(Ask for tips, ask for flowers)


“Biological weapons template turned on?!”

Rogue was stunned for a moment, not quite understanding what biological weapons this time the weapon fruit said.

Disease-poison? G disease – poison? T disease – poison?

But soon, the prompt in his mind continued to sound, and then Rogue understood instantly.

I saw that in his mind, echoing…

[Biological weapon template unlocked, one of the templates: Godzilla]

“It turned out to be Godzilla!”

“Could it be that the so-called biological weapons are…” Rogue’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he had some guesses in his heart.

The next moment…

A lot of information poured into his mind.


Hi, hot, shaky!

Even if Rogue has been numbed by the mutation and blackening of the weapon fruit.

But at this moment, I still can’t help but dry my throat.


Although he already had some speculation in his mind just now, when he really received the information.

I still couldn’t help but get excited.

Even a surprise!

He didn’t expect that the so-called biological weapons turned out to be those ‘monsters’, such as one of the templates that was just unlocked.


This is a terrifying monster with a body size of 100 meters, and it is definitely a terrifying ‘big-killer’.

Although looking at the information, Rogue knows that it is not the strongest Godzilla form, but its strength is still not to be underestimated.

In addition, according to the information, there are many templates that can be unlocked in this [Biological Arsenal].

For example, Mozilla, Ghidorah, Titan Great Ape, King Kong, Abyss Demon Mantis, etc., and for example-


This [biological arsenal] is like Rogue’s [Daily Department Store] and [Encyclopedia of War].

It is a database-like existence, with props and weapons in it, and many more.

It’s just that this [biological arsenal] seems to be stronger, and the conditions are more demanding.

Even Rogue is not clear about the conditions under which these templates are unlocked.

If he waits for him to develop it himself, I am afraid it will be too difficult.

“I’d better lie down and win!”

The weapon fruit unlocks, evolves, and transforms on its own, isn’t he fragrant?


Can unlock ‘biological weapons’, does this mean that ‘concept weapons’ and ‘space-time technology weapons’ will also be unlocked in the future?

It’s exciting to think about!

However, these are all for later.

Now the priority is to solve Moriah.

“Although the current biological weapon template only unlocks Godzilla, it is enough to deal with Moria!” Rogue said secretly in his heart.

This Godzilla, doesn’t have much skill.

In addition to the radiation hot wire and internal radiation, only combat remains.

However, in terms of Godzilla’s size and strength, hand-to-hand combat is also very terrifying.

And his defense is so strong that ordinary guided missiles and explosions can’t hurt it at all.

Of course!

Godzilla has countless evolutionaries, such as Red Lotus Godzilla, Frost Godzilla, Void Godzilla and so on.

According to Rogue’s guess, the template unlocked now should be the third generation of Godzilla.

Although it is much weaker than Red Lotus Godzilla, Frost Godzilla, Starry Sky Godzilla and other forms.

But against Moriah, it was enough.

This seems to take a long time, but in terms of time, it is only completed between the calcium carbide fire.

Moria’s big hand disappeared in a blink of an eye, and he wanted to grab the barrier fruit, as well as Rogue and the others inside, in his hand.


Rogue suddenly waved his hand, and the metal storm disappeared.


And beside the giant transformed by Moria, a terrifying giant beast appeared.

Exactly Godzilla!

“This is so much physical exertion!”

Although there are already some speculations in my heart, after conjuring Godzilla, the physical strength consumed increases rapidly.

“It seems that it can only last seven or eight minutes!”

This is the time that Rogue can maintain after all his current physical strength is exhausted.

“It seems that when it stabilizes, I must exercise my X physique.”

“The ability is getting stronger and stronger, but the physical strength is a little unable to keep up.”

“Moreover, there are also Han Cook, and there are more and more people from the Knights of the Handmaids.”

“If you don’t hurry up and exercise your body, your kidneys won’t be able to eat it!” Rogue couldn’t help but secretly say.

Of course!

Now is not the time to say that.

