The life you long for: Fuwa Island Owner

The life you long for: Fuwa Island Owner


169 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: The life you long for: Fuwa Island Owner

The place of life that I yearn for in the new season is selected on a private island in the Marais Sea.

Before arriving at the Mushroom House, the program team was surprised to find a cute baby sleeping soundly on the back of a huge blue whale on the sea.

When the program crew arrived at another small island in Nanyang, the cute baby was already riding a big white elephant to greet everyone.

"Yangyang, why are you here?" Fatty looked surprised when he saw Xia Yang again.

Xia Yang touched the long trunk of the white elephant and said in a cute voice: Sister Fatty, this island is mine too...

Zhang Zifeng couldn't help it anymore: Yangyang, tell your sister honestly, how many islands like this do you have?

Xia Yang stretched out his chubby little hands and couldn't even count them after counting them for a long time...

Huang Xiaochu: This kid is extremely lucky. With him by his side, he can handle plenty of game and seafood.

Zhang Zifeng: My stinky brother smells so good, come and let me hug you!


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