Chapter 1142: Untitled (2)

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The situation in the capital suddenly became tense. This was because other than the reward of ten thousand taels of gold, the Crown Prince Manor had also asked the “Regent” to lock down the four city gates. Before the real culprit was captured, no one was allowed to enter or leave the capital.

These two actions were enough to show that the culprit was in the city.

The Crown Prince Manor was heavily guarded. The fact that the culprit could sneak in silently and successfully poison the Crown Princess Consort meant that his martial arts were outstanding. Ordinary commoners were probably not his match. When they thought about how such a terrifying culprit was actually lurking in the city, the commoners could not help but feel a wave of panic.

However, the temptation of ten thousand taels of gold was quite huge. There would definitely be brave men under heavy money. After the panic, many commoners immediately began to pay attention to the situation around them.

A man in a cloak, a woman who looked like a fairy, and perhaps a few servants. This combination was very eye-catching. As long as it appeared on the streets once, it would definitely be discovered by someone with ulterior motives.

“The capital is under martial law. There are patrolling guards everywhere now, and our portraits are also posted on the streets and alleys… We can’t leave…” In a dark room, Gu Lady said anxiously to the cloaked man.

The cloaked man’s left chest was pierced by Little Gu. Even if his heart was on the other side and he dodged a trace of death, it was inevitable that he would suffer. His foundation was crippled, and even if he recovered in the future, his realm would stagnate.

This made him very pained. After hearing Gu Lady’s words, he felt that the situation had worsened.

One had to know that Yan Huaijing was a good chess piece and a very suitable heir to the throne. As long as Yan Huaijing did not court death, he was confident that he could assist Yan Huaijing to ascend to the throne. After that, he would firmly control the power in the capital. At that time, it would be easy for him to find the entrance to the holy land.

But why was this chess piece useless in just one night?

The cloaked man frowned. “What happened

Gu Lady said, “I suspect that she didn’t lose her memory at all. She did it on purpose!”

The cloaked man said, “Even if it’s on purpose, will Yan Huaijing believe her?”

Gu Lady thought for a while. “Could it be… that group of people from the Young Master Manor leaked our identities?”

Young Master Manor?

The cloaked man fell silent. No matter how he thought about it, this was the only possibility. When he left, there were still people alive in the old stronghold. It was hard to guarantee that the experts of the Young Master Manor had not captured the captives and pried out clues about the Sacred Clan from them.

As for how the Young Master Manor guessed that they were the advisors of the Crown Prince Manor, this was their own ability.

The cloaked man covered his aching chest and went next door. In a dim room, a man in green and white gauze sat cross-legged on the bed.

“Lord Saint King.” The cloaked man bowed respectfully outside the door.

“Come in,” the Saint King said.

The cloaked man walked into the room. Although he had already bowed outside the door, he bowed again in front of the man and said respectfully, “Lord Saint King, the Crown Prince of Great Zhou already knows our identity and is searching everywhere for us. I’m afraid… we’ll be found soon. Before that, I hope you can make plans.”

“Hmph.” The Saint King snorted coldly, as if he did not take this dangerous situation seriously.

The cloaked man continued, “It’s my mistake this time. I messed up. Please punish me, Sir!” As he spoke, he was about to kneel down.

The Saint King waved his sleeve casually, and a powerful internal energy lifted the cloaked man up. “Isn’t it just the Crown Prince Manor? I don’t care. You said before that the Holy Soul Pearl has been found?”

The cloaked man said, “Yes, it’s in the hands of those two children.”

“Children…” The Saint King narrowed his eyes.” Do you know that one of those two children is a Saint King?”

The cloaked man was stunned. “Saint-Saint King?”

The Saint King had not seen the two children, so he could not be sure which one it was. However, there was no doubt that there was a Little Saint King.

He nodded and said, “That’s right, it’s a Saint King, but it’s a young Saint King who hasn’t grown up yet. No wonder you can’t feel it. No matter how young a Saint King is, he’s not someone a Guardian of the Sacred Clan like you can sense.”

The cloaked man lowered his head in shame, but his heart was in turmoil. There was actually a Little Saint King among that woman’s children? The newborn one could be eliminated because no one was born a Saint King. They all studied and worked hard to increase their realm step by step.

However, a three-year-old Little Saint King was too heaven-defying. Could it be… because of the Holy Soul Pearl?

In fact, many years ago, a female Saint King of the Sacred Clan had sacrificed her blood to the Holy Soul Pearl. She had sacrificed it for ten months during her pregnancy. The fetus in her stomach had absorbed the aura of the Holy Soul Pearl and was born a Half-Saint. This was the highest realm of a newborn baby in the history of the Sacred Clan.

Even when that woman was pregnant, she would use her blood to nourish the Holy Soul Pearl every day, at most, she would give birth to a Half-Saint. Of course, this did not mean that a Half-Saint was not powerful. A Half-Saint was an expert second only to a Saint King. Many people from the Sacred Clan could not reach the Half-Saint realm in their lives.

However, the Half-Saint of the Sacred Clan only became a Saint King when he was thirteen years old. He was already the youngest Saint King of the Sacred Clan in thousands of years.

But now, the Great Zhou had a three-year-old Little Saint King!

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