It is important to solve Moriah first, quickly end this battle, and take a good rest.


Godzilla suddenly roared, a terrifying cry, with ripples.

“What kind of monster is this?”

“Moria’s Shadow Fruit, and this ability?!”

When Ota and the others saw Godzilla suddenly appear out of thin air, they were startled again, and then their faces became even more ugly.




Can the other party still summon such a terrifying giant beast?

The terrifying body of more than 100 meters, at a glance, you can know that the power is amazing, and the skin like green stone represents the terrifying defense of defense.

Behind it were something like a spike, and the whole body was shining with cold.

Such an enemy looks even more shocking than the gigantic Moriah.

One Moria is difficult to fight, and now there is another terrifying behemoth, can this still fight?

“Lord Rogue!”

“Lord Rogue!”

Both Ota and Asura Boy looked at Rogue, their faces full of anxiety and unwillingness.

The Asura boy asked himself that in the face of the alliance of this giant beast and Moria, he absolutely could not be stopped.

And Ota was unwilling!

Have they all come this far, and now they have to find a way to escape?

Just one step away!

It’s just one step away!

After solving Moria, the country of Wano can restore its previous peace and happiness.

Even if the flowers are destroyed, it doesn’t matter.

As long as everyone works hard together afterwards, it’s okay, it’s not a big problem.

But now, are they going to run away with their tails between their legs like bereaved dogs?


“Don’t be nervous, this Godzilla is my weapon fruit ability!”

When Rogue saw the appearance of the two, he immediately understood what the two thoughts, and then raised his hand and waved, signaling them not to be nervous.


“It’s Lord Rogue’s weapon fruit?!! abilities”

“Its terrifying behemoth can also be called a weapon???”

“I’m not dreaming!”

“Could it be that I’m really old?”

Suddenly, Ota, Jaba, Hesong and the others all showed shocked looks on their faces, and looked at Rogue in disbelief.

Hancock, on the other hand, showed a very flat expression.


“A group of fussmen, is it worth being surprised that my Lord does such a thing?” Hancock said dismissively.

In her opinion, Rogue did not need to be surprised by anything.

Because Rogue is a god!

God, it’s normal to do anything.

“What kind of man is he?”

Little Perona looked at this scene, and deep in her heart, there was a ripple that had never been seen before.

“Remember, my Lord is a god, not an ordinary smelly man, and you will also be a person who will serve my Lord in the future!”

“To know humility, but also to give absolute loyalty!”

Hancock saw the look in little Perona’s eyes, and immediately said seriously in her ear.

“God… Is it? Little Perona muttered thoughtfully.


Although everyone was shocked, Moria, who was in the battle, did not have that time.

All this came too quickly.

Before Moriah could react, his palm, still rushing towards Rogue, happened.


Godzilla roared, then slammed his paw up and grabbed Moria’s palm directly.


Moriah was suddenly startled and looked at Godzilla.

Godzilla’s shape, you can see at a glance, it is definitely not easy to mess with.

“Animal Ancient Species Ability?”

Seeing this, Moriah immediately regarded Godzilla as an able.

Although such a large size of the ability person, he has not seen it.

But the capable, who is already strange, has a big man, and it is nothing.

If Rogue had known Moriah’s idea, he would have agreed with it.

After all, in Kaido’s original work, it is also the form of a green dragon of fish and fruit, which is not only huge, but also very thick and long.

“Who the hell is it?”

“Mitsuki Ota? Jabba? Neither, it can’t be them, is it the new powerhouse over there in Ota? ”

Moria’s mind suddenly thought quickly.

He wanted to know who the other party really was, and he looked strong.

“Think slowly!”

Seeing this, Rogue knew that Moriah thought too much, but he would not explain anything to the other party.

Time is precious!

He didn’t want to fight, and suddenly like Ultraman, there was a light alarm, and the energy was insufficient.


Godzilla, under the control of Rogue, suddenly grabbed the opponent’s head with a paw.

