(Ask for tips, ask for flowers)


The familiar melody made Rogue’s heart feel a lot more at ease.

[Your weapon fruit, found that you can’t even see through a simple conspiracy, suddenly hate iron is not steel, home calculator is infected, instantly embarrassed into anger, evolved into a murderous calculator]

The next moment…

In Rogue’s mind, prompts sounded, and information about this mutation also flooded into his mind.

“Murder calculator?”

Even if Rogue had long been mentally prepared, he couldn’t help but complain when he saw this strange item.

“The fruit of this weapon was simply renamed ‘Everything Changed’ and the fruit was obtained.”

However, to spit is to spit.

This time, the item ‘Lucky Calculator’ is still somewhat useful.

As it literally means, it is used to calculate the bad luck.


Rogue raised his hand, and suddenly a simple and small calculator appeared in his hand.

This seems to be no different from the kind of mini calculator that Rogue used in his previous life to be shipped for 9.9.

Scanning the buttons on it, there were only four.

They are ‘Ji’, ‘Fierce’, ‘=’, ‘C’.

“It’s simple!”

Press ‘=’ to test the probability of bad luck of the trip.

And pressing ‘Ji’ will prompt the probability of making ‘Ji’ higher and higher.

Similarly, pressing ‘fierce’ is a way to prompt the probability of making ‘fierce’ higher and higher.

The final ‘C’ is no different from a normal calculator, just a simple clearance.

“Is this for me to test the murderer and choose whether to go or not?”

Rogue looked at the calculator in his hand and shook his head helplessly.

“My Lord, what is this thing?”

Hancock saw the calculator in Rogue’s hand and was a little curious.

I’ve never seen this stuff.

The main thing was the words on it, which she had never seen.

Because it’s Chinese!

“It’s just a prop!”

Rogue waved his hand, and then pressed the ‘=’ key.


Next some…

“Ji 66.67%, fierce 33.33%”

I saw a line of small print appear on the display screen of this calculator.

“It’s not that dangerous!” Rogue still trusts the ‘Murderer Calculator’.

Without the slightest hesitation, he directly pressed the ‘Ji’ key.



On the display screen of the Ji Murder calculator, the word ‘rainbow’ suddenly appeared.


Rogue was stunned, not understanding what this meant.

He also thought that there would be a very detailed plan, copywriting and other things.

But I didn’t think of it, just a ‘keyword’.

“This TMDNT weapon fruit, really can’t boast!” Rogue couldn’t help but complain.

Just said you have confidence in it, just play this?

Weapon fruit: “…”

There was no way, Rogue had to press the “fierce” key above again.



I saw a prompt appear above, which left Rogue speechless for a while.

The “rainbow” just now already made him scratch his head.

Now, it’s a “DNA” directly.

“What is this TMD doing!”

So am I going or not?

He suddenly found that this auspicious calculator is equal to not.

“Luffy, tell me again, what will change in the future?” Rogue asked with a soft sigh and turned to Luffy.

He still had to see this matter in person.

In any case, the World Z House dug up Karp’s body and made it into a modified person, and Rogue still has to ask for an explanation.

In addition, from Luffy’s mouth, he also learned that there will be a big war in the future.

Even his only daughter, whom he had never met, died in that battle.

And he was forced to use a space-time bomb to freeze the entire country of Wano.

The future that has caused such a tragic situation is likely to be the next journey.

Then Rogue, it is even more impossible to avoid it.

Sooner or later, you must take the initiative to occupy more advantages.

“Yes, Grandpa Rogue!” Luffy didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

Begin to tell Rogue about what will happen in the next ten years.

It is said that it is more than ten years, but it is actually what happened in the two years that Luffy went to sea.

Because before he went to sea, most of them were relatively ignorant.

And just like in the original book, he grew up with that group of thieves.

So whether it is eyesight, experience, insight, and hearing, it is much worse.

There are naturally not many things that can be told to Rogue.

But in the end, there is a little, plus Rogge’s own analysis.

He also ended up sorting out a lot of useful things.



The Destroyer finally came to the skies over the headquarters of the Navy.

It’s just that at the moment, the Destroyer is flying too high.

The people below can’t see them at all.

Rogue was also waiting, he wanted to see.

On the day of the public execution, what tricks will the other party play.

Time passes little by little…

A few days later, the time for execution finally arrived.


