(Ask for tips, ask for flowers)


“The seven generals of the rainbow, plus the Warring States, are eight general-level combat powers!” Rogue glanced at the number of people on both sides, and couldn’t help but smile.

The Navy, as always, likes to crush with numbers!

“Put away the ghost island!”

Since the other party has a vine tiger, then the fluttering fruit has no advantage.

This ghost island transformed Destroyer, but he likes the means of transportation.

If it is destroyed, it will be very unhappy.

“Yes, God Lord!”

“Obey the oracle!”

In the crowd at the rear, two people came out.

The one at the head was none other than Kiku Zhicheng, and I saw that he made a large ashlar again.

Bring down the rest of the people on the ghost island.

The other person, with a wave of his hand, appeared a large shroud.

This large shroud shrouded the ghost island, and in an instant, the ghost island began to shrink.

In a blink of an eye, it was covered by a large shroud, and finally put away by this person.

“Gee, this superhuman wrapped fruit is really interesting.”

Although Rogue is not the first time to see it, every time he sees it, he thinks this thing is still very interesting.


Suddenly, nearly a thousand members of the Knights Templar also fell.

Including Rogue, all landed.

Fuji Tiger’s gravity control is still very powerful, even if it is resisted by the power of Kiku Zhicheng’s fluttering fruit.

But I can’t bear it.

Just don’t be crushed to the ground in an instant.


Suddenly, a figure rushed towards Rogue and the others, and the speed was so fast that it actually brought a trace of arc light.

This is caused by friction of air and static electricity.

You can see how fast this is, it is simply amazing!

“50 times iron fist!”

The next moment…

A black fist the size of a millstone, with the light of thunder and fire, came in an instant.

“Not good!”

Lana, the new barrier fruit ability in the crowd, saw this scene, and her face suddenly changed.

“Strong barrier!” She quickly cast a barrier fruit and blocked in front of everyone.


The terrifying force slammed on the barrier, and although it did not break it, Lana’s face was white.

This blow actually consumed more than 70% of her physical strength.

If the next blow was still such a powerful attack, she couldn’t resist it at all.

After all, Lana is still young, and the time to get the barrier fruit is also short.

Although the development of this barrier fruit is simple, any devil fruit is linked to physical strength.

(This original book has been mentioned many times, not nonsense)

“Old man…” Long looked at this scene, his eyes suddenly turned a little red, and his inner emotions were complicated.

“Karp family boy, you just look at it, this group of evil people are all being killed today!”

“When they’re all settled, it’s time to judge you.”

“Let you see the final ending, this is the last thing I can do.” Sengoku spoke.

Dragon: “…”


Seeing his defeat, Karp’s face remained unchanged, and he raised his punch again and walked towards the barrier.

“Tie Hanhan…”

Rogue looked at Karp, whose face was numb and his eyes were stagnant, and he was also angry.

“God Lord, Kapu seems to be the ability of Momo Fruit, with his physical skills, the strength improvement is too right.” Jabba’s face was ugly.

The person they fought the most with the Roger Pirates was Karp.

Just the previous Karp, that pair of iron fists, and the terrifying domineering, already gave them a headache.

Now that Karp has become the ability of Momo Fruit, it is even more terrifying.

(Momo fruit, also translated as multiplying fruit, Mo Ji)

And the most incomprehensible thing for Jabba is that Kapu is obviously dead, and the corpse can still use domineering?

“It seems that [World Breaker] Bondiwald either died the last time I leveled the city.”

“Either they were killed by the Navy.”

“Momo Fruit is reborn!”

“And it was also obtained by the Navy, I don’t know what method, did it be used by Karp?” Rogue’s eyes flashed suddenly.

Although a little surprised, Rogue was not surprised.

The technique of using Devil Fruit on objects has long been mastered by the Navy.

Then for the use of corpses, also said in the past, there is nothing to be surprised about.

However, Rogue is too lazy to care about these, since it is an enemy, it is good to defeat the other party.

“Spread out, fight separately, and try to save your life.”

“When I solve them, you can leave.” Rogue said flatly.

He knew that either the Navy had captured him or killed him, or he had swept through the group.

There is no second option!

“Yes, God Lord!”

Everyone nodded, and they all understood that the current situation could only be like this.

There was that strange line blockade all around, and there was no way to get out.