Although it is a weapon, it has simple intelligence because it is a biological weapon.

Rogue’s order is to destroy the enemy in front of him.

“Hey, hee-hee!”

“Even if you are the same age as Lao Tzu, our strength is different.”

“I’ve improved 2,000 times!” Seeing this, Moriah immediately burst out laughing.

At the same time, the other hand also waved over.

Obviously, Moriah is very confident in his own strength.


With a loud bang, the two clasped their hands together.

“Hey, hee-hee!”

“Do you want to compete with me for strength?” Moriah laughed loudly and pressed hard with confidence.

But it’s a pity that he underestimated Godzilla’s power!


I saw Godzilla’s body in an instant, and he pressed Moria over.

The sharp teeth gnawed towards the other party’s goiter-like neck.

“Shadow Armor!”

Moria suddenly panicked, and quickly turned the shadow under him into an armor and put it on his upper body.

He didn’t expect that the other party’s strength would be so great.


Godzilla tore and bitten, but he removed Shadow Kai, and by the way, even Moria’s skin was ripped off.



Moria did not expect that Godzilla’s power was so strong, and he actually suffered a loss in strength.

“But Uncle Ben is an ability, there is no need to fight hand-to-hand with you, an ancient animal species ability!”

He felt that the other party was an ability of the ancient species of the animal lineage, and his strength would be so strong.

And looking at it, it looks like the fruit form of the ancient dragon series.

Then he uses the skill and it does!

“Shadow Horn Gun!”

Thinking of this, Moria violently controlled the shadow and made a surprise attack from below.


The terrifying giant spear of shadows went straight towards Godzilla’s neck.

Apparently, Moria wanted to go directly through Godzilla’s head from the neck.

Take a skull and kill Godzilla directly.

“Although I look ugly, I think about Tingmei!” Seeing this scene, Rogue laughed.

His Godzilla, but a biological weapon, is actually not a complete Godzilla.

So, even if you are pierced in the head and die, it doesn’t matter.

Because Rogue can be summoned again!

It’s not much different from conjuring up a grenade, bomb or something, it’s just that it consumes more physical strength.

However, this Godzilla weapon, although not as intelligent as the real Godzilla wisdom, also has terrifying monster instincts.

The crisis of the Shadow Horn Gun, it immediately perceived.


I saw Godzilla open sharply, and a terrifying hot-hot light wave hot line burst out from inside.


Moria’s face changed suddenly, but they were too close at the moment, and there was no time to dodge.

“Shadow warrior!”

In a hurry, Moria can only use the fruit ability to replace himself.

But at the moment, his size is too huge.

And Moria has never been a shadow warrior in the ‘giant’ state, and he can’t do it as easily as normal.

The resulting note is Moria, and the head was directly bombarded.

In this way, it is very similar to the tragic situation in the original book, after the whitebeard was made by the red dog.

“There is even a release of light wave hotlines!” A look of shock appeared on Ota’s face.

With Godzilla’s size, the light and heat rays released are much more powerful than the shining fruit of the yellow ape.

“This kind of attack, the general level does not dare to resist it easily!” Jabba’s heart became more and more shocked.

He remembered Captain Roger, who invited Roger five times, and everyone thought that Roger was making a fuss.

Rogue is good, but it’s not worth Roger’s doing.

But now it seems that they are short-sighted.

This Rogue is simply ridiculously strong!

“Good stamina!”

Rogue instantly found that the physical strength consumed just now was very huge.

The original time of seven or eight minutes has directly dropped to four or five minutes.

“Speed to solve him!”

There is no need to waste time with Moria, Godzilla’s current strength, against Moria, is a sure win.

The temptation just now is over!


Godzilla let out a low roar, and his tail swept away instantly, directly like a mallet, rammed on Moria’s head.

It was like a big neck with a goiter, which was directly a sudden and almost broken.

But the next time, the shadow in Moria’s mouth flew out directly.

“No, come back soon!”

Moriah didn’t care to cover his head, and quickly covered his hands to prevent these shadows from flying out.