Immediately, under Rogue’s orders, the Destroyer also began to land downward.


Headquarters of the Navy.

“Sengoku, are you sure that Rogue guy is back?” Steel Bone Kong said to the Admiral Sengoku in front of him.

It’s just that at this moment, the Warring States, white hair and white beards, aged dragon bells, look as if they are twenty or thirty years old.

His face was full of vicissitudes.

“He, he’ll come!” Sengoku’s voice was a little hoarse, and he lowered his head and spoke.

“Sengoku, you don’t have to be like this, Karp is guilty, he deserves it.” Seeing the appearance of the Warring States, Steel Bone Kong said with a reprimand.

“Sora-sama, if it’s okay, I’ll leave first.” Sengoku did not answer, just turned away with some depression.

“This guy, it looks like you’re going to look for a new naval marshal in advance.” Steel Bone Kong looked at the back of Sengoku leaving and said.

He knew that Sengoku was no longer the one who only had the order of the World Z House in his heart.

The current Warring States are already full of doubts about the Z House of the World in their hearts.

This is not a good sign, nor is it the attitude that a marshal should have.

“Let General Sakaski in!” He dialed the phone worm and spoke to the people inside.

“Yes, Sora-sama!”

Soon Sakaski walked in from outside.

It’s just that at this moment, Sakaski, with two hands and one foot, are all prosthetics, robotic arms.

Even his face was blind in one eye and covered with a black hood.

The whole person looks very fierce.

“Sakaski, when this is over, I am ready to recommend you to become a marshal, I hope you will not disappoint me.” Steel Bone Kong looked at Sakaski and said.

Although Sakaski’s appearance looks very fierce, he is qualified to be the candidate and the person who most obeys the orders of the Z House of the World.

Steel bone empty can only be chosen like this.

As the supreme commander of the Navy, the first condition for a marshal is absolute obedience to the Z House of the World.

And after Sakaski was almost killed by Rogue and rescued, he was completely returned to the heart of the world Z House.

“Lord Kong, I won’t let you down, let alone the Z Mansion of the World.”

“My Sakaski’s life was given by the Z House of the World.”

Sakaski waved the robotic arm in his hand and said indifferently.

A trace of hatred flashed in his eyes.

At that time, Rogue had a hydrogen Q bomb and leveled the city, and he Sakaski directly fell apart.

It’s really close, and I can’t save it.

So hatred for Rogue has always been pressed deep in Sakaski’s heart.

Now, finally the opportunity has arrived!

“How’s the preparation?” Steel Bone nodded, very satisfied with Sakaski’s performance.

Only such a person is qualified to become the law enforcement organ of the Z government in the world.

“It’s all arranged, as long as he dares to come, he will definitely not be able to run.” Sakaski said a little coldly.

“Very good!”

“Go and prepare, this time, there must be no problems.”

“This will be the big day announced to the world by the Z Mansion of the World!”

“This sea, this world, is the Z house of the world!”

“Pirates, revolutionary troops and other sinners are all going to be sentenced to death!” Steel Bone Empty said.


A flash of excitement and bloodthirst flashed in Sakaski’s eyes, and he turned and left.

Blu Bru Bru ~

At this time, a small telephone bug rang.

“It’s me!”

The steel bone air connected to the phone worm, but the voice of the five old stars came from inside.

“Rogue is best captured alive, if it is really difficult to do, then try to preserve the integrity of the corpse.”

“After killing him, collect Rogue’s body and put it in that special freezer that was prepared.”

“And immediately let the yellow ape personally rush and send it to the new Mary Joa!” The voice of the five old stars was full of undoubted and absolute confidence.

It was as if Rogue’s life and death were already in their hands.

Actually, in order to capture Rogue, they were already prepared

“Yes!” Steel Bone Kong didn’t say much, just nodded very seriously.


Time passes little by little.

Naval headquarters, on the square.

A large number of navies began to appear densely, and this staffing was no worse than the war on Ding in the original book.

There are quite a few image phone worms that are ready.

In a moment, the picture of the Navy capturing Rogue alive, they will be synchronized to the whole world.

In addition to declaring the strength of the Z government in the world, this is also a means to restore the majesty of the navy.

And on the west side, not far from the headquarters of the Navy, a huge pirate ship is galloping towards it.

This pirate ship is amazingly large, and it is three times the size of a warship.

Above, there is a terrifying giant sitting.

