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“Who else!”

As soon as Rogue said this, he immediately felt comfortable.

“No wonder in those film and television dramas, whether it is the male number one or the villain, they have to pretend to be a wave.”

“It’s really cool!”

It can be said that this is Rogue’s two lifetimes together.

First time loading such a large batch!

Or in front of the world’s top pirate group, the Rocks Pirates.

“Whew hahaha!”

As soon as these words came out, the straight and violent sea pirate king Zhi immediately exploded.

“Rogue, it’s just defeating a newcomer.”

“Is it so rampant?”

“Sure enough, just like that bastard of your cousin Karp, get carried away!”

Wang Zhi suddenly said with a hum.

A year ago, he had fought Karp.

Just one punch from the other party knocked him away.

As a result, every time they met, Karp had to say: Do you want to be sent flying again?

This made Wang Zhi very unhappy!

Didn’t think of….

Now his cousin Rogue turned out to be like this.

However, after defeating a newcomer, he dared to make a big fuss and say wild words.

Karp: “…”

Karp, who was inexplicably lying on the gun, suddenly clenched his fists.

If it weren’t for the unknown situation at the moment, he couldn’t wait to go up and punch Wang Zhi and fly again.

By the way, let Cousin Rogue taste his iron fist of love.

“As a naval officer, how can my cousin be so disregarding his image?”

“Arrogant and domineering, the villain has the will, like a ruffian, a social leader.”

The navy next to him did not dare to speak.

Actually, they just felt the performance of Brigadier General Rogue.

It’s still very cool!

Especially some recruits, they can’t help but get their blood boiling.

“I’ll go!”

When Rogue saw this scene, his face suddenly became solemn.

I saw Wang Zhi’s huge body more than a head taller than a white beard, wearing golden armor.

Dang Dang walked out.

Looking at the other party’s hand, the big sword was more than two meters long.

Rogue knew that the other party was a master of swordsmanship.

“It’s kind of bad!”

But the cruel words have been released, and now it is impossible to take them back.

And looking at Wang Zhi like this, it is not like saying “I’m joking”, the Lord can solve it.

Thinking of this, Rogue suddenly gritted his teeth.

Strike first!

Turning into a Hailou stone bullet gun, he immediately displayed the maximum number of shots.

Boom boom….

A series of more than a dozen bullets from the sea tower, like a cannon firing continuously, blasted out.

“No matter what special shell you are, Lao Tzu will cut it with a sword!”

Wang Zhi shouted loudly, and the long sword in his hand suddenly released an incomparably strong sword qi.

The next moment….

Above his long sword, there was a faint black light.

It’s just that this layer of black light is not solid enough.

Like this long sword, it is made of black translucent material.

“Wang Zhi, this guy, it seems that his domineering has made progress. It’s not far from the realm of black knife reversal! Silver Axe sighed.

“Goo la la, if Wang Zhi comprehends the black knife reversal, it can be compared with the beak knife in my hand.” Whitebeard is also interested.

“Newgate, just you guy who changed B, even if Wang Zhi comprehends the black knife reversal, he is far worse than you. How long has it been since he entered the Great Sword Hao? That is, among the ordinary great swordsmen, the level is just above. The golden lion didn’t care at all.

“Shi Ji, Wang Zhi is also good to you, his desserts are not less for you.” There is no need to damage him so much, we all know that you are the world’s number one swordsman. The black knife has long been successfully reversed and promoted from the black knife realm to the realm of bladeless chopping waves. John was suddenly a little dissatisfied.

“Lieutenant General Karp!”

The navies watching from afar suddenly became nervous.

One of the recruits was just excited by Rogue’s bold words.

“Brigadier General Rogue is in danger, shall we make a move?”

At this moment, seeing Wang Zhi’s hand, he couldn’t help but worry, and quickly asked Karp in front of him.


Karp glanced at Rocks and Roger, who were about to fight, not far ahead, and waved his hand.

The most important thing now is the battle between Rocks and Roger.

If Rocks wins, Karp alone will have to face the Rocks Pirates, as well as Roger’s Pirates.

When the time comes, with the strength of the Navy on their side.

It is absolutely impossible to defeat the terrifying forces that combine these two pirate groups into one.

And the three kidnapped Draco are dangerous.

Although he does not like Draco, he is a vice admiral.

He still has the responsibility to save these three Draco.


In an instant, more than a dozen Hailou stone bullets were cut off by Wang Zhi’s black knife.


Rogue couldn’t help but gasp.

“Even the Hailou stone bullet can be cut off?”

That’s too strong!


[Your weapon fruit, seeing the other party using the sword to attack closely, suddenly did not admit defeat and came up, and transformed into a watermelon knife on its own].

At this moment, a prompt sounded in Rogue’s mind again.

Rogue: “…”

People are black knives, you bring me a watermelon knife?


But the next moment, the prompt sounded again.


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