(Ask for tips, ask for flowers).

“Cousin Rogue!!”

A moment later, Karp and the others finally took Izuru’s warship and returned to Marin Fandor.

But I saw Marin Fandor, who was full of devastation and burning endlessly, like ruins.

Karp’s face suddenly turned red, and he roared up to the sky.

He vowed to capture Rogue himself and send him into the city.


General Zefa sighed softly.

It’s a pity, such a naval genius.

And the marshal of the navy was empty, with a gloomy face and walked towards the marshal’s office that had not yet collapsed.

He wanted to report this matter to the World Z Mansion in its original form.

The destruction of the headquarters of the Navy was a major event.

After all, rebuilding Marin Fandor requires a lot of money.

This time the loss is even more astronomical.

All of these finances need to be funded by the Z Government of the World.

“Looks like it’s time to recruit another batch of new people!” The crane looked at the ruin-like Marin Fandor and sighed softly.


The battle of Marin Fandor, although the navy tried to conceal it.

But it was still discovered by the cutting-edge reporter of the Social News and Economic Agency, known as “PHS”, Morgans.

And it appeared in the newspapers.

After his careful interview and investigation, a lot of secrets were exposed.

For example, Rogue used to be a commodore.

Another example is Rogue, the current vice admiral, the cousin of the legendary naval Karp.

There is also a more bomberable news.

That is, the golden lion Shiji, known as the “flying pirate”, was also killed by Rogue.

This information is a little shocking.

But at the thought of it, Rogue was able to blast Marin Fandor into ruins.

And again, I thought, this is nothing.

It’s just that they are even more curious about Rogue’s strength.

How strong is the other party?

And in the face of Morgans’ news, the Navy did not choose silence.

In the end, a bounty order was issued.

Not only the first bounty was as high as 580 million Bailey.

And Rogue was officially called the “Sky Thief” by the Navy headquarters.

Thinking of the previous time, even the golden lion, known as the flying pirate, was killed by Rogue.

This makes people guess that Rogue is good at aerial combat.

In fact, the truth is because General Zefa remembered what Rogue said at the beginning.

From then on, the sky was my territory.

Hence the title of Sky Thief.


New world, somewhere in the sea.


“I knew that Rogue guy wasn’t an ordinary person.”

“He actually ran to Marin Fandor and made a big fuss!”

Roger looked at the newspaper in his hand and immediately laughed excitedly.

“I really can’t see it!” Renly was also a little shocked.

After all, they had seen Rogue’s combat effectiveness and ability before.

It’s not like someone who can do this kind of thing at all.

It’s just that they don’t know that now Rogue unlocks the war encyclopedia template.

It was more than 10 times more powerful than when they had seen it before.

In the past, Rogue could only barely contain the general-level powerhouse.

Now there is, it can match the destructive power of the general level.

It’s just that the comprehensive strength is not up to the level of a general.

“We can’t be too far behind, hurry up and find a place to supply and continue on the road!” Roger was suddenly full of energy.


Kukai, also known as the White Sea.

This is the zone located in the middle of Cumulus clouds.

At this moment, a fast patrol submarine 10 meters long and more than two meters wide was moving rapidly in the sea of clouds.

It was three days ago that it turned into an intercontinental missile and rushed straight into the sky.


“Before you know that you come up, you should catch a navigator first.” Rogue was a little helpless.

He originally thought that it would turn into an intercontinental missile and fly straight into the sky.

You can cross the Kukai and directly reach the white sea above the Kukai.

When he arrived at Kukai, he realized that it was not like that at all.

Moreover, it seems to be pulled by a strange force.

This makes an ICBM at a distance of 11,000 meters.

When passing through the Cumulus Cloud, it stopped.

“It’s a bit difficult now!” Rogue was a little speechless.

Wondering if I should go to Qinghai and start all over again.

This time be a little better prepared and catch a navigator first.

“Captain Kaido, why do you have to go to the empty island?”

“It’s a place that’s hard to find and doesn’t have much character.”

“And I’ve heard that they discriminate against people from Qinghai.”

At this moment, a familiar voice of Rogue suddenly came from not far away.

“Lao Tzu’s Devil Fruit has entered the last moment of the first stage!”

“It is necessary to use various ‘shells’ unique to Kujima for final physical strengthening.”

“As long as I complete this breakthrough, my body will be twice as strong.”

“At that time, with the domineering spirit that has just broken through, the strength can even be twice as strong!”

“At that time, I must go to Rogue to take revenge.”

“Not only do you have to humiliate him well!”

“And take his head to the Navy to receive a reward.”

“His bounty now is even higher than mine.”

“There are 580 million Baileys, and I only have 230 million Baileys.”

“Is the Navy looking down on me?”


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