“Captain Tichy, do we have to go? This time the navy publicly executed the leader of the revolutionary army, Monchi A. D. Long, it must be a trap for that destroyer Rogue, we don’t need to go to the fun! ”

A burly muscular man asked with some doubt.

“Bagers, according to Kathrin Butterfly’s probe, this time the Navy’s preparations are very terrifying.”

“Presumably they must be going to take down Rogue, although they don’t know what to do yet, but this devil fruit of Rogue the Destroyer, we want it!”

“Aren’t you not fruitful yet?”

“Hahahaha, this weapon fruit, how about it for you!” Blackbeard Titch burst out laughing.

The muscular man Bagers immediately became ecstatic.

“Roar, roar!! Captain Tichy, this is what you said, the fruit of the weapon, Lao Tzu wants it! Badgers roared excitedly.

“Now that our pirate group has no fruit, all that is left is you and the evil wolf guy.”

“This weapon fruit, but it must not fall into the hands of others!” Blackbeard Titch spoke.

A weapon fruit that made Rogue the Destroyer.

With such a powerful devil fruit, Blackbeard naturally would not give it to others, lest he be an enemy in the future and would deal with him.

“When we are about to arrive at the headquarters of the navy in a while, we will all disembark and let the evil wolves take us and lurk through the sea.” Blackbeard said.

“Diving again, Captain, those big fish keep biting me.” When the San Juan evil wolf on the ship heard this, he immediately said unhappily.

“After the matter is done, buy you 10 million Bailey’s desserts, it’s okay!” Blackbeard said.

“Oooo The wolf was excited like a child.


South side of the headquarters of the Navy.

A huge pirate ship is sailing rapidly, followed by dozens of pirate ships of various sizes.

Exactly the Whitebeard Pirates!

“Daddy, Monchi D. Long was executed, why should we go over? That’s clearly a conspiracy! ”

The man next to him, holding a plate of fruit desserts, came over, handed it to Whitebeard, and asked with some doubt.

“Goo la la-la!”

“Saatchi, I smell a trace of abnormality, the actions of the Z House of the World have changed a little.”

“This execution may be the beginning of a big change.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s gone, but I don’t know why, I’m always restless these days.”

“Goo la la-la!”

“Maybe someone is from the future, give me another hint!” Whitebeard drank the drink from the bowl in front of him and laughed.

“Dad, I see you’re drinking too much!”

“Never drink anymore!” Marko came over and took Whitebeard’s bowl away.

Whitebeard: “…”

Actually, he wasn’t kidding.

In the past few days, he has indeed suddenly felt uneasy and felt a trace of abnormality.

You know, his white beard has traversed the sea for decades and has experienced all kinds of battles.

But there has never been such a feeling of restlessness.

If Rogue is again, he will sigh that Whitebeard is worthy of being the plot stage of the original book, known as the ‘strongest man in the world’.

He actually has the ability to ‘whim’ similar to those super warriors in the novel.

Whitebeard felt uneasy, naturally because Luffy had traveled back in time and came to this era.

And in the future, the end of the Whitebeard Pirates is really miserable.

It’s just that now Ace hasn’t gone to sea, and this wheel of fate has not yet been put on the body of the white-bearded pirate group.

“That daddy, Rogue, the ‘destroyer’ of one of the Four Emperors, will he go?” Diamond Joz asked curiously.

With Rogue’s strength and insight, it should be seen that this public execution is likely to be a conspiracy.

If that’s the case, will the other party go?

“Goo la la-la!”

“I’ll go, because that guy is very arrogant!” When Whitebeard heard Joz’s words, he immediately laughed and said.

“And he loves revenge!”

His gaze looked into the distance, as if he recalled the transformation that rose in the battle of God’s Canyon.

Like a giant star, rising and shimmering on this sea.


And on the east side of the naval headquarters, dozens of cake boats are rushing towards this side.

A luxurious pastry boat far larger than the other cake boats, traveling in the middle, surrounded and protected by cake boats.

This big ship is the main ship of the Bigmom Pirates, the Queen Chanting.

“Mom, why are we coming here, the leader of the revolutionary army, Monchi D. Long, we don’t have any friendship. Charlotte Bascardi asked with some curiosity.

“Stupid! The Navy executed Monchi D. Long, most likely trying to trick Y into tricking Rogue the Destroyer into appearing! Mother passed, also rushed at Rogue! Charlotte Nusteldi next to him said.

