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“Ruined a third?!” When the steel bone heard this, his face suddenly changed.

With a rub, he stood up from his seat.

“How many UFOs does the other side have?”

“How could it be possible to cause so much damage in such a short period of time!”

The Warring States next to him had a solemn face and asked in a deep voice.

“Warring States General, the other side only has one unidentified flying machine!”

“But the opponent’s firepower is very fierce.”

“The shells released are like we’ve never seen before.”

“It’s kind of like a cylinder, but it’s pointy.”

“It’s very powerful!”

“In addition to that, there are tons of strange bullets.”

“It’s also the size of a finger with a point.”

“And with very powerful penetration and explosive power!”

“There are officers who are good at the sixth style of the navy, even if they cast iron, they are still beaten into a sieve.”

“One of the rear admirals has already covered his arm with armed color domineering.”

“But a small bullet with a blast directly blew up his arm with flesh and blood.”

The navy inside the phone worm suddenly looked a little nervous and frightened.

At this moment, outside Marin Fando, it was like a hell on earth.

Fortunately, the number of dead and injured at this moment is still not too much.

These navies, seeing the enemy so fierce and so powerful, have such powerful firepower.

There was no rush to kill, but a place to cover and hide.

It’s just that Marin Fando, in this way, is completely exposed to the fire of the other party.

“Damn, who the hell?”

Marshal Kong suddenly got up and walked out with an embarrassed face.

He wanted to see which force it was.

How dare to be so arrogant!

In broad daylight, he dared to attack the headquarters of the navy, Marin Fandor.

Could it be that a new revolutionary army has appeared, or is it a sea thief as crazy as Lokes?

“Is it…”

Looking at the departing steel bone, there was a trace of deep worry in the eyes of the Warring States.

Unidentified aerial vehicle that no one has ever seen, powerful firepower.

This made Sengoku think of Rogue’s strange weapons in the battle of God’s Canyon not long ago.

Then this time the person who came, it is very likely to be him.

“Could it be that a bad premonition has come true?”

“If that’s the case, how could Karp let him go?”

As for Rogue defeating Karp, Sengoku absolutely did not believe it.

What’s more, in addition to Karp, there is General Zefa.

Rogue wants to easily escape under the combat power of two generals, it should not be so simple.

It’s just that the Warring States simply do not know the ferocity of the firepower of modern thermal weapons.

As well as Karp and Zefa, there is a poor information about Rogue.

They have too little intelligence.

Just like in the Hokage, when Jiraiya fought against Pein Six Dao.

It could have been so miserable not to die, but in addition to being killed by the plot to arrange death.

Another aspect of the main reason is that he has not mastered the six information of Paine.

Otherwise, if you don’t talk about the odds, at least five or five, it’s no problem.

“Could it be that Karp relented and let his cousin go?”

Thinking of this, Sengoku immediately got through to Tsuru’s phone worm.

And told her about Marin Fando.

Let her speed up her trip and go to Karp to ask what is going on.

“Hopefully it won’t be him!”

After doing this, Sengoku also quickly walked out towards the outside.



Another burst of rocket projectiles.

The terrifying explosive power directly turned the perimeter of Marin Fandor into ruins.

The terrible heat burned the sea around it.

Bursts of fire, black smoke.

“Only one-third of the physical strength left!”

Rogue, who was low in the air, glanced at Marin Fandor below, and suddenly showed a comfortable expression.

He was here, escorted to Advance City.

Naturally, we will start here and find the first field.

“Take a break, recover and regain your strength!”

He now has only a third of his physical strength.

If you use the Card 52 Black Shark helicopter mode, your stamina will soon run out.

So his body twisted for a while, returning to his normal form.

He wanted to give the Navy one last gift before leaving.


After turning back into a normal person, he immediately noticed that his physical strength was recovering little by little.

“It seems that after unlocking the War Encyclopedia form, my physique has also improved.”

Before this, Rogue’s recovery ability was definitely not so strong.

“It’s you!”

At this time, Marshal Kong, who drove out, as well as the general of the Warring States, saw Rogue, who had changed back to his normal human form.


The Warring States General shrank his pupils even more.

His bad premonition came true.

“Why are you here!”

“Where did Karp go?”

Since Rogue is here, then that is, something went wrong on the side of Karp and Zefa.

“Do you think I’ll tell you?”

Rogue Haozi looked at the Warring States General like an idiot.

“That’s it, you still mean to call a wise general?”

“I see you’re called mentally retarded!”

He came here and bombarded Marin Fandor.

The other party also asked such a childish question.

Did the other party treat him as a fool, or did the Warring States themselves make a show of amusement.

“You are presumptuous!”

The next moment….

In the flashes of golden light, a large Buddha appeared in front of Rogue.

“Great, it’s the Warring States General who made a move!”

“The Warring States of the Buddha are indeed powerful, worthy of the highest combat power of the Navy!”

“With the Warring States General, you can defeat this bastard right away.”

“Defeat him!”

“Kill him!”

The navies around Marin Fando immediately roared and roared when they saw this scene.

Rogue brought this disaster, it was like hell on earth.

Almost collapsed.

Now the Warring States General is out and everything is over.

In their opinion, admirals are invincible.

Definitely easily solve this damn Brigadier General Rogue.

Oh no, now it’s Rogue, the criminal.

“Rogue, you are guilty!”

“To General Ben, ambush!”

I saw that Sengoku suddenly raised his hand, and the big golden palm instantly shot towards Rogue.

Although it is not known why Rogue appeared here.

But as long as you take him down and interrogate him slowly.

For Rogue’s strength, he still knows something.

Definitely not his opponent!

Admiral, it’s not a decoration.

He has absolute confidence.

“Buddha no Sengoku?”

Rogue raised his head and suddenly revealed a sneer.

Just wanted to transform, but in my mind, the battle song sounded directly.



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