Only those who defeat the navy and solve the fruits of obstacles can leave here.

However, if you defeat the navy, you will not be in a hurry to leave.

“Since the Navy has shown ‘sincerity’, then I can’t be too ‘rude’!”

Rogue’s horn was cocked, and suddenly a huge figure appeared in front of him.


This is Rogue, besides the Tsar Bomb Big Ivan, the most powerful means of attack.

Over the past year, he has continued to cultivate his physique, and he can easily control more than half an hour of combat time.

And this half hour, but it refers to the half hour that can be used at will.

It’s not like before, only seven or eight minutes, a little sprint C, put a little hot line, three or two minutes to shoot S.

Fight, not at all!

But now Rogue, within half an hour, can unleash his abilities wantonly, sprint and fight madly.

There will be no problems!

“This is also a weapon?”

When the Marshal of the Warring States saw Godzilla appear, he was immediately stunned and said with some shock.

This is a certain dragon ability of the ancient species of the animal line!

But how did Rogue do it?

Can weapon fruits also transform into animal lines?

At this moment, not only the Warring States, but also Sakaski, Borusalino, Fuji Tiger, Green Bull and others were also a little confused.

They are all capable beings and are well aware of the characteristics of the Devil Fruit.

Rogue’s thing is simply impossible to do!

“Could it be the Double Devil Fruit Ability?” They suddenly stared at each other and thought of a possibility.

Because this is not a precedent, Blackbeard Tichy, one of the four emperors today, is a double devil fruit ability.

Half a year ago, the other party became famous in the new world because of a big war.

In that battle, the Blackbeard Pirates almost destroyed the newly improved Don Quixote Pirates.

And from that family, he seized the ability of Sugar, a new member who had just joined the Don Quixote Pirates.

Childlike fruit!

In this way, Blackbeard turned out to be a rare double devil fruit ability.

And it’s terrifying!

The right hand is dark, controlling the enemy to lose ability, the left hand is childlike, and it becomes a toy when touched.

Invincible in close combat!

This also gave the Navy a headache for a long time, how to deal with the Blackbeard Pirates.

After all, Blackbeard Titch and Whitebeard Newgate are different, because the other party is not sick or injured, and is younger and more ruthless.

If this continues, I am afraid that in the next few decades, the sea will fall into even more terrifying darkness.

This is also the reason why the Navy and the World Z House are determined to go beyond this public execution and take down Rogue.

Because this will make the Navy ten times or a hundred times stronger in the future.

This time the plan must only succeed, not fail!

This is the original words of several of the five old stars of the world’s Z Mansion.

“It’s really a dangerous man!”

“He must be defeated here!”

The Marshal of the Warring States’ gaze swept towards Rogue, already treating the other party as a double devil fruit ability.

After all, how Godzilla sees it, it is not a weapon.

“Regardless of whether he is a double devil fruit ability, even if he is a little big, what about it?”

“It’s just a person with the ability of the animal line!” The red dog reacted immediately and roared at Rogue.

“Let me try what horror this terrible beast is.”

“The light of justice shines on everything, and I cannot see things, but it is also a blessing that I do not need to see the ugly posture.”

The vine tiger next to him stepped forward instantly, and the staff knife in his hand was unsheathed again.

“Gravity Skyfall!”


Suddenly, purple apertures rose up into the sky, and when it was close to the sky, the strange line suddenly cracked.

“There is a chance!”

“Go stop this from closing!”

“I’ll come!”

The people of the Knights Templar suddenly saw this opening and wanted to step forward to stop it.

Just before they could step forward, a huge black shadow pressed down.

“This is ???”

“Oh my God, the meteorite fell!”

Everyone was suddenly shocked, and they looked at the sky in shock, a little unbelievable, everything they saw with their eyes.

I saw a meteorite falling from the sky.

It was huge, not much smaller than the previous ghost island.

“Gravity fruit, it’s very convenient!” Seeing this, Rogue was also a little surprised.

He had always been curious about where the meteorite summoned by this gravity fruit was.

This is a little faster.

“However, just this one wants to deal with me…”

“Weaker!” Godzilla looked up, opened his mouth to be a radiation hot line, and blasted out.


The fiery electric light, stirred out, directly bombarded the meteorite, and in an instant, it exploded into smashes.

“God Lord is invincible!”

“God Lord is invincible!”

“Great God, I praise you!”