“Mummum, the Navy has prepared a very terrifying killing move this time, that guy in Rogue, he absolutely can’t stop it.”

Big Mom’s face showed a hint of pride.

She continued: “So we made a move and kidnapped him, it was the only chance. ”

“If you miss this opportunity, you won’t have a chance to catch him.”


“This time, I won’t let him go, the old lady wants to give him a child and inherit our two best bloodlines.”

“In the future, he must be the king of kings!”


I see!

When the people around heard this, they couldn’t help nodding, and immediately understood.

Several people’s eyes flickered slightly, thoughtful.



Rogue, who was on the throne, suddenly felt a chill in his body, and he couldn’t help but shiver.

“Is it going to catch a cold?”

Rogue shook his head, with his physique, it was really incredible that he would catch a cold.

“God Lord, the naval headquarters is about to arrive!”

At this time, Ota walked in from outside and said respectfully to Rogue.

“Then let me see what tricks the World Z Mansion wants to play this time.” Rogue got up and said.

It’s just that under his eyes, a cold light flashed.

“Those guys, if they don’t give a deep lesson, they always don’t have a long memory.”

“The five old stars are old and immortal, it seems that they are too comfortable.” Although Rogue knew that the king of the Draco was Im.

But most of the affairs in the Z House of the World are handled by the five old stars.


Headquarters of the Navy.

At this moment, there was already a sea of people, and nearly 100,000 elite navies surrounded all around.

And in the middle, on an elevated platform, Munchi · D. Long knelt there and was helped with his hands.


“I didn’t expect that one day, I would have such a high-standard treatment.” The dragon looked down and said with a self-deprecating face.

“If you know now, why bother.” The Marshal of the Warring States next to him looked at the kneeling dragon and was a little heartbroken.

He can also be regarded as having watched the man of the dragon grow up.

But he did not expect that he would eventually go to the opposite side of the Navy.

“What about you?”

“Even the corpse of the old man, don’t let go, is this what the World Z Mansion you believe in did?” Ryu raised his head and looked at Sengoku with a sneer.

This matter hit him hard.

When Karp died in battle, Long was very angry, which also led to the action of the revolutionary army in the past year, ten times faster than before.

He wanted to complete the big thing early, overturn the notice of the cruel World Z Mansion, and pull the Draco down the altar.

As for what the world will be like in the future, the dragon does not care, anyway, no matter how bad it is, it will not be worse than when the Draco ruled.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that a month ago, Karp, who should have died, suddenly appeared on the island of white earth.

After a big war, the revolutionary army suffered heavy losses.

The entire White Earth Island was swept away, and even the huge island was actually smashed to pieces by Karp’s fist.

He was even arrested.

But the dragon looked at Karp, who was made into a transformed person, and became painful.

For the first time, I was like a child.

“When this matter is over, I will resign from the post of marshal of the navy and go bring recruits.” Sengoku spoke.

“Huh!” The dragon just smiled and didn’t say anything more.

On the execution table, there was silence again, while the bottom was still busy and noisy.

“Do you want to use me to arrest him?”

A moment later, the dragon raised his head, looked at the sea of people below, and suddenly spoke.

“He is too dangerous, the Z Mansion of the World will never allow such a person to endanger the world!” Sengoku spoke.

Although Sengoku felt a little guilty and blamed himself in dealing with Karp, he faced Rogue’s affairs.

He is supportive!

That’s a dangerous man!

It must be eradicated, otherwise, it will definitely threaten the world in the future, and even become the biggest enemy of the Z House in the world.

After all, in the eyes of the Warring States, Rogue’s danger level is greater than that of the revolutionary army.

“Although he and I are relatives, it is not as good as you think.”

“He won’t come!” The dragon shook his head and said to the Warring States.

This sentence is the dragon’s thoughts, and at the same time his heart’s words.

He hoped Rogue wouldn’t come!

What conspiracy is there in the World Z House, Long is not very clear, but there is one point, he understands very well.

That is, the World Z House has mastered the terrifying technique of transforming people, and even corpses can be transformed.

In this way, the strong people of the Z House in the world will be terrifyingly strong.

At the beginning, Old Master Karp alone swept the entire base of his revolutionary army.

If such a strong person, come a few…

Who can resist?

Although he and Rogue have hardly walked around, Dragon still hopes that his second father (second uncle) will not come.

