The King

Chapter 66: mountain baron

  Chapter 66 Mountain Baron

  With the results of the investigation in his arms, he had just returned to Dadil City, and before he had time to relax, Hudson received a banquet invitation from Earl Pierce.

  The boss treats guests, so there must be time. Without the slightest hesitation, after completing the washing as quickly as possible, he and Baron Redman got into the carriage.

   "Father, what happened in the city recently?"

   Hudson asked suspiciously.

   As the leader of the southeastern province, Earl Pierce is very cold. According to the past practice, it was not Hudson's turn to attend the banquet.

  If people do not invite, Hudson will not go to make fun of himself. The difference in strength and status between the two parties is too great, even if they want to flatter him, it's not his turn.

   "It wasn't caused by the fiefdom. Especially those guys fighting for the right to inherit, they have no integrity at all. In recent days, the conflicts in the city have never stopped."

   Baron Redman said with a look of contempt.

   He doesn't have the slightest affection for those guys who don't have enough military merit and try to eat their relatives out of their homes.

  Of course, the most important thing is that I can’t eat it at home. Just doing public relations for Hudson consumes a lot of contacts, and there is no energy at all to mix and eat.

  In this kind of occasion, the little people have to arrive quickly, and leave early to come to the banquet, and the scene is still full of people.

   Sure enough, everyone had the same idea. Those who arrive early may not necessarily leave a good impression on the governor, but those who arrive late will definitely leave a bad impression.

  Since the fight for the fiefdom, the alliance of small and medium-sized nobles in the southeastern province has already collapsed, and the initiative has once again returned to Earl Pierce.

  He kept saying hello to people along the way. At this time, the benefits of familiar faces were reflected. Hudson was able to chat with most of the nobles present.

  Especially the real power faction who works in the Governor's Mansion, as long as they meet, Hudson will definitely go over and have a few words. Uncle and other titles kept calling, and the scene was full of laughter and laughter.

  Nodding acquaintance is also friendship, not using it for nothing. The prosperous Koslow family is famous for having many relatives. The complicated relationship between them may not be clear to one's own people, let alone outsiders.

  If the person involved does not explain, it will fall into the eyes of the outside world. This is an invisible deterrent. Especially for a group of competitors, it is a kind of pressure.


   "Everyone is here, it seems that everyone is giving me face! This is very good, the nobles in my southeastern province want to maintain this kind of unity.

  I invite everyone to come here today. In addition to reminiscing about the past, the more important thing is to discuss the future ownership of the two counties of Wright and Wyton.

  First of all, I would like to declare here that the legitimacy of the aristocratic inheritance system must be guaranteed. Everything must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the "Continental Succession Law". Anyone who dares to break the rules is the common enemy of all of us.

  I believe that everyone here is an example of nobles, there will be no such scumbags, and everyone will not allow such nobless to exist. "

  All are established procedures, and the "Continental Succession Law" is a rule jointly maintained by the noble group, with the purpose of safeguarding the common interests of everyone.

   Any family will inevitably decline one day, and no one wants their property to fall into the hands of others. This can be regarded as a rare warmth in the aristocratic world.

   "Your Excellency Governor is right. The Continental Inheritance Law must be complied with. All direct heirs who meet the requirements of the Inheritance Law can be prioritized for them to go through the inheritance procedures.

   All we need to talk about are unclaimed lands, and territories whose succession is contested. For the specific disposal plan, I think His Excellency the Earl should have a complete plan. "

   Viscount Oran said meaningfully.

   It seems to be cooperating with Governor Pierce, but also seems to be dissatisfied with his arbitrariness, and his tone is full of contradictions.

   Everyone has long been familiar with this scene. None of the powerful viscounts in the province had a good relationship with Earl Pierce.

  The minor nobles cannot threaten the interests of the Dalton family, but the middle nobles are different. Although the strengths of the two sides are still vastly different, once the great nobles decline, they have the capital to replace them.

  In order to consolidate their own rule, as the boss of the southeastern province, the Dalton family has always taken measures to suppress these middle-class families.

Where there is oppression, there is resistance. Unwilling to be inferior to others, the middle-class nobles chose to join the king without hesitation, and gathered a group of younger brothers to sing against the Dalton family in the province.

  The difference in strength does not affect the battle of words. Within the rule system, no matter how noisy the Dalton family was, they couldn't directly attack them.

   Except for the northern border area where the nobles dominate, the rest of the kingdom is playing with checks and balances. Everyone unites and fights.

  For example, right now, the troubles will return to the troubles, and it will not affect everyone to join forces to resist the nobles from the north going south, and to carve up the unowned land in the two counties.

  Glaring at Viscount Oran, Earl Pierce said slowly: "The legal heirs who meet the succession regulations and have no disputes can come to the Governor's Mansion to go through the succession procedures from tomorrow.

  We will send it to the capital as quickly as possible, and it will take effect after the king's approval. Before that, you can take over the territory in advance, but you must not use large amounts of wealth, or do things that damage the rights and interests of the territory.

