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“This is??”

Rogue looked at everything in front of him and suddenly showed a shocked look.

This was the first time he was shocked since he came to the pirate world!

I saw that behind the stone gate, there was a world.

Moreover, something is familiar!

“Like the place of the arena, the mark XX00 on the countertop.”

“Isn’t this a scene from the Greedy Island chapter in Full-Time Hunter?”

“He still remembers that Qilu and Xiaojie seemed to be here, playing a guessing match.” Rogue said in shock.

If he remembers correctly, Killua also obtained the True Sword of Designated Pocket Card 83 here.

It’s just that now here is full of broken walls and ruins.

It’s like ruins!


This is still a little difficult for Rogge to determine.

After all, this is the pirate world, not a full-time hunter.




It looks exactly like in memory!

“Inside, it seems, there was a fierce fighting.”

Rogue glanced at it, but finally decided to go in and take a look.

If it comes, it is safe!

Taking a deep breath, Rogue stepped in.


Suddenly, that strong life energy appeared again!

The surroundings are filled with rich life energy.

“It’s a thought!”

At this moment, Rogue finally figured out where that rich life energy came from.

This is the ability to manipulate life energy!

Freely manipulate the life energy emanating from the body, using force for attack or defense.

“No wonder there is such a rich life energy!” Rogue muttered, getting more and more understanding.

Unlike ordinary thoughts, even if you use ‘condensation’, you can’t see it at all.

After all, this is not the thought of someone or something.

It’s that this space, and even the world, is made up of terrifying thoughts.


It’s resentment!

“It seems that there was indeed a fierce battle here, which led to the fact that people died and the mind remained.”

Although it is only speculation, Rogge believes that this is definitely close to the truth.

“So…” Rogue suddenly came to his senses.

“The real secret of Ralph Drew is that this ancient ruins are actually the junction of the full-time hunter world and the pirate world.”

“Although I don’t know what the reason is that the island of greed in the full-time hunter world and the One Piece world are connected.”

“Then this connection point was made into a ruin, or a kingdom.”

“I don’t know, it was built by someone who belongs to the world of full-time hunters.”

“Or built by someone who belongs to the One Piece world, or both.”

“And then a group of people who don’t know where they came from found this place.”

“Then a terrible battle began!”

“In the end, it seems that it should be the people from the pirate world who won.”

“That’s why we have the current Draco!”

“The group of people who won at the beginning should be the ancestors of the Draco, the so-called 20 kings.”

Rogge suddenly had thoughts flashing in his mind.

These things, combined with the things on the inscription, were sorted out.

Although not necessarily true, Rogue believes that it is definitely close to the truth.

“So, that Aquaman, Heavenly King, and even Hades.”

“It’s all the power of the full-time hunter world?” Rogue immediately studied and guessed.

If the abilities of the Devil Fruit all come from the Heavenly King, and the Heavenly King is from the Full-Time Hunter Continent…

“But, it’s not a thought!”

Rogue’s gaze gradually froze, a little incredulous, but still guessed: “Could it be…”

“These so-called three ancient weapons come from the Dark Continent?”

Dark Continent!

It’s a no-go place for people in the full-time hunter world.

That’s the outer world of the world for hunters!

Not only is it vast and infinite, but it is also full of crises.

Various “alien humans” lived there, according to ancient books and ruins.

Whenever human beings set foot on the ground, great disasters befall the earth.

Therefore, the five continents of modern times concluded an inviolable treaty more than 200 years ago.

If you want to cross the border to the Dark Continent, you need to negotiate with the subhuman “leader” summoned by the gatekeeper.

In the original work, the world where Xiaojie and others live is on the huge lake Mobius in the middle of the dark continent.

According to statistics, 149 humans have sailed to the outer continents.

Of those who survived, only 28 returned.

It is rumored that once it is related to its road, various disasters will befall it.

This seems to be the “leader”, in order to show punishment, so that humans brought back the local special species from the New World.

“Could it be that Sea King and Heavenly King are also species of the Dark Continent?”

The more Rogue guessed, the more surprised he became.

If that’s the case, it’s a big secret.

“So Im, is it from the pirate world, or…”

Thinking of this, Rogue suddenly became solemn.

Now Im was killed once by him, and the bodies were destroyed.

It is difficult to be resurrected.

After all, Brook can be resurrected, at least with the body.

However, Rogue is not sure that the other party has no backhand.

People are old spirits, ghosts are old spirits.

After all, it is an old witch who has lived for hundreds of years, saying that there is no backhand, and Rogue himself does not believe it.

Of course, there is another possibility.

Although it was very low, Rogue still did not ignore it.

That is, the One Piece world, is it real?

After all, there has now been a dimensional door connecting the world of full-time hunters.

And the ability to read is very terrifying.

Whether there is a strong person’s ability to think can create a real world.

Even the power of the Dark Continent is even more terrifying!

For example, the terrifying power of Naniga’s desire to satisfy desire!

Isn’t it possible to create a real world?

It’s just that this idea, more paranoid and niche than the first one.

Rogue wasn’t very convinced.

Shaking his head, he didn’t think about it, but once again his gaze fell on the surroundings.

“There seems to be no one or animal here!”

Rogue unleashed the range of the life detector to the maximum and found nothing.

As if to thoroughly investigate, he quickly searched the island of greed.

In the end, no other people or creatures were found.

“Go back!”

Rogue shook his head and turned to rush in the direction of the entrance.

At this moment, he suddenly found that the broken bell that collapsed not far away seemed to have thoughts still on it.

And it’s a very strong grudge…

This also led to the fact that the big clock was already broken.

But still walking.

“Hundreds of years away?”

Rogue was a little curious and walked over to check it out.


And at this time, a prompt sounded in Rogue’s mind.

“Weapon fruit, is it going to mutate again?”

He was stunned!

Unexpectedly, this saw a broken clock, and there was a reaction.

[Your weapon is a real-time aerial bomb, and you have found a similar power of the same origin, and you have an epiphany]


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