Where did the ancient dragon soul let them run away? With the might of thunder, he relentlessly pursued it.

   Yan Xiaosi frowned while running: "Didn't I just eat one of your fruits? As for this? Ahhhhh!"

  Since Yan Xiaosi ate Ganoderma lucidum, the ancient dragon soul decided to eat Yan Xiaosi, which is considered to indirectly obtain the medicinal properties of Ganoderma lucidum.

  The ancient dragon soul took a bite, almost biting Yan Xiaosi's buttocks, Yan Xiaosi's hair was blown away.

   There is no way to go on like this. If you don't kill this dragon soul, they can't leave at all, so the Holy Master and the Demon Lord stopped their escape plan and tried their best to slay the dragon.

   Both the Holy Lord and the Demon Lord were seriously injured.

  The Demon Lord has used too much power from the magic bead, causing him to be on the verge of being homogenized by the magic bead. He will soon lose his reason and mind and become a complete demon.

   However, the price of the ancient dragon soul was also heavy. It never expected that the two newly ascended monks could fight so well, and it beat its remnant soul to the point where nothing was left.

  Rao is like this, and the ancient dragon soul did not mean to retreat at all, it rushed towards the two of them with the risk of losing their souls.

Yan Xiaosi's strength was used to digest Ganoderma lucidum, and she couldn't use it all, but she couldn't watch the Holy Master and brother Xiaozhao being eaten by the dragon soul, so she simply didn't do it again and again, she took the dragon soul ate...

Dragon Soul:"……"

  Holy Lord: "..."

   Lord Demon Lord: "..."

The dragon soul is not as digestible as the original demon soul. Fortunately, Yan Xiaosi took the ancient Ganoderma lucidum grass first. This is a panacea to blindly enhance physical fitness and cultivation. , repair.

Yan Xiaosi needed a place that would not be disturbed by others to slowly digest the dragon soul, and the Holy Master and the Demon Lord just happened to need to recuperate. The three of them quickly left the secret realm and found a sparsely populated forest, and set up restrictions around them. Sit up in peace.

   Lord Demon Lord concentrates on fighting against the power of the magic bead in his body. He does not want his reason to be swallowed up by the magic bead. He must remember who he is and Yan Xiaosi.

  This process is not easy, and it may be swallowed up by the slightest error. Bean-sized sweat drips down his handsome cheeks, and is blown to the ground by the wind, burning black holes with smoke.

  Yan Xiaosi sat beside him, immersed in his own world.

This is the first time she has clearly sensed her own power. She can see the star sea in her dantian. Every star contains a majestic spiritual energy. The dragon soul eaten by her has entered this sea of ​​stars. A dying struggle among countless stars.

   All she needs to do is to refine it with the aura in the sea of ​​stars.

  Ganoderma lucidum has become a cloud above the sea of ​​stars, constantly repairing the damage caused by the dragon soul to the sea of ​​​​stars.

  Yan Xiaosi and Lord Demon Lord all entered a state of selflessness, but the Holy Lord on the opposite side suddenly opened his eyes.

   His eyes turned blood red.

   The black shadow that once appeared in the stream was projected on the ground beside him.

   He stood up slowly and looked at Xiao Zhao and Yan Xiaosi opposite him with sharp eyes.

   Sombra said bewitchingly: "Do you want her? Do you want her? Kill that man and she will be yours."

With a    whistle, the Holy Master had an extra long sword in his hand.

   He held the long sword and walked towards the Demon Lord step by step.

  The shadow is always at his feet.

   "He is very weak now. If you want to kill him now, kill him quickly, kill him!"

   "Kill him, and no one will rob her from you."

   "What are you still doing? Kill it!"

   The black shadow kept bewitching the Holy Master, and the world of the Holy Master began to spin, and the voice of the dark shadow suddenly came near and far, got into his ears, and struck his heart.

   "Come on."

"kill him."

   "With the long sword in your hand."

   The eyes of the Holy Master gradually faded, he came to the Lord Demon Lord, and he raised the long sword in his hand.

   His hands began to tremble.

"Don't hesitate, he is the Demon Lord. He has a magic bead in his body that the old Demon Lord refined with his lifelong cultivation. Even if you don't do it now, he will be completely demonized one day. At that time, he will not remember that he is Who, won't remember who you are, he will kill you, kill Yan Xiaosi, kill everyone."

   "Hurry up and get rid of this scourge."

   "What are you still hesitating about? Are you afraid that Yan Xiaosi will be sad? How could she be sad? You are doing it for her good. He can't enter reincarnation and can't take care of her forever, but you can."

   The Holy Master's long sword stabbed towards the Demon Lord.

   Yan Xiaosi suddenly opened his eyes: "Brother Zhou Jin!"

   Brother Zhou Jin blurted out, and even she herself was shocked.

   The Holy Master suddenly stopped, but it was too late to withdraw the long sword.

  Yan Xiaosi turned around and threw himself in front of the Demon Lord, blocking the sword for him.

It's just that the sword didn't pierce her body. The moment she rushed over and hugged Lord Demon Lord, Lord Demon Lord woke up. He hugged her soft waist, turned around, and laid her flat on the soft side. On the grass, the sword went straight through his chest from his back.

  Yan Xiaosi cried out: "Brother Xiaozhao——"

  The blood splattered on the face of the Holy Master, the Holy Master suddenly came back to his senses, he looked at Xiao Zhao who was lying in Yan Xiaosi's arms, and at the long sword in his hand, his eyes were black and fell to the ground.

   Yan Xiaosi's blood was surging, and the dragon soul got a chance to toss in the sea of ​​​​stars, and Yan Xiaosi finally fainted.

