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“Wang Zhi, you bastard, can’t even beat a piece of waste?”

“And John, Newgate, Skee, you guys, what else to watch.”

“Hurry up and divide that eye-catching guy for me.”

“Could it be that such a trivial matter requires me to do it myself?”

Seeing this scene, Lockes in the distance immediately drank loudly.

His face was already covered with anger and gloom.

A waste was wasted for half a day without being solved.

This has made Rox, very dissatisfied.


“Karp, your cousin looks pretty good!”

Roger on the other side suddenly laughed.

Looks very happy!

Being able to make Rocks eat turtles, that’s for Roger.

It’s good, it’s friends.

“The captain is furious, hurry up and clean him up!” Silver Axe said.

“Lingling, hear no, the boss has already spoken, let’s go together.” Kaido picked up a slender mace beside him.

“Although so many people bully a person, some are not victorious. But we are pirates after all, huhahahaha. The golden lion didn’t care.

For him, it is better to step on an ant.

Does this still need to be considered?

“Goo la la, although I also want to fight this kid Rogue and see if he is stronger or weaker than his cousin Karp now.”

“But since you’ve all made a move, I’d better see the liveliness.”

Whitebeard, however, did not bother to join forces with them against a person.

If he wants to deal with anyone, he can just go up and single it out.

Whether he picks a group of other people, or a group of other people picks him.

It doesn’t matter!

“You lowly pirates, hurry up and release me, do you know who I am?”

“Navy over there, what are you waiting for? Come and save us, stupid fellow, come and save us. ”

At this time, three Draco who were unconscious not far away.

Two of them woke up.

Glancing around, regardless of the situation, he immediately shouted.

Not far from the three Draco, there were more than a dozen women of different ages and races.

Among them are ordinary people, there are fish-people, and even a giantess.

These women are all slaves of these three Draco.

“Lieutenant General Karp, those Draco-sama, wake up.”

“Shall we…”

In the navy, a rear admiral whispered to Karp in front of him.

He wanted to open his mouth to ask Karp if he wanted to save these Draco.

After all, there is a clause in the naval rules that regards the protection of Draco as the highest task.

“These fucking bastards!”

Karp glanced at the group of women in the distance, and a hint of anger flashed in his eyes.

But he was in the navy, and he was a vice admiral.

But there is no way to strike at Draco.

And as a navy, as long as the other party is not a pirate, he is not a criminal with heinous crimes.

He has a responsibility to save anyone.

Even if the other party is the Draco he hates in his heart.

Because Karp also knows that whatever Draco does, he will be forgiven.

Because they are the great nobles of the world, the “gods” of this world.


“Rear Admiral Kyomoto, you take the navy below the brigadier general and go to rescue the three Draco.”

“And the navy above the commodore, follow me to stop the Rocks Pirates and prevent them from going to make trouble for Major General Kyomoto.”

Karp thought for a moment and immediately gave the order.

Now there is no news from the Warring States General.

Then the highest rank present was Lieutenant General Thakapu.

And in terms of prestige, only he can command everyone.


At this moment, all the navies suddenly entered a state of readiness.


Karp let out a low sigh, and the whole person took the lead.

And his target is the strongest of the Rocks Pirates….



“Karp, you’ve finally made a move.”

“Do you want to join forces with me and solve this big villain first.”

“He’s your Navy’s number one bounty criminal.”

“Presumably, with your position, you will not give up this opportunity!”

Roger immediately laughed when he saw Karp’s move.


Karp snorted coldly when he heard this, but he didn’t object.

In fact, he himself knew that Rocks was very powerful.

Definitely a combat power at the level of a general admiral.

And the strongest one!

One-on-one, he may only be able to tie with the other party.

You know, although he is only a vice admiral.

But his strength, even if he is a Warring States general, is weaker than him.

So if you join forces with Roger, you may indeed be able to defeat each other.

But Karp still hesitated in his heart.

After all, he is a vice admiral and wants to join forces with a pirate.

It’s a combination of fire and water.

He also needs to think about it.

“Whew hahaha!”

“It seems that there is going to be a big melee, let Lao Tzu draw this first sword first!”

“Bladeless, chopper!”

At this time, the golden lion Shiji laughed loudly and suddenly made a move.

I saw the long sword in my hand and slashed it violently.


Suddenly, a terrifying sword qi rose up into the sky.

A golden horse that was more than a dozen feet in size hung upside down in the sky.

Directly towards Rogue, he rushed to kill.


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