“When the time comes, the executioner will take the stage!”

The Marshal of the Warring States ignored the dragon, he raised his head, looked down, raised his hand and waved, and spoke.


Suddenly, two executioners began to walk from the side.

On the building behind the elevated platform, three tall men came out of the side door.

“It’s the new Admiral Pheasant!”

“That’s General Akainu!”

“And the Yellow Ape General!”

“I heard that the three major generals are all natural Devil Fruit abilities, and their strength is super strong and incomparable.”

“In the future, the Navy can straighten up!”

The navy below, seeing the three people who came out, immediately became excited.

These three people were originally vice admirals, but their strength was outstanding, and they ‘made great achievements’ in the last sweep of the revolutionary army.

Directly promote the admiral of the navy headquarters!

In this way, the Navy has 5 general-level combat power.

They are General Zefa, who resigned from his post a few days ago and earned a new soldier.

As well as the Marshal of the Warring States, and the three new admirals.

It’s just that they don’t quite understand why General Zefa resigned.

Otherwise, the four great generals will stand at one station, even if it is the strength of the four emperor-level pirates, it will be empty.

“Is it finally about to start?” The green pheasant looked down and said flatly.

“Oh, it’s really scary! I just don’t know, that man, will come again! The yellow ape said.

It’s just that his right foot is gone, becoming a prosthetic leg, and the left is also missing from the sole, replaced by a prosthetic foot made of Hailou stone.

Although there are many burns and scars on the face, it adds more majesty than the previous shoehorn face.


“As long as he dares to come, let that bastard know this time that my ‘Hell Devil Dog’ is powerful!” The red dog Sakaski suddenly said coldly.

He will never forget the shame and hurt Rogue caused him.

The former red dog has completely turned into a hell devil dog, waiting for the moment of revenge.

“That guy, is he really that strong?” The green pheasant general Kuzan did not fight with Rogue.

But the legend about Rogue has been heard a lot.

“It’s a terrible man!” Yellow Ape General Borusalino said with a light sigh.

Although Rogue also caused him terrible damage, objectively, he still admired Rogue.

Because the other party is really strong!


Kuzan was a little curious about what kind of man he was who actually dispatched the current formation.

As a naval admiral, he knew very well what a terrifying ambush Rogue would face if he dared to come.


The executioner took his place, and the cold blade was instantly placed on both sides of the dragon’s neck.

Crossed, glowing with cold, like a guillotine of life and death!


“Sengoku, I said, Second Father Rogue (Second Uncle), won’t it…” Long sneered and spoke.

It’s just that before he finished speaking, he saw a black shadow shrouded him.

Everyone looked up, but they saw a huge island falling from the sky.

“What’s that?”

“It turned out to be an island?!”

“God, how could the island fall from the sky!”

“What the hell is going on!”

“Don’t panic, there are three major generals and the Marshal of the Warring States, what are you afraid of? What a system! ”


Suddenly, the crowd exploded.

After all, falling an island out of thin air was too shocking and shocking for them.

Fortunately, in the crowd, those naval cadet officers quickly commanded and stabilized the hearts of the army.

“Fluttering fruit?” The Marshal of the Warring States frowned and said in a low voice.

His old rival, the sea pirate golden lion, the guy known as the flying pirate, once let the island fly.

“Oh, that terrible man is here!” The yellow ape quipped.

It’s just that his big simmer can’t help but shake.

“You’re finally here!” The eyes of the red dog were full of hatred, and even some gritted teeth.

“What kind of man is that!” The green pheasant general Kuzan was a little curious.


The island that descended from this descent is the Ghost Island, which is Rogue’s ‘Destroyer’.

When suspended hundreds of meters above the elevated platform, the ghost island finally stopped.

Rogue stepped forward, and suddenly a ashlar appeared under his feet, which was a square about thirty meters long and wide.

He walked up, followed by Ota and the others behind him.

Like a flying machine, the ashlar headed towards the elevated platform below.

This is Kikunosuke’s ability.

“Is that [Destroyer] Rogue?”

“Oh my God, it’s that horrible man!”

“Why is he here?”

“I heard that he is the cousin of Lieutenant General Karp, so that is the second father (second uncle) of this revolutionary army leader Long?”

“He is known as the destroyer, wherever he goes, he will be destroyed!”

