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Apayado, the new temple.

One after another, curses came out from inside.

“Damn Sky God!”

“I actually used Sandora’s gold to build the temple!”

“Abominable, abominable, abominable!”

Anilu was going crazy.

Sandora, the land of gold, should have been able to unearth a lot of gold.

He had already planned to use this gold to build an invincible warship.

Ark Proverbs!

But I didn’t expect that when collecting gold, there would only be a little left.

By asking, he knew.

It turned out that the previous “god” Sky God Rogue.

All the gold of Sandora was used to cast the temple.

And the Sky Temple has been shot down by him into the Qinghai.

Most of the time I can’t find it.

In this way, the Ark Proverbs of Anilu are difficult to complete.

This made him very irritable.

“Only gold casting is worthy of my ark proverbs!”

“But now, there is no gold, and what remains is simply not enough.”

“Damn Sky God!”

“Count yourself lucky, you’ve been shot down into Qinghai.”

“Otherwise, I will definitely give you a taste of the horror of God’s sanctions.”

Anilu’s heart was immediately annoyed.


However, at this moment, suddenly a loud noise came.

With a slight tremor on the ground, a large amount of heat hit.

“What happened?”

Anilu was stunned for a moment, and suddenly stood up from his seat.

But his heart network did not work.

Nothing was heard at all, useful news.

It seems that the radio waves are affected by some kind of shock wave.

“This group of damn Diao people, did they do something meaningless!”

Anilu suddenly became angry and walked outside.

In his opinion, it must be these people from Apayado again, who want to resist.

In that case, he did not recommend using thunder means.

This time more, kill some people.

Anyway, this land of Apayado is limited.

If there are too many people, it is also a waste of resources.

However, as soon as he came out, he saw the four great priests under him, all lying miserably on the ground.

Two of them, their hands and feet were broken, their bodies were black, and there were no corpses.

It’s like being blown up like this by something.


Anilu’s face suddenly turned ugly, and he couldn’t believe it.

There are people in Apayado, with such strong strength?

In an instant, he could beat his four divine gates like this.

This can’t be!


At this time, Pierre’s cry echoed in the sky.

Anilu looked up and saw Gan Fore riding on Pierre’s body, excitedly dancing the knight’s spear in his hand.

“This waste Gan Faure, has become so strong?”

Anilu was stunned for a moment, a little unable to believe it.

The other party is a waste that even his 200 volts current can’t hold.

How could it be possible to defeat the four great priests in an instant and beat them so miserably.

Although in Anilu’s opinion, these four priests are also waste.

But everyone is much better than Gan Fore.

“Of course Gan Fore doesn’t have that ability, but I do!”

At this moment, behind Anilu’s side, there was a light mockery.

He was stunned for a moment, and his heart net did not find it.

Anilu quickly turned his head to look, but he saw a man looking at him with disdain.

And in the depths of the other party’s eyes, there was a flash of cold light that made him feel palpitations.

Obviously, the other party has a feud with himself!

“Who are you?”

But Anilu had never seen the man in front of him.

He was sure that he and the other party should have no hatred.

Moreover, he was able to perceive …….

The other party is very strong!

Anilu felt a hint of danger on the other party’s body.

With a heart net, he will not feel wrong.


“Who am I?”

“You smashed my temple and cursed me.”

“And said to teach me a lesson!”

“Why am I standing in front of you now…”

“You don’t know me anymore.”

Rogue looked at the idiot-like Anilu and immediately laughed.

“It’s you!”

“Sky God……. Rogue! ”

Anilu suddenly exclaimed.

He didn’t expect that the other party actually came back.

At first, he had asked Ganfort about Rogue.

The God of the Sky, in the Sky Temple, has not come out for almost 20 years.

Although outside, at that time, it was protected by a strange light curtain.

But it hasn’t come out for so long, and many people have some speculation.

Even Anilu felt that Rogue was probably dead inside.

Otherwise, if nothing else, how can someone not eat or drink for nearly 20 years?