  According to the agreement reached between the Governor's Mansion and the Kingdom, Wright and Wyton Counties will set aside one-sixth of the land as the fiefdom of military nobles in the Northland.

  The specific candidates have not been determined, but the general scope has been delineated. Today we will discuss the disposal of the remaining areas.

  The opinion of the Governor's Office is: according to the merits in the counter-insurgency war, select the matching territories in order.

   Territories where the right to succession is disputed, follow the order of: direct blood lineage first, military merit second, and collateral lineage second.

   If you have a better distribution plan, you can propose it now. If it satisfies everyone, it can also be carried out according to your plan. "

   While speaking, regardless of whether everyone could accept it or not, a huge sand table was lifted up by the guards from the outside.

  Although the production is a little ugly and the error is a little bigger, it can be roughly seen that this is a map of two counties.

  There are lines of different colors on it, which divide the two counties into several small pieces of different sizes, and there are place names marked on wooden signs of different colors beside them.

   It can be seen that Earl Pierce is going to cut the mess quickly, and he is unwilling to keep making trouble like this.

  As for the so-called solicitation of opinions, it is purely polite. If you want everyone to be satisfied, even if the land of the two counties is expanded ten times, it is not enough.

  Seeing that no one came out to speak against it, Earl Pierce said with satisfaction: "The areas marked by the red wooden sign are all owned, so don't worry about them.

  The areas marked by the blue wooden sign are all disputed inheritance rights. Negotiations can be carried out according to the inheritance principles we agreed upon, and if there is no agreement, the aristocratic council of the southeastern province will make a decision according to the rules.

  The rest of the white wooden signs are all land of no man. The meritorious officials who are qualified to obtain the fiefdom can be selected in order, and if other people have objections, they can raise them.

  If the negotiation fails, the old rule will be decided by the noble council. Anyway, the representatives are basically here, so it is right to vote on the spot, and it will not delay everyone's time. "

  Looking at the colored wooden signs one by one, Hudson realized that he was simply thinking too much. Not only is it difficult to compete for a rich land, but it has never flowed out at all.

  Not to mention the city, Hudson never expected from the beginning that this kind of stuffed pie could fall on his head.

  Even among the dozen or so targets that were delineated in advance, there are only three of them belonging to No Man's Land. It is conceivable how intense the competition will be.

  Don’t look at Earl Pierce’s nice talk, but in fact he follows the law of the jungle. The family is strong and has many supporters, so it can naturally become the winner.

   On the contrary, even if you are the first choice, if you are not strong enough, you will not be able to keep it in the end. It's better to be knighted for military merit, at worst, you won't get a piece of bad land, and you won't return empty-handed.

  As for the others, once the fight for the fief fails, all previous efforts will be in vain.

  Fortunately, he wanted the Salam mining area the most, and it was also in the land of no man, otherwise Hudson would be blind.

   After everyone had digested it, a huge red cloth was hung on the wall of the hall. Hudson quickly found his name on it, and he was the first person on the list.

   It is indeed fair. According to the principle of political priority, Hudson, who killed the most Holy See cavalry, is the proper number one hero.

   It's just surprising that Earl Pierce's name is not on it. In the continent of Aslante, there is not one person with one title, and it is common to hold several titles.

  Especially the great nobles, who don't have a string of titles on them. If it is a title that can be achieved in one step, which idiot king will bestow tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of land at once?

  It doesn't matter whether you are high-spirited or have other plans. Anyway, Hudson is not interested in the plans of the big shots, let alone "dare" to be interested.

   Without giving in, Hudson took the lead to walk to the sand table, picked up a small flag and planted it in the area in front of the Salam mining area.

   It is enough to mark a point to determine the approximate range, and the specific territory division must be down to show their talents.

  The small flag fell, and Hudson immediately received a few kind glances. It can be seen that several powerful factions are very satisfied with his choice.

  Although the Salam mining area has a lot of output, it is limited by factors such as lack of coal and low food production. Taking all factors into consideration, it can only be regarded as medium among all the territories.

  With the strength of the Koslow family, winning this hilly area can only be regarded as quite satisfactory.

  Several viscounts smiled and signaled, and Hudson knew that the dust had settled. Even if the rest wants to object, it depends on whether the fist is hard enough.

   "Very well, since everyone has no objection, then the southernmost mountainous area of ​​Wright County is tentatively designated as the fief of Baron Hudson."

  As Earl Pierce's voice fell to the ground, Hudson gained another nickname "The Baron of the Mountain". Before that, everyone affectionately called him "Knight of the Bow".

   Compared with the former, the latter is obviously more deterrent. In a sense, a large part of the reason why Hudson was able to get along so well in the aristocratic circle was also brought about by the "Knight of the Bow".

  People always like to make friends with the strong. Like Hudson, who shoots an arrow and kills, a proper battlefield killer is the best comrade-in-arms partner.

  There are so many wars on the Aslant continent, and there will be more days for everyone to work together in the future. Improve the relationship, and maybe you can save a life from the battlefield at some point.

  (end of this chapter)

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