“Afraid of what? Didn’t you see that we have three admirals of the navy, and there are marshals of the warring states sitting in town? ”

“Yes, there are three major generals, what are you afraid of!”

“Catch him and the world will be at peace!”

“Catch him!”

In the naval crowd below, they immediately whispered.

“Rogue, you’re finally here!” Sengoku looked at Rogue on the ashlar and said loudly.

“Second father (second uncle) of Rogue, you go quickly!”

“This is the conspiracy of the Z House of the World!” The dragon was also stunned, and then reacted, and couldn’t help but roar.

He really didn’t expect that Rogue actually came.

Although I was a little moved, I panicked in my heart.

Because Long knew that the World Government Z Mansion had really prepared a lot of terrifying means this time.

Although he is not very clear, it is definitely far beyond the layout of the original destruction of the White Earth Island.

As the leader of the revolutionary army, he could smell this.

“Shut up, you trash!” Rogue said very unpleasantly.

He thought of what Luffy said about the future, and he couldn’t wait to go up and slap him a few times first.

Monchi S. D. Long: “…”

“Rogue, this time you came, don’t think about leaving again!” The red dog was the first to jump out.

His hatred for Rogue is simply poured out of these four seas, and it can’t be washed away.


“This guy with prosthetic limbs, are you here to win sympathy?”

Rogue swept over, and when he saw the appearance of the red dog, he almost couldn’t help laughing.

Last time in the Advance City, the aftermath of the hydrogen Q bomb did not kill the other party, but he was killed.

It’s just that at the moment, he and the two of Borusalino next to him look a little miserable.

“You you you…”

When Sakaski heard this, his face immediately turned red, and black smoke involuntarily came out of his body.


“Gas, smoke?”

“This guy looks like he should be the new admiral, the God Lord is really powerful, and he actually made the other party angry directly!”

“Just this guy, don’t pee and look in the mirror, what kind of virtue is he, what’s wrong with the admiral? He even dares to be arrogant with our God Lord! ”

“What a poor fellow!”

The members of the Knights of the Templar on the ashlar immediately laughed.

“Presumptuous!” Sakaski’s lungs suddenly exploded.

Rogge is arrogant, even his subordinates dare to laugh at him as a red dog?

“Big Spitfire!”


The terrifying fist of lava, like a shooting star, a meteorite descends from the sky.


“Today’s young people are really not big or small.” Ota suddenly sneered, and the Yan Demon and Heavenly Feather Slash in his hand instantly struck.

“Ota Nikaoryu Momogen Shirataki!”


The terrifying slash instantly shredded the lava fire fist and scattered it below, and suddenly many navies were burned.

“Demon Slaying Plan, start!”

At this time, the Marshal of the Warring States raised his hand and said coldly.

“Demon Slayer Plan?”

Rogue’s eyes flashed, and a hint of playfulness flashed in his eyes.

Did the other party take him for a demon?

Moreover, sure enough, there was a conspiracy, and plans were laid out.

Buzz ~~~

The next moment…

This naval headquarters suddenly began to tremble.

Swish, swish~~~

Suddenly, thousands of lines came out from the square of the naval headquarters.

Its height surpasses that of Ghost Island!

In just an instant, the entire naval headquarters, including Ghost Island, was shrouded in it.

And these strange lines seem to be shining with a faint translucent light.

It seems to overlap, and it seems to be separated, which is very strange.

“Thread Fruit?”

Seeing this scene, Rogue suddenly raised his eyebrows.

This ability looks a bit like a thread fruit, but if you look closely, it seems different.

“No need to look, this is a superior superhuman barrier fruit that is more advanced than the sill-level fruit, the seam fruit, and the thread fruit.”

“With it, don’t think about going out!”

The Marshal of the Warring States saw Rogue looking at this strange line, and couldn’t help but speak.

“Barrier Fruit?”

Rogue raised an eyebrow, this fruit was a little interesting, and it was something he had never heard of.

“God Lord, I’ll try!”

Ota suddenly swung his double swords again and slashed out.

“Ota Nikaoryu Momogen Shirataki!”


The terrifying slash that was enough to smash the big Spitfire just now acted on this strange line, and it didn’t have the slightest effect.


The next moment…

This strange line has become thicker C.


Ota was stunned for a moment, a little surprised.

His slash, not only did not cut off the other party, but became the power of this strange line, nourishing it?

