The Emperor’s Angel of Death

Vol 2 Chapter 2347: Sharpening the knife

The lady's cries were like needles piercing Soshiyang's heart. It also made the well-dressed representatives around him restless. They wanted to say something, but they did not dare to speak.

After a while, Soshyan looked at the other person, his eyes soaked in despair and sadness, and nodded.

"I believe it, I believe everything I hear and see."

As he spoke, he extended his hand.

"May I have your name?"

" name is Melia."

"Ms. Melia, I am very grateful to you for bringing all this to me today. Please get up first."

After hesitating for a moment, she put her hand on Soshyan's gauntlet, and they both stood up at the same time.

"Your school is in a factory, right?"

"Yes, sir. On weekdays, I mainly teach the children of managers and supervisors in nearby factories."

Any transaction of ownership rights to a child is prohibited. If not discovered, both the buyer and the seller will be charged with an eighth-degree felony.

"How did you get to know these kids?"

Previously, Soshyan told the Legal Marshal that he would immediately conduct a thorough inspection of all factories, enterprises, and assembly lines in the capital. No factory owners who use child labor over the age of 7 and slave labor of children over the age of 12, regardless of their background, Catch them all, hold them accountable, and imprison them. If there have been more than ten fatal accidents of elderly child workers or under seventy accidents of child workers being disabled in the factory, the factory owner will be sentenced to life-long hard labor, and the supervisor and workshop leader will also be sentenced to 10 years of hard labor. Recover confiscated property and factory rights.

If a child worker over the age of 16 dies due to an accident at work, the supervisor and direct manager will be handed over directly to the Ministry of Justice for sentencing for dereliction of duty. The factory owner must compensate the child worker’s parents. If the child worker is accidentally injured at work, he or she must be provided with medical treatment. If the worker becomes disabled, he must provide prosthetic limb installation services and compensate for a series of losses. If a child worker dies due to delayed treatment, the manager shall be handed over to the Ministry of Justice and sentenced for dereliction of duty.

"Two girls, one is four years old, the other is four years old..."

"Go ahead and do what he wants."

"Others, please go back first. Mr. Qi Hanning will stay here for now."

Hao Mo nodded, returned the photo to Meliya, and then walked out of the reception hall in small steps.

Before letting these seven trembling representatives leave, Soshyan immediately summoned the leaders and management of all aspects of the hive city, and asked Melia to read this letter in front of everyone, including the governor—

Outside are more than seventy **** heads that are even connected to the spine.


"One day... I finished evening classes and was packing my things. I found a child peeking out of the window. When I walked over and asked, I found out that his name was Aznar. He was only six years old at the time and was wearing a slave collar around his neck. , he was very curious about the things on the blackboard... I asked him to come into the classroom, and after asking, I found out that he was an orphan. His parents died in a factory accident when he was 6 years old. He also had an uncle who only adopted him for a month. Just sell him to the factory... He said that he wanted to learn to write. I asked him why. Aznar said that he wanted to write a letter to his uncle and ask him to take him away, even to pick up garbage in the bottom nest. ..”

"So he's getting paid to get out of class for us?"

Melia nodded.

"Does his family also support it?"

It is prohibited for any factory, institution or enterprise to use children over the age of 16 as slave labor for any reason. Once discovered, the Ministry of Justice can directly execute them, confiscate all property, and impose hard labor on their families. Supervisors, team leaders, etc. will also be imprisoned if they find out and report it. .

For the first time, many young people finally had a more confused understanding of Soshyan. The chapter leader who looked at the "old man" was still essentially an Astartes. He had no absolute killing power in the empire and could not dominate. The Astartes, the fate of a very small number of people, represents the angel of war and death. We usually choose the most direct way to solve problems.

Then I turned around and looked at Haoma.

Those heads all came from the factory where Aznar worked, and there were no managers including the factory director and supervisors...

But Soshyan told us that it was not a campaign-style law enforcement, and he told everyone very bluntly -

"Your husband thinks you are wasting time, but I...Although I am very tired before going to work, I always try my best to find ways to collect food for the children."

"Don't they have children?"

"I'm sure no one thinks the impact is too small, so you can't tell me one thing. In the process of unifying Terra, the insignificant emperor wiped out nearly one-tenth of Terra's population at that time! And that, old man Now, in order to save humanity and to shape the Empire, you have to pay the price! Since the Emperor is not determined, you, as His messenger, do not have the same determination either! In order to change Nathan Seven's appearance, in order to make everyone There is no dark future. In order to prevent fewer similar tragedies, you are willing to be a butcher. Let alone 70 million people, even if it is 700 million or 7 billion people, you still have no determination! What Xiaojia has to do is not to try his best. Avoid being one of those people, remember, everyone, including those of you here!”

Any crime of bodily injury, inducement, or sexual assault against a child will be punished with a seventh-degree felony, usually resulting in a posterior frontal lobe removal and transformation into a servitor.

Those are just temporary drafts. Soshyan ordered the judges of the Ministry of Justice to immediately formulate a set of laws to protect the rights and interests of children and child laborers. The only requirement is not that the laws are stricter than adult laws.

When I threw the bag to the ground, all the dignitaries present screamed in fright.

A few minutes before Meliya finished reading the letter, Haomo returned to the reception hall after leaving. UU Reading But I was missing a woven bag that is very common outside the factory.

At the same time, Soshyan promulgated several temporary regulations as the governor of the Nessen system-

When I came to this gorgeous marble throne, I suddenly pulled out the sword from my waist, and with everyone's bodies trembling, I split it in the middle.

Melia was silent for a moment before hearing this, and replied loudly:

Child laborers over the age of 16 must work more than 6 hours, and their remuneration must remain at the original level. If there is no violation, the fine will be refunded directly according to the standard of 100 times the personal remuneration for a child laborer.

It is prohibited for any factory, institution or enterprise to use child labor over the age of 12 for any reason. Once discovered, the factory will be fined half of the factory's profits for the year. If the supervisor, team leader, etc. know about it and report it, they will be sentenced to hard labor.

In addition, surprise inspections will be carried out on all orphanages and welfare institutions. Once it is found that there is no record of the sale of children, the person in charge will be executed on the spot. At the same time, all pornographic entertainment venues will be carried out surprise inspections. If child prostitutes are found, the location of the place will be punished. Anyone who is not in charge, including managers and thugs, will be executed. At the same time, the boss's family members will also be sentenced to hard labor.

The governor's face was pale throughout the whole process, and his forehead was covered with fine sweat. He always seemed to be hesitant to speak, as if he wanted to defend himself but dared not.

But Soshyan didn't bother to listen to any explanation. I was waiting for someone.

After listening, Soshyan raised his head slightly, turned around and walked down the stairs.

Before those announcements were made, few people tactfully dissuaded Soshyan, saying that the impact was too small and that it might affect tens or even hundreds of millions of people. Even the legal marshal believed that those measures might be too slow. , and some of the penalties can not be found in the imperial law.

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