Even, at that time, he bombarded the other party’s temple.

Bombarded it into Qinghai, and did not see the other party come out.

With this, it can be seen.

Although I don’t know what the reason is, the god of the sky may really die in the temple.

But now, the other party appeared in front of him.

And casually solved the four great priests, it can be seen from this.

This sky god is not a wasted name.

Maybe there really is some strength!

Especially in the other party, he felt a trace of crisis.

This was the first time he had appeared since he obtained the Thunder Fruit.

The other party will be his strongest opponent.

“What do you want to do when you come out now?” Anilu asked.

“I really haven’t stepped out of this fart big place, and I don’t see enough.”

“Is EQ and IQ not enough?” When Rogue heard this, he smiled.

“You blasted my temple to Qinghai.”

“He has occupied Lao Tzu’s territory again, and now he says to me, what are you doing when you come back?”

“What do you think?”

Rogue said amused to Anilu.

Could it be that the other party, a fool, thinks that he can’t invite him to eat and drink?


“It’s good that you’re back, I’m angry and have nowhere to spill!”

“Just let me kill you again to relieve the hatred in my heart.” Anilu burst out laughing.

Whatever he did the other party come back for!

Anyway, he Anilu is an almighty god, and no one can defeat him.

Absolutely nothing!

“30 million volts Thunderbird!”

Although Anilu has absolute confidence, he can also feel that the other party is definitely not weak.

Therefore, it was not tempted with a thunderbolt of several hundred volts.

Instead, it unleashed a powerful attack with amazing power right away.

I saw him banging the right shoulder drum, and suddenly a phoenix-type thunderbird roared out.

Go straight to Rogue.


Just when Rogue was preparing to perform, he had already drawn up a response plan.

Suddenly, a familiar prompt sounded in his mind.

His battle song sounded.

[Your weapon fruit hair dryer form has some comprehension because of watching the thunder fruit, and evolves into a wind thunder cannon on its own]

“Evolve into a wind thunder cannon?” Rogue was stunned.

He didn’t use a hair dryer at all, and he didn’t expect it to be able to have an epiphany.

I just don’t know what this wind thunder cannon does.

But a moment later, information about the wind and thunder cannon flooded into his mind.

Rogue’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he couldn’t help but snap his fingers.


This wind and thunder cannon is simply Anilu’s natural nemesis.

It is much more awesome to use than Luffy’s rubber fruit.

Its role is only twofold.

The first point is to absorb the power of wind and thunder.

And energy storage can be carried out.

The more absorbed, the stronger the energy storage and the greater the attack released.

The second point is to unleash a wind and thunder attack.

This echoes point 1, the more wind and thunder power of energy storage, the more powerful it will be.

If there is no energy storage, I am afraid that if it is true, I can only blow the wind, light a cigarette or something.

A weapon that seems to be very chicken.

But if you are against the thunder fruit of Anilu.

Or those with natural abilities such as storm fruits, wind and wind fruits.

He was so restrained that he didn’t know him anymore.


I saw Rogue, raised his hand and waved, and suddenly a strange hair dryer appeared in his right hand.

It says it’s a hair dryer, but it looks full of black technology.

The whole seems to be made of carbon fiber, but the edge seam is shining with a metallic sheen.

The place where the C-head should have been plugged in was replaced with a base.

This base can be snapped onto the shoulder.

It’s like the terrifying shoulder cannon in the Alien vs. Predator.


As Rogue snapped the hair dryer onto his shoulder, his eyebrows suddenly raised, and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

The switch of this hair dryer is not manual.

It’s brain wave induction!

That is, Rogue only needs to move his mind.

It can be controlled to turn it on and off.

Of course, today’s hair dryers are no longer ordinary hair dryers.


Wind Thunder Cannon!

“Kind of interesting!”

“It’s worthy of my devil fruit, this epiphany is good!”

Weapon fruit: “…”


Cracking sound…..

