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“God Lord, there are some huge buildings around here.”

“It looks a little broken, and there aren’t many clues.”

“But those buildings are huge.”

“Even the buildings of the giants may not be as tall as tall.” Jabba spoke.

Just those places. It’s a bit far from the stone monument here.

And scattered in different places.

So at first, Jabba did not take Rogue to observe, but went straight to the stone tablet.

Now that the stone tablet has also been read, he has also translated the content above to Rogue.

That’s why Jabba asked if he wanted to see the huge ancient building ruins nearby.

“Not going!”

Rogue did not have the slightest interest in the so-called ancient monumental buildings.

What he wanted to know was the secret about Im, why he lived hundreds of years.

After all, for immortality, Rogue has long wanted to get it.

For this reason, even began to look everywhere for the whereabouts of the fruits of the operation.

Although Rogue speculates that it is also possible that Im is using the power of the Heavenly King.

The ability to perform the fruit of surgery was used, and the ageless surgery was used.

But if that’s the case, the spellcaster will die.

Could it be that Im can perform ageless surgery on himself and not die?

This is Rogue’s speculation, but he also has no concrete evidence.

So now, he’s looking forward to entering the true core secret area of Ralph Drew.

Maybe there, there are answers to everything.

If he could get the secret of immortality, Rogue would be even happier.

“Now I’m going to go inside and check it out, and you guys are waiting outside.”

“Don’t run around!”

“Otherwise, if there is any danger, I will not have time to save you.” Rogue said to Jabba and Hancock and the others.

Immediately, he looked deep into the forest covered by thick fog in front of him, raised his legs and walked inside.

“Ghost hit the wall? Haven’t seen it yet! Rogue was full of anticipation.

Watching Rogue leave, Jaba muttered, “God Lord, maybe you can unlock this Ralph Drew’s secret!” ”


“My lord is so magnificent, how can it be difficult to get him!”

“He sees God!”

When Hancock heard Jabba’s words, he was immediately unhappy.


Soon, Rogue entered this fog.

“With my footsteps, I’m afraid I’ve already covered more than ten kilometers!”

Rogue did not turn a corner, he went straight.

“If, according to Jabba, the three-meter-long rope can’t be used up?”

The fog at the entrance is very thick, basically more than a meter away, you can’t see clearly.

And those thick fogs are also strange, no matter how it blows away, it does not move more than half a meter away.

Therefore, the way to get inside by dispelling the fog will not work.


Rogue took out his life detector sunglasses to see if there was life in them.

But this test, suddenly changed his face.

“All life?”

He was surprised to find that this weapon was filled with powerful life energy.

But Rogue looked carefully, but did not find the slightest sign of life in the mist.

“Could it be a nanoscale poisonous insect that the eye can’t see? Parasite? Microscopic creatures? ”

This made Rogue begin to guess solemnly.

If this fog is a living, nanoscale microorganism.

Isn’t it that now his body has been eroded?

“Where is it?”


Rogue found that the mist scattered around him, the life energy was mostly similar, but there was one place.

But it is very rich!

If he hadn’t brought a life detector, he wouldn’t have found it at all.

After all, the fog is all the same, and it is useless to see and smell domineering.

No one will find out at all!

But at this moment, in Rogue’s eyes, that place was like a light in the dark.

Very bright and conspicuous.

“Kind of interesting!”

Rogue’s eyes lit up, and his feet suddenly increased in speed.

It didn’t take long for me to come to the place where the energy of life was very strong.

“Underground palace?”

Rogue found that this was an entrance.

And strangely, inside this entrance, there is an amazing life energy exuding outside.

“What’s inside?”

Rogue was suddenly full of curiosity, thought a little, and walked on.

If it comes, it is safe!

He wanted to see what this Ralph Drew’s core secret was.

This is a step that even Roger has not reached!

“Did Im come out of here?”

“Or did she come in too!”

While thinking, Rogue went down to the inside of the entrance below.

This is not a small underground palace, and it looks a little old.

But it’s still new, which means that the construction process is good.

It’s just that it’s empty all around, and there’s not much to do.

There were even burning torches on both sides, burning all the time.

“These torches are actually burning all the time!”

“Could it be that someone has been here recently? Or did these torches burn for almost 800 years? ”

Rogue looked at these burning torches and was a little puzzled.

He did not find other people’s life energy data.

This means that there is no one nearby.

Then there are only two possibilities!

The first is that someone came here the other day.

So the torch here was lit and it was not extinguished.

The second is a bit exaggerated and bizarre.

That’s these torches, which started 800 years ago and have been burning until now.

Although the second one is somewhat bizarre and shocking.

But Rogue, more inclined, these torches really burned for hundreds of years.

Although it seems, it is an ordinary torch.

However, when Rogue looked closely, he still found it.

This torch burns less, and it will not become less.

“Isn’t it!”

“This violates the law of conservation of energy!” Rogue was surprised.

But I shook my head and smiled, this is the anime world, what physics did he say?

The Devil Fruit itself is unscientific!

“There is a door!”

Along the corridor passage, soon Rogue came to the end.

However, Rogue also found out.

This rich life energy flows out of this door.

Although elsewhere, life energy is also available.

Even the entire underground palace has a stream of life energy.

But behind this door, it is the most intense place.

“Is this the real secret of Ralph Drew?”

A smile appeared on Rogue’s face.

Adjust your breathing a little and walk straight in.


The palm was pressed against it, and his brows suddenly frowned slightly.

This is a stone gate, and it’s heavy!

If it is a person with little strength, I am afraid that it will not be able to push away.


Rogue pushed hard with one hand and jerked forward.


The stone door opened, and suddenly a rich life energy came out from inside.

The next moment…

A trace of shock flashed in Rogue’s eyes.


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