The people of the Knights Templar suddenly became excited.

Although it was not the first time they had seen Godzilla, the strength of this terrifying behemoth was too terrifying.

Every time I see it, I am shocked.

This is a divine beast that only a great god can summon.

After all, even if Rogue told them that it was Godzilla, a biological weapon, they would not believe it.

On the contrary, it is said to be the guardian beast of the gods, which is more convincing.

“Sure enough, those who have the ability to obstruct the fruit are always watching the battlefield.” Rogue looked at the sky.

Because the opening caused by the meteorite falling from the sky just now has been quickly closed.

However, these do not matter, Rogue had no intention of running away in embarrassment.

“Warring States, if you use these means, I’m afraid you won’t be able to take me.”

“Or let me destroy your newly built naval headquarters once!” Rogue looked at the Warring States and said flatly.


The Marshal of the Warring States suddenly looked ugly, and the other party was still as arrogant as ever.

Moreover, the other party even wants to destroy the headquarters of the Navy?

Thinking of the tragic situation of Marin Fandor, the fate of the advancing city, and the ruins that Marie Joa has not been able to cover up so far.

The Warring States were furious!

“Is this Rogue?”

“It’s really strong!” The green pheasant general looked at Rogue and suddenly showed a trace of shock.

He had long heard that the other party was a genius in the development of the Devil Fruit!

The weapon fruit in his hand has a terrifying power, and it has been developed with a terrifying power that is almost comparable to ancient weapons.

But now, the other party has been using the abilities of ancient species of animal lines.

And it looks very powerful!

“However, it is huge and afraid of the power of freezing.”

“Ice Age!”

A terrible cold current began to rise on Kuzan’s body, and he finally struck.

The terrifying freezing power instantly swept around and headed towards Godzilla.

Click! Click! Click!

The strong cold air wrapped Godzilla in an instant.

“Just like this, you want to freeze me too?” Rogue sneered.

Under the radiation from the body, the heat of the skin instantly heats up, and the power of freezing has no way to freeze Godzilla.

“Praise the Lord!”

“It’s too strong, even if several generals make a move, they are not the opponents of the God Lord, and they can’t hurt him in the slightest.”

“How can we, as members of the Knights Templar, lag too far behind? Kill! ”


The people of the Knights Templar, seeing that Rogue was so powerful, their blood was boiling, and they rushed to kill again.

They did not care at all, they had a 100-1 degree in the ratio of forces with the Navy.

“Let me come!”

Sakaski looked at everyone’s attacks, but they were all dissolved by Rogue one by one, and immediately rushed out.

He couldn’t bear it anymore, Rogue was so arrogant.

“Yellow Ape, Karp, Zefa, help me!”

At this time, Sakaski’s body began to frantically emit billowing black smoke.


“Sakaski, you actually want to use that move!” Hearing this, Borusalino glanced at it, but did not refuse.

And Karp and Zefa, who have become transformation warriors, naturally will not refuse.

In their minds, they already have command priority.

General-level instructions are still very high.

“Rogue, whether you are a monster or an ancient dragon, turn me into ashes!”

“In order to kill you, I have been studying the ultimate trick for months, so I will let you see it.”

Sakaski suddenly gulped.

The next moment…

I saw the red dog raise his fist, and a lava giant fist comparable to the size of a volcano suddenly appeared.

At the same time, Borusalino also flashed, and a flash of light instantly merged into the lava giant fist.

Immediately after Zefa came to the bottom of Sakaski, a terrifying flame instantly merged into it.

“Burning fruit?”

Seeing this, Rogue was also a little surprised.

He didn’t expect that Zefa was actually arranged by the Z Mansion of the World to burn the fruit.

At this point in time, Ace should not have obtained the burnt fruit yet.

“Is it any wonder that the general who was called the orange lion just now turned out to have obtained the burning fruit, the orange flame?”

Zefa’s ability was also somewhat unexpected by Rogue.

“In that case, Karp is the so-called Blue Whale General.”

“Blue whale, is it because the power is as strong as a whale?”

“It seems that the Navy and the World Z Mansion want to get rid of me, what a painstaking effort.”

“Unexpectedly, a red-orange-yellow-green-blue-blue and purple rainbow seven generals came out!”

Even Rogue had to praise the other party.

Just looking, bells and whistles.