At this time, the terrifying 30 million volt thunderbird had already approached.

The terrifying lightning caused the surrounding air to dry up, generating a slight electrostatic field.

The surrounding temperature rose rapidly.

The light is faint and somewhat dazzling.

But when Rogue saw this scene, he didn’t move.

“Is this scared silly? It turns out to be the god of the sky, but that’s it! ”

When Anilu saw this scene, his face immediately showed a trace of disdain.

It seems that he has overestimated the other party a little.

But at the moment when this terrifying 30 million volt thunderbird, emitting a terrible birdsong and carrying the terrifying thunder and lightning power that shattered everything, came to Rogue.

A semi-circular translucent light mask suddenly appeared in front of Rogue.

The terrible thunderbird, after crashing into it.

It was instantly absorbed by it, and in a blink of an eye, it turned into a ray of thunder and lightning, pouring into the cannon port of the wind thunder cannon.


When Anilu saw this scene, his body suddenly trembled, and his face changed greatly.

The other party was actually able to absorb his thunder and lightning power?

“This is absolutely impossible!”

It seems that he does not want to believe this shocking scene in front of him.

Anilu quickly tapped the taiko drum on his left shoulder again.

“30 million volts thunder beast!”

Suddenly, a wolf-type thunder beast appeared again and rushed away.

With a roar, it seems that a single bite can blow up a hill.


Cracking sound…..

The terrifying power of thunder and lightning is still fierce, but Rogue is still so indifferent.

“Can the other party really absorb my thunder and lightning power?”

Looking at Rogue’s leisurely appearance, Anilu’s heart suddenly had a trace of doubt.

Especially the mockery in the depths of Rogue’s eyes made his dignity seem to be trampled on fiercely.


Without suspense, this time the thunder beast attacked.

It was still absorbed by the wind and thunder cannon, and it was easily absorbed.


Rogue suddenly glanced at the place where the wind thunder cannon showed the charge on his shoulder.

“These two attacks, the total amount of lightning absorbed, is enough 60 million volts.”

“This energy storage has only increased by less than 1%.”


“It seems that it has a large capacity!”

Rogue looked at Anilu and couldn’t help but raise his hand.

He gave him a thumbs up and then nodded down.

“The call is loud, can it be enough?”

“Are you trying to tickle me?”

“Sorry, I’m in a normal orientation, I don’t accept gay!”

“And you’re so ugly!”

Rogue looked at Anilu with a taiko drum behind him, a turban tied on his head, and a large earring dangling back and forth.

How to look, how is it a gay!

And most of the time, it is by that side.

That’s it, and I was kind enough to call myself “God” to him.

Big face!


Anilu’s lungs suddenly exploded, and a mouthful of blood almost sprayed up.

The heart hurts a lot, and the insult is also very strong.

“I don’t believe it!”

As if going crazy, Anilu suddenly raised his hand and slammed into Rogue.

“God’s sanction!”


The terrifying huge pillar of thunder light has a diameter of several meters.

In an instant, it fell from the sky, like a heavenly punishment.

Rogue had read Xiuzhen novels before, and he didn’t know what those thunder calamities of the monks looked like.

But it is estimated that it is probably similar to the current divine sanction.

But even so, Rogue remained unmoved.

Without the slightest nervousness and fear.

System production, must be a boutique.

Although I don’t know, whether he is a system or not.

But he was confident that the weapon fruit would not disappoint him either.


The huge pillar of thunder instantly slammed into Rogue’s head, Ding.

Just then, the light mask appeared.

Terrifying thunder penetrated it, but did not cause the slightest damage.

On the contrary, the energy storage of the wind thunder cannon began to increase from 1% to 2%.

“Shu…. Wear! ”

Rogue suddenly felt.

This Anilu is a good man, trying to help him store energy.

Anilu: “…”

“It’s not enough, some more jerk!” Rogue couldn’t help but speak.

When the wind and thunder cannon energy storage is full, it can be used as a killer tool.

