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The strong shelling made Rogue and the golden lion feel it at the bottom of the ship.

“Did someone attack the warship?” The golden lion was suddenly stunned and a little shocked.

The warship at this time, although not as powerful as at the beginning of the plot.

It has not yet gone through Vegapunk, several promotions.

But it is also much more powerful than ordinary pirate ships.

And the naval flag is still hanging on it, which is very obvious.

Ordinary pirates do not dare to strike at warships at all.

Even when you see a warship and want to dodge, it’s too late.

Not to mention taking the initiative to go up.

“Kind of interesting!” Rogue also felt a little curious.

I don’t know which unlucky ghost actually came to attack this naval warship.

You know, on this warship, there are two admiral-level combat powers.

Moreover, it is still Zefa and Karp who are at their peak.

Even if the future Four Emperors dare to come, they can only deliver dishes.

“Brother Rogue, I’m coming!”

At this moment, Rogue suddenly heard a familiar voice.

Shiji and Rogue in the cabin were stunned.

The owner of this voice, both people heard it.

It turned out to be Roger!

“Rogue, I didn’t expect this Roger, I’m very optimistic about you!”

“Twice invited you on board, you did not agree, this time you even dared to bring people to attack the naval warship escorting you.”

“It’s really courageous!”

“This guy is worthy of the man who defeated Captain Rox.”

“Earlier, he teamed up with that guy Karp to defeat Captain Lox, and I still looked down on him a little.”

“But now, I recognize him.”

“He qualifies to be my opponent!”

The golden lion suddenly couldn’t help but sigh.

Roger is a real man who has a good appetite for him.


But Rogue, he never thought that Roger would come to save him.

After all, he had already told Roger explicitly.

I will definitely not get on each other’s boat!

Even if he is locked up in the Advance City, he can’t be a navy.

But definitely not a pirate.

But I didn’t expect it, even so.

The other party still came to save him.

It can be seen from this that this man is also a tendon.

“No wonder, he has such a good relationship with Karp.”

“Perhaps, this is the resonance of a tendon man!”

This also made Rogue think of the guy Fire Fist Ace.

Perhaps the other party is so stubborn, it also comes from his father Roger.

In some ways, both of them are very stubborn.

In this respect, it is very similar.

But Rogue shook his head gently.

“Roger is afraid to be disappointed!”

Because Rogue will not be a pirate at all.

Even, he already had a preliminary plan.

After unlocking the Encyclopedia of War, he will leave the sea.

Head to the empty island.

When the time comes, dominate the entire White Sea and be a leisurely deity.

Isn’t he fragrant?

Anyway, in Rogue’s opinion, the most powerful person above the White Sea.

It is just a small boss in the early stage, and Anilu, the thunder fruit ability killed by the plot.

Rogue, on the other hand, has a template for daily department stores.

A lot of them are insulators.

So, on the restraint of the devil fruit.

Rogue is more powerful than Luffy!

What’s more, he also has a tracking-type Hailou stone bullet gun.

This will be a nightmare for the able.

Therefore, Rogue is not worried at all that he will not be able to beat Anilu.

As long as he solves Anilu, then the entire White Sea will be his world.

When the time comes, be a leisurely and invincible god comfortably.

Eat and drink without worry, and there are hordes of beautiful women.

When I was idle and bored, I went to Mary Joa to drop a few bombs.

“Oh, right.”

“I also have to collect famous chefs from all over the world, and all of them go to the empty island to cook for me.”

“Food, wine, and beauty are all in hand.”

What a quick thing this will be!

How uninteresting it is to follow Roger on this sea, fighting life and death.

He had no interest in the so-called onepiece.

“18 hours to go!”

Glancing at the countdown, the corners of Rogue’s mouth couldn’t help but begin to turn up slightly.


“Damn pirates, Roger, do you know what you’re doing?”

Karp was furious when he saw that Roger turned out to be a pirate group attacking their warship.

This is simply too arrogant!

In broad daylight, blatantly attack the warships of the Navy.

Are you a pirate, or am I a pirate.

Such disregard for the navy and ignorance of justice!


“Karp, I’m here to help you.”

“Your cousin must be heartbroken when he is sent to Advance City, right?”

“So, let him get on my pirate ship!”

“When the time comes, the heavens and the earth will be big, and they will be free.”

“Isn’t it fast!”

“This is much cooler than being escorted to Advance City by you.”

“How miserable it is to advance the city, I don’t need to say it, you know.”

“And much clearer than me!”

Roger burst out laughing.

He did not feel the slightest worry because the other party’s ship had an admiral and Karp, an old opponent, there.

“Roger, Karp is over to you!”

The deputy captain next to him Hades Rayleigh spoke.

“Just let me see, this new admiral…”

“How many pounds and taels are there!”


PS: I want to say that the friends in this book are all handsome, or they are all possessed by koi.

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