After adding flames and burning light to the lava giant fist, it began to flicker.

Tumbling magma, shimmering with orange light.

Exudes powerful and terrifying power!

Gradually, this lava giant fist actually began to compress and become more and more condensed.

In the blink of an eye, it was reduced to the size of a truck.

The lava giant fist after condensation and compression was like fission magma.

Between the drums and shrinks, a terrifying red glow flashes.

“Karp!” Sakaski suddenly let out a low sigh.


A figure flashed, it was Karp.

I saw that his hands were shining, glowing with thunder and fire, and he didn’t care about the terrifying high temperature outside, and directly grabbed it.


Even with the flow of cherry blossoms to protect the upper hand, Karp’s palm still showed a slight burning.

But his face still did not have the slightest expression, his expression was numb, and his eyes were cold and emotionless.

“100 times speed fist bone meteorite!”


This magma compression ball, like a real meteorite meteor, frantically rushed towards Rogue.

Godzilla, to be exact!

“So strong!”

At this moment, even Rogue saw the horror of this move.

“Protector God!”

“Let’s go out together!”

“Stop this terrifying meteor attack!”

Everyone who was still fighting for each other was shocked when they saw this scene.

This terrifying attack, just the breath emanating, is so heart-palpitating.

Not to mention the terrifying power after the attack!

At this moment, they suddenly became a little worried.

“Ota Erdaoryu Taoyuan Ten Fists!”

“One knife God avoids!”

“Arrows of captive!”



“Foxfire Flow Bow Slash!”

Suddenly, all the people in the vicinity launched a crazy attack.

But these attacks did not have a way to bring damage to this terrifying magma compression ball, but enhanced the power above.

The flames were fierce and the heat was raging, like the roar of hellfire demons.

“Radiation hotline!”

Godzilla growled, spit out a hot wave at the beginning, and began to attack wildly.

For a time, the magma compression ball was impacted by the hot wire wave and froze in the air.

“Damn, if I can be stronger, I can help Lord God.” In the distance, Lana was pale and full of guilt.

She is a new barrier fruit ability, not to mention the terrifying range of the Asura boy that can cover the ghost island.

Even Mita’s attack, after a dozen times, was enough to exhaust her physical strength.

“I must become stronger!”

In fact, the people who thought so at this moment were not only her, but basically all the people of the Knights Templar.

They are all reflecting, they are all thinking so.

Even more so with Hancock!

“The concubine body is not able to help the master resist strong enemies, what else can the concubine body do!” She was in some pain.

“Second grandfather!”

Luffy, who had just blasted a rear admiral into the air, suddenly exclaimed.

Such an attack is terrible!


“I still can’t help when I go back to this era?”

Luffy’s face suddenly turned hideous, his hair was upside down, like a flame, and his body exuded an icy chill.


At this moment, an earth-shattering explosion sounded.

A hurricane swept across the square, blowing people’s hair disheveled and their clothes hunting.

After a few moments, the smoke cleared and the wind stopped.

Everyone, looking towards the explosion, found Godzilla unscathed.

And in front of him, a ring-shaped huge pit appeared, but the position under Godzilla’s feet was unscathed,

“So strong!”

“Is this [Destroyer]?”

“It’s terrible, isn’t it terrible, such an explosion, no harm has been caused?”

“That terrible attack just now, without getting close, was destroyed!”

“Can we win?”

“Don’t be stupid, we still have seven great generals, we won’t lose!”

“Yes, justice will win!”

The originally somewhat decadent navy people, when they thought of their own seven admirals, they were immediately full of confidence.

“It’s worthy of Rogue, this pair of Devil Fruit development is really too strong.”

“Even Chi Inu and a few of them are reasonable, can’t they defeat him?” The Warring States suddenly showed a dignified look on their faces.

But deep under his eyes, a trace of regret also flashed.

Because the other party could have been the mainstay of the Navy, and even together with Karp, became unshakable

“Red dog, yellow ape, green pheasant, a few of you, don’t waste time.”

“Green Bull, let’s get started!”

“The last hole card!”

“Take him down directly in one fell swoop!” Sengoku looked at the battlefield below and suddenly spoke.

His face is full of confidence!

“The final hole card?”

Rogue’s eyes suddenly flashed, staring at the man in the crowd below, who had not said a word from beginning to end.

“Could it be the ability of the Green Bull?!”


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