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“Space-time bomb!”

“Is it time stopping?”

Rogue has never been exposed to such a profound question, which involves the power of time and space, which is very mysterious.

If you talk about power, his ‘Tsar Bomba’ Big Ivan is definitely the strongest.

But now if you say mysterious, then this new template ‘space-time bomb’ that has just been obtained is definitely the first.

“This should be the only black technology in my arsenal!” Rogue said darkly.

It’s all involved in time and space, isn’t it still black technology?


Between raising his hand, a crystal bomb the size of a mill appeared in front of Rogue’s eyes.

“It’s not small!”

He also thought that since it was a bomb, it would be the size of a clock at best, and the size of a shoe box at most.

Looking at the ‘big guy’ in front of him, he shook his head helplessly, but he didn’t expect that it was so big as a mill.

The whole bomb looks like a carved work of art, and there are no yellow lines, red lines, blue lines like ordinary bombs…

Rather, the whole body is crystal clear, and it seems that there are some pale silver liquid Y-bodies inside, flowing along the maze-like grooves.

If no one told him the truth, Rogue would definitely treat this as a crystal work of art.

It’s hard to imagine that this is a horrific bomb.

“See how it goes!”

Rogue was a little curious and threw the bomb casually.

In front of him, there was a huge fish pond.

This fish pond has no bottom, and can directly penetrate from the sea clouds and fall into the Qinghai below.

However, this is not an engineering loophole, but Rogue specially asked people to make it and raise ornamental fish.

Some ornamental empty fish are also stocked inside.

So, Rogue threw the bomb into the giant fish pond to see the explosion.

If the power is too great, it will directly collapse the sea clouds under the fish pond and fall to Qinghai.

It will not affect this Sky Temple.


At the moment when Rogue threw out the bomb, the space-time bomb exploded.

A strange fluctuation that Rogue had never felt before instantly spread out from inside.

“I’m going, not touch??”

“It turned out to be a horizontal control bomb!”

Seeing this scene, Rogue was suddenly stunned, his face was a little embarrassed, and he didn’t have time to think about it.


Instantly transform into an anti-missile D-bomb armored vehicle!

Detonating a bomb at such a close distance, Rogue did not dare to try it head-on, the power of the other party was not strong.


The next moment….

A dazzling silver-white light, like seawater, instantly exploded, flooding the temple in an instant.

The people outside the Sky Temple also noticed this strange fluctuation, and they looked up and were suddenly shocked.

I saw a beam of light burst out from the temple.

In an instant, the entire temple, and even most of the temple, were shrouded.

“What happened?”

“There is something in the temple, go and investigate!”

“Is the Sky God angry!”

“What about the people of the Divine Guard, go and protect the God of the Sky!”

In an instant, the Sky Temple panicked.

But when people went to the temple where Rogue lived, they were horrified to find it.

A strange translucent barrier appeared here, which no one could approach.

Because once you get close to this barrier, you will fall into a state of time stopping.

“What happened?”

Gan Fore also arrived, and he had originally recruited four temple guard maids for Rogue.

I just saw a few suitable people, and the other party was very happy to be able to become God’s handmaiden.

But this time I came back, I saw such a strange and incredible scene.

“Great Priest, it’s like this…” Suddenly the people around him told Gan Fore all about the matter.

“Is it?”

When Gan Faure heard this, he was stunned, and then he was a little unbelievable, and quickly let people try it again.

As long as it is approached, the time of the approaching person will be stopped.

Even if it is pulled back, the other party is still in a frozen state, replaced by other empty island creatures.

In the end, Gan Faure came to a conclusion….

The surrounding time and space were completely frozen.

“Maybe this is the Great Sky God, who is engaged in some kind of cultivation!”

It all came too suddenly!

Rogue also did not give them oracles, Gan Fore and others, and did not know what to do.

“Divine Guard, stay here!”

“The rest of the personnel, just go about your normal life.”

However, after all, Gan Fore is the original ‘god’ and the current great priest, and his prestige is still there.

He quickly gave some instructions.


The years are like a shuttle, and the time is like an arrow.

In the blink of an eye, 18 years passed by with a roar.

On this day, the Sky Temple of Apayado came to several uninvited guests.

“What kind of person are you, who dares to trespass into the temple!”

A guard of the Divine Guard immediately stepped forward and questioned.

One of the bald men walked out and slashed the guard of the Divine Guard to the ground.

“We are under the command of Almighty God, the four great gods!”

“Now come here to take over the Sky Temple and become your new god!”

As soon as his words came out, several of the other people suddenly burst into laughter.


“Did you know that this is the temple of Lord Rogue, the god of the sky?”

At this moment, Ganfort rushed over, and a knight’s spear crossed over.

“Sky God?”


“Old man, you remember for Lao Tzu that in the future, there will be only one god in Apayado, that is, my God of Thor-”



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