Otherwise, he will be beaten back to his original form at that time.

It’s just a pity that Godzilla didn’t give him time, and he spoke again.

“Radiation hotline!”

And it’s full power, crazy direct shot.




Moriah couldn’t laugh anymore, but he didn’t even have a chance to say more, and he was directly completely smashed in the head.


With Moriah’s huge body, he fell down with a bang, and the shadows in his body flew madly in all directions.

Moria’s body also began to shrink rapidly, and finally returned to its normal size, falling in a pool of blood.

And his zombie legion all crashed to the ground at this moment.

A large number of shadows, like rainstorm pear blossoms, shot into the sky, quickly returning to the body.

“Lord Moriah, dead?”

“Isn’t it!”

“How is this possible!”

“It’s over, the zombie soldiers-the regiment is finished! Moria is also finished, the pirate group is finished! ”


“The Moria Pirates are going to die!!”

“If you don’t run, you won’t have a chance.”

“That terrifying ability is still there, we don’t have the slightest chance, we just want to be able to escape from the country of Wano.”

At this moment, those who still have the Moria Pirate Group left, especially among the three plagues and four evils, there are only a few left.

He fled frantically towards the outside of the flower capital.

Even the mighty Moriah died, and they stayed, only to deliver dishes.

Whether killed, or taken prisoner.

None of them want to see!

“That terrible Moriah is dead!”


“Finally peace!”

“We can live in the sun again!”





Thousands of people in Wano Country, after accepting the return of the shadow, frantically rushed out of the dark corners, the underground of the tide-s, and the dirty sewer-water-tunnel.

They roared, shouted, and roared frantically.

“Thank you, Ota-sama! ~”

“Ota-sama is invincible!”

“Long live Ota-sama!”

The people below immediately cheered wildly, and some people directly knelt down and bowed.

“Gentlemen, it’s not me who rescues you!” At this time, Ota walked out of the barrier ball.

The Asura Boy used the barrier to build a huge high platform.

The crowd stood on top and looked at the people of Wano Country below.

“Ota-sama, what are you talking about?”

“That’s it, thank you for saving us!”

“Without you, we would never breathe fresh air and feel the warm sunshine again!”

“Yes, Ota-sama, you are like a god!”

“Everyone is very grateful to you!”

The people of the country of Wano below suddenly shouted loudly.

They are really grateful to Ota!

Those who have not been taken away from their shadows will never be able to experience how terrifying the darkness of fear is.

How desolate it would be if there was no sunshine.


“He is your savior!”

“Also a true god!”

Mitsuki Ota shook his head, bowed respectfully to Rogue, and then said to everyone.


“Who is he! Why is Ota-sama so respectful to him! ”

“Haven’t seen him!”

“Is what Lord Ota said true?”

“I can’t believe it, is there anyone better than Ota-sama?”

The people below were a little incredulous.


At this time, Godzilla, who had not disappeared, roared from the sky.

“It’s terrible!”

“Where did this terrifying monster come from!”

“Is it the monster that Ota-sama found?”

“It defeated that terrible Moriah just now!”

“Really? We didn’t see it just now! ”

Everyone remembered that there was also a terrifying Godzilla next to them, and they suddenly panicked.

Especially Godzilla’s roar, everyone was immediately frightened, holding their breath, not daring to make a noise, and in an instant there was silence and silence around them.


But the next moment, this Godzilla came to the edge of the high platform under everyone’s shocked eyes.

The huge head went straight down.

“What’s going on?”

“It seems that this monster was really summoned by Lord Ota!”

“Has Ota-sama become a god? Otherwise, how could he summon such a terrifying power. ”

When everyone saw this scene, they were stunned again and had some doubts.

When Godzilla’s head came to the high platform, Ota did not move, but bowed respectfully.

Rogue next to him, took a step and stepped on Godzilla’s head, Ding, looking down at the people of Wano Country below.

“I, God of Destruction, will henceforth control the country of Wa!”