   The newly appointed demon channel was eventually lifted up by someone. The thief, Lala, hated it. After flying up, he was about to go back and brought three people with him.

  It was the first day that someone was lifted up, how could it be possible for four people to pass through your body at the same time?

   Then the man left it with two red eggs.

  ...God is such a red egg!

When the Lord Demon woke up, he found himself lying on an unfamiliar bed, Yan Xiaosi was sleeping beside him, the ancient dragon soul in Yan Xiaosi's body had been suppressed by the breath of the longevity formula, and she could slow down when she woke up. Digested slowly on its own.

  Why is there a longevity formula?

   Lord Demon Lord was stunned, and then he found that his wounds had also healed.

   He sat up strangely, and saw Sect Master Lin and his subordinates, who were guarding the bed, at a glance.

   Needless to say, the identity of the magic cultivator has been exposed, but the people of Shengzong have not dealt with him.

   Seeing him awake, Mo Xiu heaved a sigh of relief and stepped forward: "Demon Lord! You are awake! Scared your subordinates to death!"

  Sect Master Lin also took a step forward. He opened his mouth and hesitated, as if he had something to say but he couldn't say it.

   Lord Demon Lord released the hand that had been holding Yan Xiaosi tightly, tucked Yan Xiaosi into the corner, and asked the Demon Xiu, "What happened? How did I come back?"

   This place is full of the aura of the Holy Sect, it should be the Holy Sect, but if he remembers correctly, he fainted in the last session, so not only did he not die, but he also returned to the Holy Land?

"It's a long story, thanks to the Immortal Monarch of the Nine Dynasties..." Mo Xiu told the Immortal Monarch of the Nine Dynasties that the three of them were brought back to the Holy Sect from the previous session, "Hello, Immortal Monarch of the Nine Dynasties. angry!"

Two stinky men abducted their precious daughter, and also angry that the demon master pulled his daughter's hand so tightly that she couldn't pull it apart. It wasn't the lady who stopped him. Immortal Lord Jiu Chao gave the demon master's claws with an axe earlier. chopped.

   Lord Demon Master cleared his throat embarrassedly: "Cough, I will go to Xianzong to plead guilty afterwards. By the way, what about your Holy Master? How is his inner demon?"

   What he asked was Sect Master Lin.

In fact, as early as when he was fighting with the monks in the secret realm, the Lord Demon noticed that something was wrong with the Holy Master, but at that time he didn't think about the devil in his heart. He didn't feel the heart until the Holy Master stabbed himself with that sword. Demon power.

   Who would have thought that a holy master like a **** and Buddha actually breeds inner demons?

  Once a cultivator has an inner demon, he has half his foot in the magic path. Only by killing the inner demon as soon as possible can he return to his own right path.

  The demon of the heart is not so easy to kill, but with the nature of the Lord, there should be no big problem.

   At least the Demon Lord thinks so.

   Sect Master Ke Lin's expression was a little heavy.

   Lord Demon Lord asked strangely: "What's wrong? Your Holy Lord is so powerful that you can't even kill a demon?"

  Sect Master Lin said bitterly: "It's not that he can't kill him, but he doesn't want to kill him."

   The inner demon of the Holy Master... is Zhou Jin.

   When everyone learned about the reincarnation of the Holy Lord, they did not take this life as one thing. The Holy Lord has lived for tens of thousands of years, how can there be changes in this mere eleven or twelve years? This is simply trivial, and completely able to give up.

   I'm afraid the Holy Master of Cultivation thinks so too.

   He forcibly suppressed everything that belonged to Zhou Jin, thinking that as time passed, he would be able to take Zhou Jin less and less seriously, until... he became his inner demon.

   This is the love of the Lord.

   Killing the inner demon can cut off the love calamity.

   But he didn't want to do that.

  Between the Holy Master and Zhou Jin, he chose the latter.

   "What do you mean...he has become a demon? How can he fall into the devil's way? Does he care whether the Holy Land is alive or dead..." The Demon Lord was halfway through and felt a strange and huge force surging out.

   For the first time in his life, he realized the six realms of reincarnation.

   Demons can't feel reincarnation, they are people who are shielded by reincarnation, unless... he has the power of reincarnation, but how is this possible?

   His eyes widened in disbelief: "This is..."

  Sect Master Lin nodded with red eyes: "It's the power of the Holy Master."

   "Holy Master, do you really want to do this?" Sect Master Lin remembered kneeling down and begging him.

The Holy Master said: "He is a combination of holy demons, he can withstand the power of the demon soul, and he can also accommodate the power of the holy master. Maybe he is destined in the dark, otherwise, how can he appear so suitable? He is destined to become a real The Lord of the Holy Sea, unify the Holy Land and the Demon Territory of Kyushu, and rescue me from the sea of ​​misery."

  Sect Master Lin cried at that time: "How can you say that you are in a sea of ​​misery? Could it be so many years..."

  The Holy Master looked at the distant sky and smiled lightly: "For so many years, I have only been truly happy when I have been Zhou Jin."

   He didn't seem to know what he was giving up.

   Abandoned the identity of the Lord and became a demon, he no longer has an afterlife.

   He used his life to complete Xiao Zhao's life.

   "What about others?"

   "Leave." Sect Master Lin said.

  Xiao Zhao lifted the quilt and got out of bed, walked quickly to the bed, and looked at the blue sky.

   He seemed to see Zhou Jin.

   Zhou Jin turned around, smiled and said to him, "You can't just take care of her for the rest of your life."

   (End of this episode)

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