“Ota Erdaoryu Taoyuan Ten Fists!”

Ota immediately gritted his teeth, and the armed color domineering on his body instantly burst out.

Flowing cherry blossoms wrapped around C, double knife stirring!

In an instant, the cross flew out, and his whole person also followed Hou Mina, towards the line above.

It’s like a shooting star!

But the next moment, Ota’s attack still didn’t play any role.

Instead, that thread became as thick as a gate.

“Don’t work in vain, the defensive power of this barrier fruit is no worse than the barrier fruit in the superhuman line.”

“If you want to break him, you can only defeat the spellcaster!”

“But I won’t give you that chance!” Sengoku showed a hint of victory, and then waved his hand.


Suddenly, the corridor door on the side of the high platform opened.

Two people came out on each side!

“It’s hard to do!”

Seeing the four new people, Jabba next to him, his face suddenly sank, very ugly.

He had already noticed that the four people who came out were all general-level breathes.

“Karp, Zefa, Fuji Tiger, Green Bull!” Rogue also had a flash of surprise in his eyes.

He did not expect that the World Z Mansion had already recruited the vine tiger and the green bull more than ten years in advance.

And Karp and Zefa, the breath is a little not quite right.

Most likely, it is the transformation warrior in Luffy’s mouth.

“Has Zefa also been transformed by them?” Rogue was a little surprised.

But when you think of the other party’s character, it is also possible to offend the five old stars and be made into a reformer.

“Who are those people?”

“The blind strong man, it seems to be called a smile, is a newly recruited master of the Navy, look at their clothing, this is a breakthrough promotion to general?”

“No, all four of them?!”

“Look, isn’t that Lieutenant General Karp?”

“Isn’t he dead? How could it be here! ”

“Shh, don’t talk nonsense. I heard that Lieutenant General Karp was given to life by the senior doctor of the Z House of the World. Didn’t you see that it’s now a general’s costume? ”

“That’s great! When Lieutenant General Karp, oh no, it was General Karp who was rumored to be dead, I cried for a long time! ”

“Hahaha, me too!”

“The other guys, looking at the clothes, are they… Also all newly promoted generals? ”

“General Zefa, he has long been a general, and Lieutenant General Karp is also a general now, so it’s nothing, it’s just the other two, it’s not clear.”

“The other two are both out of the ordinary. Their strength is terrifying, like monsters. ”

“How do you know this?”

“When I first recruited the two people, I was the group of soldiers-soldiers who went out on the mission, and the assessment process of recruitment, but after reading the whole process, the other party was outrageously powerful, and the strength of the absolute general!”

“Doesn’t that mean that our navy is going to have seven generals?”

“Count the Marshal of the Warring States, eight general-level powerhouses?”

Terrifying, gasp for air!

In the crowd, they suddenly talked again, shocked and excited at the same time.

Because these masters, comparable to the generals with the highest combat power in the navy, are all people on their side.

These navies have never felt so safe and confident.


“This is the pinnacle moment in naval history!”

“General Akainu!”

“General Orange Lion!”

“General Yellow Ape!”

“Green Bull General!”

“General Pheasant!”

“General Blue Whale!”

“Wisteria (vine) Tiger General!”

“Seven general-level powerhouses, strike at you together, this is the most glorious moment in history!”

“Pirates or navy will remember all this!”

“Now, please feel the justice of the Seven Admirals of the Rainbow of the Navy!”

The Marshal of the Warring States sneered and raised his hand and waved.

“Rainbow Seven Generals?”

Rogue also frowned, five of them he knew, but this orange lion general, blue whale general…

Did it mean Zefa and Karp?!

These two people, he really felt that he was not related to the orange lion and the blue whale.

But no matter what, the combat power of these seven generals will not be fake.

“Have the generals of the three eras appeared in this era?” Rogue’s eyes showed a hint of playfulness.

World Z Mansion has also made a lot of efforts to deal with him.

“Gravity Knife Furious Tiger!”

The purple vine tiger general among the seven great generals smiled, walked out first, and quickly pulled out his sword.

He struck.

And it directly restrained Kiku Zhicheng’s fluttering fruit.

The ghost island suddenly shook and began to sink!

“God Lord, his strength is stronger than mine, and the Destroyer can’t hold it!” Ju Zhicheng’s face suddenly changed.

“What to do?”

The war of terror is imminent;

A mysterious conspiracy has been brewed!


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