The sound was not loud, but it reached everyone’s ears.


“He’s the God of Destruction?”

“It’s really God?!!”


“Didn’t you see that Ota-sama is so respectful? Surely it’s true! ”

“Great, we and the country of Wano are protected by gods.”

“No wonder even a terrible demon like Moria was killed, because it was the gods who made a move!”

A moment later, the people who were sent down all shouted wildly.

If he hadn’t experienced the Moria incident, Rogue would have been in more trouble if he wanted to control the country of Wano so easily.

But now, the people of Wano Country have a different mentality.

The dark days of being enslaved and suppressed by Moria were terrifying.

The life of losing a shadow is simply a nightmare.

But now, with a god as strong as Rogue to guard the country of Wa, they no longer have to be afraid.

“God of Destruction!”

“God of Destruction!”

“God of Destruction!”


Half a month later.

The capital of flowers began to be rebuilt, and an additional temple of destruction was created.

Since then, the country of Wano has abolished the daimyo and the shogun’s palace and replaced it with temple rule, and the controller of the country of Wano is the first temple pope: Boyahan Cook!

And Pope Hancock, directly belongs to the God of Destruction.

In addition to the pope, the temple has three major organizational components.

They are the Knights of the Temple, the Order of the Temple’s Handmaids, and the Temple Inquisition.

Among them, the Knights of the Templar, the first head of the Mitsuki Ota, is mainly responsible for the tasks assigned by the Pope, and is also the main force for the destruction of the Temple.

Due to the addition of Ota, the Red Sheath Nine Heroes also joined them.

To be precise, it was the Eight Heroes of the Red Sheath, among which Kanjuro, and the remnants of the Black Carbon clan who were hidden in the shadows and had other plans, directly let Rogue be destroyed.

His territory does not allow such a restless factor.

The Temple Handmaidens are relatively simple, they are all trained to serve the great God of Destruction.

The first head of the mission, which has not yet been determined, currently has Pope Hancock acting for the time being. And responsible for training and adjusting the members of the team.

Basically, Perona Jr., as well as the earliest Knights Templar who had previously belonged to Hancock, also joined in.

As for the Last Temple Court, it is specially used to punish those who break the law in the country of Wano, somewhat similar to the functions of the Konoha Police Force.

The director of the first generation is Jabba, who is already preparing to stay in the country of Wano to retire.

The two deputy directors are Hancock’s two younger sisters, Mary Gerud and Sandasonia.

And Rogue, who became a dispenser, is an expired god-like day.

It’s okay to teach Perona and the others, and enjoy X to be served by them.

The rest of the time is spent cultivating physical fitness.

Now that the weapon fruit is getting stronger and stronger, the requirements for physical strength are also getting bigger and bigger, if Rogue wants to use the devil fruit better.

You have to make your body stronger.


Time is like a white horse passing by, and the four seasons change, and the year whistles by.

The reconstruction of Wano Country has also entered the final stage.

The main building of the Flower Capital, the Temple of Destruction, has been completed, and Rogue has moved in.

The changes in this year are not big or small.

For example, little Perona, who has been successfully brainwashed by Hancock, has completed his teaching and became the acting head of the Temple Handmaids, taking care of Rogue’s living.

For example, the Asura Boy Boy did not wait for Rogue to let him commit suicide, but because of the excessive use of the Devil Fruit, he died three months after Moria was finished.

The new ability is the young and beautiful, but absolutely loyal Shandia female warrior Lana.

This made her sister Lachi envious.

At the same time, there are also many masters who have joined the Knights Templar.

And set up the temple intelligence department Skynet to specifically investigate the whereabouts of the demon fruit and increase the number of capable people of the Temple Knights.

And Rogue personally ordered that there was a devil fruit that must be obtained.

The fruit of Superman’s surgery!

In addition, Rogue is cultivating and enjoying, living the first stable ‘year’ after coming to this world.

This day.

Rogue had just finished cultivating, covered in sweat, and was soaking in the soup pool.