After all, this thing does not consume his physical strength.

Completely passive!

Even when the power of wind and thunder is released, it is the power of energy storage, which has little to do with Rogue itself.

“Two hundred million volts Thor!”

Ani Road is furious!

Casting the strongest trick that he is not particularly familiar with.

I saw that on his body, a large number of thunder and lightning were frantically released.

Then all of them wrapped around his body, his body began to flash dazzling white.

The next moment…

Anilu’s body actually began to open up against the wind.

In the blink of an eye, he turned into an electric thunder giant.


“Rogue, I am the true god, the god of thunder who destroys all things.”

“Take the clouds and take the moon, control everything!”

“Why are you compared to me!!”

Anilu suddenly roared madly, his eyes full of unwillingness and anger.

“You’re just a superhuman powerhouse!”

“With the strongest natural ability, it is impossible for me to defeat you.”

“I am the only God!”


Anilu, who was in the form of Thor, suddenly waved his hand, terrifying thunder pillars.

Like a thunderbolt dragon, it bombarded Rogue.


But a lot of thunder and lightning, at the moment of contact with Rerog.

It is absorbed by the light mask and enters the wind thunder cannon to become the energy of energy storage.

“It’s useless!”

Rogue said flatly, but his eyes were frivolous, and he looked at Anilu with increasing disdain.

It’s like saying, “Come on, come on!”


In the face of this dignified provocation, Anilu seemed to be really crazy.

In an instant, the thunder and lightning seemed to be without money, and they shot out madly.

Rogue glanced at the energy storage display and saw that the energy storage value of this wind thunder cannon increased wildly from 2%.

In the blink of an eye, it reached the 50% level.

And the thunder and lightning of Anilu began to gradually weaken.

“Is it almost at the limit?”

Feeling the weakening power of thunder, Rogue’s face showed a playful smile.

A moment later, the energy storage of the wind thunder cannon has reached 70% of the value.

And Anilu’s thunder and lightning are getting lower and lower, and even the Thor form has begun to collapse somewhat.

Apparently it was Anilu, who was almost unable to maintain Thor’s state anymore.

The other party gasped, and his physical strength was almost at its limit.

Seeing this scene, Rogue suddenly bowed his corner and said.

“The power of thunder? I will too! ”

The next moment…

72% of the energy storage of the wind thunder cannon was blasted out in an instant.


A direct beam of light burst out instantly.

It’s as fast as a streamer.

In an instant, he bombarded Anilu.

At the same time, at the head of this beam, there is also a ball of light several meters in diameter.

Endless thunder power flashed inside, and it crashed into Anilu.

The other party’s body of Thor, which was about to collapse, shattered with a bang.

Anilu’s whole person was immediately shrouded in this ball of thunder light.

The crackling sound echoed through heaven and earth.


Only a scream was heard, which came out of the thunder.

The powerhouse of the Thunder Fruit, Anilu, the god of thunder.

Unexpectedly, he was hit by the full force of 72% energy storage of the wind thunder cannon, and he passed out with a bang.

However, Anilu is a Thunder Fruit powerhouse after all.

This terrifying blow, if it bombarded Apayado, would be enough to destroy the entire Apayado.

Now it only stunned Anilu Hong, and did not blast it into coke.

Gan Fore in the distance, seeing this scene, suddenly looked agitated.

Excited, he couldn’t even help but roar.

“Long live the God of the Sky!”

“The great sky god is invincible!”

The battle between the two is simply thrilling, which can be called a battle of gods.

This level of battle is simply unimaginable.

But the end result was exactly what he imagined.

Rogue, the god of the sky, has won!

From now on, Apayado will usher in the light!

On the patrol boat in the distance, Hancock and the others had already knelt down.

Even if they already knew that Rogue was a Devil Fruit powerhouse.

And they themselves, especially the three Hancock sisters, have also become Devil Fruit powers.

But they clearly knew the gap between themselves and Lord Rogue.

The difference between heaven and earth!

