The Foster Daughter’s Attraction

Chapter 295 - Chapter 295: A Familiar Breakfast

Chapter 295: A Familiar Breakfast

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By the time Hai Tang finished washing up, two piping hot breakfasts were already on the table.

There were fragrant soy milk, steamed dumplings, and fried dough sticks that were golden and crispy.

Gu Yun pulled out a chair for her and             take you home after breakfast.”

Hai Tang picked up a dumpling first and took a bite. She said in surprise,” This tastes familiar. It’s a little like Mrs. Landis ‘cooking. Where did you buy it?”

Gu Yun smiled at her.” I was worried that vou wouldn’t be used to the food outside. This is made by Mrs. Landis herself. She’s here to pick you up and is waiting in the car downstairs.”

As for getting Aunt Liu to make breakfast, it was arranged by Gu Yun before he went to bed last night, so he could send it to her as soon as Hai Tang woke up in the morning.

Hai Tang did not expect Gu Yun to be so considerate. He was actually worried that she would not be used to eating breakfast outside and specially instructed Mrs. Landis.

Perhaps touched by Gu Yun’s caring care, Hai Tang ate her breakfast in silence.

Gu Yun accompanied her and ate together. The two of them did not speak for a while, but the atmosphere did not seem awkward.

‘ Gu Yun,” Hai Tang suddenly said as she bit the straw after finishing the steaming hot soy milk.” My living habits have improved a lot since I met you.” “Hmm? Why do you say that?” Gu Yun looked at her in confusion.

Hai Tang sniffed and sighed.” When I used to work, I usually didn’t have time to eat breakfast. When I helped out with overtime, I would forget to eat dinner.”

In the past, when Hai Tang was working at Yu Heng’s company, she was so busy that her feet did not touch the ground. Not only was she busy with work, but before she went to work, she often had to buy coffee for Yu Heng and bring breakfast out early.

Sometimes, Yu Heng wanted to eat something new, and he would even instruct her to buy it from a place more than ten kilometers away.

Hai Tang didn’t complain even when she crossed half the city to run errands for Yu Heng.

She used to think that Yu Heng ordered her around because he needed her and couldn’t leave her. Even if she had stomach problems because she didn’t eat breakfast all year round and ate irregularly, she was willing to feel that Yu Heng’s sacrifice was worth it.

However, she later discovered that Yu Heng did not care about her efforts at all. He even thought that she was very stupid. She was a personal assistant who did not need to spend money and was obedient. She had always done things that only touched herself.

However, after meeting Gu Yun, Hai Tang realized that Gu Yun would remind her of every meal and eat with her. As long as he was free, Gu Yun would personally cook for her, changing the style of cooking for her.

It was only when she could still taste the familiar taste of home outside that Hai Tang realized how wonderful her life had been during this period of time. It was so wonderful that she had neglected some things that were different from the past.

Hai Tang gradually understood that a person like Yu Heng would only blindly ask for things from her and did not care about her sacrifices and sacrifices. Gu Yun, on the other hand, had never asked for anything from her. He just naturally took care of her and loved her, just as he should have.

Gu Yun frowned slightly when he heard Hai Tang’s words.

He suddenly felt sorry for Hai Tang.” What kind of life did you lead in the past?” he asked in a low voice.

After accidentally learning that Yu Heng had treated Hai Tang badly, Gu Yun also accidentally learned that Hai Tang’s life was also so-so. It was all Yu

Heng’s fault for not taking good care of Hai Tang.

Gu Yun’s opinion of Yu Heng grew.

Hai Tang shook her head with a bitter smile.” I’m too busy with work,” she said.

If Gu Yun knew how she was bullied by Yu Heng in the past, he would probably think that she was very disappointing and useless.

Hai Tang did not want her image in Gu Yun’s heart to worsen.

Gu Yun looked at Hai Tang’s dazed expression and said, “No matter how busy you are, you have to take good care of yourself.” I’ll take care of you in the future.’

Gu Yun said this very seriously. He really intended to do so. Gu Yun even felt that he was not taking enough care of Hai Tang. He had to think of ways to make up for the harm that Hai Tang had suffered in the past.

However, Hai Tang took Gu Yun’s words as ordinary comfort. After this period of interaction, she knew that Gu Yun was a person who was extremely generous and took care of the people around him.

Because Gu Yun was too perfect and outstanding, Hai Tang did not think that Gu Yun’s kindness to her was because of herself, but because Gu Yun himself was very good..

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