“This overlord color is really difficult to master!”

“Although I can already indirectly cast the Overlord color through the Overlord Color Gift Flower, it is more difficult to master than the armed color, and the spirit is not good at times.”

Rogue closed his eyes, but in his mind he was thinking about the overlord domineering.

The original Rogue is no longer domineering.

After all, now he has not only unlocked the encyclopedia of daily necessities and the encyclopedia of weapons and war.

Now the ‘biological weapon’ template has been opened.

As soon as Godzilla came out, it was a flowing cherry blossom, and there was no use for eggs.

He even had Ota and Jaba, as well as Hana no Goro, attack Godzilla at the same time.

In the end, Rogue’s physical strength ran out, Godzilla dissipated, and the three never fought Godzilla.

Instead, because of Godzilla’s radiation hotline, he suffered varying degrees of injuries.

No way, Godzilla’s defense, thick skin is comparable to gold steel, but it is much stronger than the defense of some ancient species of animal lineage.

And the power is amazing!

In addition, it belongs to a ‘weapon’, which is not afraid and painful, it can be called terrifying.

This makes Rogue’s domineering requirements even less concerned.

But Rogue asked Ota, mastering domineering, can increase the physique.

This made Rogue helpless.

I had to pick up the armed color domineering and the overlord color domineering, hoping to master it as soon as possible so as to strengthen the physique.

Arming the color domineering is simple, because he has already started.

So after 2 months of serious cultivation, you can successfully master it.

But the overlord is domineering, and it is not so simple to master.

It has been seven or eight months, and it is still the same as Duan Yu’s six-vein divine sword, and the spirit is not working from time to time.

Knock knock~~

At this moment, there was a sound outside the soup pond.

“My Lord, there is a newspaper, great you, may be interested.” It was Hancock’s voice.


“Come in and show me!”

Rogue slowly opened his eyes and looked at the door.

I saw Han Cook, who was dressed in a gorgeous costume, coming from outside.

And in her hand, she still holds a newspaper.

“Pope Hancock!”


“This is a lot more rhyme than the female emperor Han Cook!” Looking at Han Cook, who is becoming more and more temperamental and his figure is becoming more and more attractive, Rogue is stunned.

Especially these days, the temperament of Hancock’s leader has become more and more obvious.

In just a short period of time, she was already accepted by everyone in the country of Wano and regarded as the first person under the gods.

This charm made Rogue can’t help but be a little envious.

I couldn’t help but sigh that the sweet fruit with Han Cook’s natural gas field was really a perfect match.

Ordinary people can’t control it.

“Hancock, come and rub my back!” Rogue took the newspaper from Hancock’s hand and spoke.

“Yes, my Lord!”

When Hancock heard this, a hint of red flashed on his cold and proud face.


The fingers, which became more and more slender, gently rubbed on Rogue’s back.

“This Pope, how?”

Rogue squinted, enjoying the Pope’s scrub bath, which was a special taste.

“My lord, you know, the concubine wants to be by your side all the time, waiting for you!” Hancock suddenly said with some sorrow.

Actually, she didn’t want to be this pope, she just wanted to follow Rogue’s side.

“What you can’t get is always in turmoil!”

“But if you get it easily, and you see each other all the time, there will be no novelty.” Rogue shook his head inwardly.

He opened the newspaper in his hand and glanced at it.


But when Rogue saw the contents of the newspaper, he suddenly frowned, and his face became more and more gloomy.


A terrifying momentum instantly erupted from Rogue’s body.

“My Lord, you?” Hancock suddenly fingered and looked at Rogue with some shock.

Overlord color domineering!

Seeing the content of this newspaper, Rogue was actually angry with the overlord-colored domineering of the time and the spirit, and he directly burst out.

Hancock knew that this content would be of interest to the owner of Rogue.

But I didn’t expect it to be so strong.

“You’re looking for death!” Rogue’s eyes glowed with a hint of crimson.

I saw that this newspaper wrote …


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