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The World Economic News Agency shocked the world with a news outbreak.

Once again, the headquarters of the Navy was destroyed, and all the high-ranking navy were killed.

Including Marshal Sengoku, as well as the five newly promoted Admirals General Akasuksky, Yellow Ape General Borusalino, and Pheasant General Kuzan.

and two generals Fujitora and Green Bull who have not yet had time to appear.

All killed!

The entire headquarters of the Navy was in ruins.

Dog’s breakfast!

In addition, on the other side of this news, in the same position, there is a news that shocked the world.

The Blackbeard Pirate Group and the BigMom Pirate Group of the Four Emperors were almost completely destroyed.

What’s even more shocking is…

These two things turned out to be the same person.

Lord of the Temple of Destruction in the Land of Wa, Rogue, who is revered as the ‘God of Destruction’!

For a time, the country of Wa, the Temple of Destruction, and the God of Destruction Rogue became names that made the whole world fearful.

Whether it is the remaining navy, or the pirates on the sea, they are a little afraid.


New World, Navy G-1 Branch.

“Is it? Did the Warring States actually choose to sacrifice in order to save the naval soldiers? ”

“In this way, he went down and saw the old guy of Kapu, and he was not faceless.”

Lieutenant General He, who had an older face, sighed softly.

“The navy has been abandoned, where to go in the future, you can choose for yourself!”

After Lieutenant General Tsuru finished speaking, he also left here.

She was also tired and it was time to retreat.


Great Route, a small town.

“Goo la la-la!”

“It’s you, I know, it’s not that simple.”

“Lingling, Lingling, how difficult that man is, you don’t know.” Whitebeard took a sip of the wine in his glass and spoke.

“Daddy, Tichy, this bastard is finished, and it’s really unhappy.” Marko said.

“Captain Marko, that bastard, it’s long overdue!”

“Yes, now that the Blackbeard Pirates have been wiped out, the Bingmom Pirates are left with a bigmom. I think it’s time for our Whitebeard Pirates to attack. ”

“Do you think that our Whitebeard Pirates need others to be so weak before making a move?”

“I didn’t mean that, just…”

“However, if you make a move now, you can save a lot of trouble, and it’s not bad.”


“I still have to thank that Rogue more!”

“People are gods of destruction!”

“Hahaha! God of Destruction? I think it’s very appropriate, this guy, wherever he goes, it seems that wherever he goes, he will definitely be destroyed. ”

“yes, and it’s bigger every time.”


The figure that everyone is paying attention to is driving a radar monitoring boat at this moment, sailing in the new world, a certain sea.

“God Lord, if nothing else, it is nearby.”

“It’s just the specific location, I can’t find it at all, it’s hard to find.”

“But I’m sure it’s definitely within a radius of tens of miles.”

Jabba looked at the simple sea map drawn in his hand, looked around, and said very seriously.


Rogue lay in his chair, Hancock and Perona standing beside him, waiting for him.

One person is peeling grapes, the other is grinding coffee.

“Try radar detection first!”

Rogue ate a grape that Hancock had peeled before standing up.

He turned on the radar and immediately detected it.


In this radar reaction, a special place was found.

As soon as the radar detection encounters there, it will disappear inexplicably.

“Jabba, that direction, try it with seeing and smelling domineering!”

Rogue raised his hand and pointed in one direction.

“God Lord, the sea area here is very peculiar, and it seems to be able to cover the domineering situation.”

“That’s why it’s hard to find!” Jabba said a little helplessly.

If you could use the domineering color of sight, it would not be so difficult to find in the first place.

After all, Captain Roger is domineering, but he is very strong.

“Is it domineering? It seems that Ralph Drew is indeed nearby! ”

“And just now the radar detected the place where the mysterious disappearance was. It was most likely Ralph Drew. ”

When Rogue heard this, his eyes suddenly flashed.

Since there is already speculation, and where it is likely to appear Ralph Drew.

Rogue no longer hesitated, and immediately controlled the radar monitoring boat, quickly driving towards that place.

A moment later, Rogue and the others finally crossed a sea area and came to an island covered by thick fog.

Looking at the island in front of him, Jaba suddenly became excited.

“God Lord, this is this place, this is Ralph Drew!”

After all these years, it’s still exactly the same place as when Jabba came here.


Finding Ralph Drooge also had a smile on his face, he was very curious about this place now.

“Is it the mysterious location where the Onepiece is hidden, Ralph Drew?”

Hancock looked around with some surprise, and Perona next to him was also curious.

Girls are naturally more curious, so a few people quickly landed on the island.

Jabba was in front, leading the way.

Although so many years have passed, his impression of this place is still very deep.

“God Lord, there is no danger here.”

“It’s just a moment after walking to the front, behind the place of the stone monument.”

“It’s the hardest place for Ralph Drew to get into!”

“That’s also Ralph Drew, the last core lot.”

“It’s just there, it seems to be blocked by something.”

“We couldn’t get in anyway.”

“If it weren’t for the stone tablet that recorded everything, I’m afraid we would have all come to this place for nothing.”

“But even on the stone tablet, there are many secrets.”

“But if you want to get the really core thing, you still have to enter it to get it.”

“It’s just that we couldn’t get in in the first place!” Jabba explained to everyone as he walked.

Soon, the crowd, led by Jaba, came to what he called the stone tablet.

“This is?”

At a glance, I saw a huge stone monument standing in front of me.

The material of this stone stele is similar to the historical text of the country of Wano.

And the font above is also the kind of font used.

Rogue didn’t know the above text, but fortunately Jabba had been in Wano Country for many years, and when he left Ralph Drew, he was curious, so he and Ota carefully studied this script.

I can also recognize what is written on it.

So Jabba began translating for Rogue sentence by sentence.

What is said above is basically the same as what Jabba said earlier.

So Rogue, there is not much interest either.

His real purpose was the layer of fog behind the stone tablet that looked a little strange.

Earlier, Jabba had said it.

The reason why they failed not to enter it was because this strange layer of fog blocked them.

According to the experiments of Roger and his gang, this fog no matter what method you use, enter it, and walk back a moment later.

It’s like hitting a wall!

Seeing that the domineering color is here, it has no effect at all.

Even if you tie it with a rope to your waist, after coming back in a circle.

The length of the rope turned out to be constant!

Simply put, you walk in with a three-meter rope tied to your waist.

It can even be wrapped around for a long time inside, but the three-meter rope has not yet been used up.

It is such a strange place that makes the people of Roger’s pirate group unable to break through at all.

Finally, he left here helplessly.


Rogue’s eyes lit up when he heard this, and he became excited.

“I’d rather see what is mysterious about this mist.”


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