I didn’t see that Anilu, who was as strong as a god, was only easily killed in front of Lord Rogue.

The other party was attacking the whole time, but Lord Rogue just didn’t move.

It easily resisted all the opponent’s attacks.

At the same time, he dealt with Thor and defeated it with the power of thunder and lightning.

What a terrible power!

What a mighty divine power!

At this moment, Hancock and others were completely subdued.

They all knelt there, bowed their heads sincerely, and bowed down to Rogue.

For these, Rogue did not care at all.

At this moment, he came to Anilu’s body a few steps down.

Because, he has more important things to do!

That is…

Capture the Thunder Fruit!

When Ding went to war, Blackbeard captured Whitebeard’s shock fruit.

Rogue guessed, what method did the other party use?

Many people say that this is the ability of the dark fruit.

Some people also say that Blackbeard took fruit by the way, and after waiting to kill Whitebeard, the Shock Fruit was reborn in the nearby fruit.

Then Blackbeard takes the new Shock Fruit and can have the ability to Shock Fruit.

Rogue prefers the latter statement.

But he had a bolder guess on it.

That is…

That black cloth is not an ordinary black cloth.

Rather, it has the composition of sea lou stone!

The Devil Fruit will be restrained by the Sea Lou Stone, and the composition of the Sea Lou Stone on it can intercept the energy of the Devil Fruit.

Therefore, after killing Whitebeard, Blackbeard waited for the rebirth of the shock fruit, due to the blockage of the black cloth of the sea lou stone, it could not spread out, and could only be reborn.

And without fruit present, it can only be possessed by people.

It just so happens that Blackbeard has a special physique and can have two Devil Fruit abilities.

Therefore, the energy inside the Shock Fruit was naturally absorbed by Blackbeard.

The other party also became a double devil fruit ability.

This is Rogue’s guess!

I don’t know if it’s true, but Rogue can try it.

He had already prepared it, and he was stained with a black cloth of sea lou stone powder.

At the same time, a fruit is also prepared.

Because he couldn’t take two Devil Fruits, and he didn’t need a second Devil Fruit.

Weapon fruit: “No problem! It’s enough to have me…”

However, he wants to seize this devil fruit!

Soon, Rogue shrouded Anilu’s body in a black cloth.

At the same time, hold the fruit in your hand.

When he took out the Desert Eagle and blasted Anilu’s head with one shot.

The ordinary fruit on the left hand really began to change little by little.

A few minutes later, it was a very ordinary fruit.

It really became a devil fruit!

Although Rogue did not know this devil fruit, what it was.

But Rogue believes that he is the Thunder Fruit.

Looking at the thunder fruit in his hand, Rogue showed a hint of a smile.

His guess was right!

In this way, he can carry out the devil fruit hunt.

Collect all the devil fruits you want to get.

Then give it to his own subordinates.

For example, the temple maid group he is about to form.

There are also the current Knights of the Templar, which can increase their strength through the Devil Fruit.

At the same time, these devil fruits can better serve F. Rogue.

Isn’t the reason for becoming stronger to enjoy life better?

“Next, it’s time to go to Qinghai, find a place, and start rebuilding the temple.”

“Shall I get a new God?” ”


Headquarters of the Navy, Marshal’s Office.

Warring States looked at the people in front of him with a serious face, looking very solemn.

“Lieutenant General Tsuru is out of danger”

“But Sakaski and Borusalino are still in danger.”

“And probably crippled!”

“And this time, the genius scientist of the Naval Scientific Research Corps, Vegapunk, also died.”

“This makes the World Z House very dissatisfied!”

“World Z Mansion has decided to use the abandoned ‘Ragnarok’ and ‘Demon Regeneration’ plans!”

Sengoku said this and looked at Karp.

He didn’t speak, but the meaning was clear.

He was waiting for Karp to speak!

Because of these two plans, Karp must be involved.

Karp: “…”

The atmosphere immediately became solemn, everyone.

They all looked at Karp.


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