The Conquerors Path

Chapter 90: Date(2)

While my mother entered the changing room, I sat outside waiting for her to come out, it's them I hared my mother's astonished voice

"What's this?"

"What's wrong Grace?"

"This?, how can I wear this?"

Mom's words was filled with embarrassment and a bit of coltishness?

"What's the problem?, please can you please wear it for me today, I really think you will be beautiful in it"


I could hear mom's sigh as she agreed, it seems that leately she's been listening to my word's, I waited for a bit before mom emerged from the dressing room, seeing her I lost my breath for a bit

She was wearing a luxurious and exquisite black strapless dress with a transparent tulle draped over her fragrant shoulders, There were tassels on her skirt, which made her very eye-catching while walking

She let her long hair down, She wore two crystal cylinder earrings on her white earlobes, She was also the necklace I gave her hanging on her chest, it was not a problem since there were many duplicates on it's design

The already perfect long, slender, round-shaped, and fair legs, combined with the high heels with straps, even made mom's legs more attractive

I always knew that mom had a long slender and beautiful leg but it was always hidden due to her conservative dressing but now due to the skirt, it was finally in the open, adding the heel I gave her it only encahnted her long legs more

There was a blush on mom's face, she was desperately trying to bring her skirt down more, yet her blushing look along with her action seemed to make her more attractive, even though we were in disguise changing our looks, our body structure's still the same, not making any difference


My voice leaked from my mouth causing mom to look at me, she saw me in a trance looking at her, my eye's focused on her body, somehow seeing me like that bought a small sense of happiness deep within her

I stood up from my seat walking towards her, my eye's burning as I looked at her, seeing my gaze mom looked a bit uncomfortable as she twirled her dress shyly

"Don't look at me like that, don't you know who I am, it's not how you should look..."

Mom's word's trailed off, as I stood before her, I placed my hand on her face, my face had a serious look as I said to her

"You are truly a beautiful and amazing woman, I am sure that if you was not my mom, I would undoubtedly make you mine, to tell you the truth I am a bit jealous of father"

Silence regained after my words, as I looked at the trembling eye's of my mother, Grace's heart was currently beating loudly, her mind was a complete mess, she couldn't understand what's happening right now

Why is her son speaking to her like this?, why is her heart beating in joy of it?, why can't she get angry at it? and why the fucking hell does she deam of her own son?

I could see that mom closed her eye's before opening it again, she spoke again, yet a bit fo coldness could be felt from it

"That was a nice joke Austin but that's not something you should say to me, there's a line you just don't cross"

Grace no matter what in the end is a experienced grown woman, the previous situation's might have shaken her a bit but in the end she could draw a line, it was better this way

I wasn't suprised from mom's sudden outbreak, I knew that it would happen anyway, it's after all not easy to accept the feeling's I am trying to plant in her after all and I have a plan to fix that, putting on a startled expression, I moved back for now

"I am s-sorry, it seems that I was swept in the moment, It's just that you were so beautiful that I lost my focus for a moment"

My face was filled with embarrassment as I spoke, which earned another blush from mom, though she quickly hid it, after that silence remained creating a sense of awkwardness between us,

It's just then the attendant came back seeing my mom in her dress, her eye's lit up as she spoke

"Wow mam, you look beautiful in that, I can see that both of you are a good match for each other"

'Nice work!, I would surely handing you that extra pay I promised'

I gave a thumbs up to the attendant in my heart, after that mom went back to the dressing room to change her dress, there was a strange atmosphere between us as we got out of the shop, though I didn't mind it as my hands went to her's again

This time I could feel mom trying to resist harder but I held on unwilling to let go

"Austin let me go, I think thing's are getting out of hand"



Mom's voice was getting louder clearly displaying her rising anger, I looked at her face Before I put on a pitiful expression

"Please mom, just for today please go along with me, I promise that I won't go overboard anymore, it's been a long time since I saw you smiling like this, I just don't want to ruin today's date"

It took a few more coaxing from my side before I was finally able to get mom to continue with me, I smiled as I pulled her with me along the crowded streets, I spotted a cafe pulling mom towards it

"Why don't we have some cake?, I did my research and found the cakes here are good"

"Why not"

Mom smiled as she spoke, it seems that she had cooled down a bit, arriving in front of the shop, I requested for an outside seat, which had a good view, before moving forward I whispered some words to the server, before I took seat

"what did you say to him?"

Mom was curious as she didn't purposefully try to hear the conversation

"It's nothing, I just said him to deliver their shops, special product"

"Oh, ok then"

After taking seat we looked at the scenes around us as we continued to speak, our talks were casual and lax, reducing the pressure which had built up on Grace, it was during this time I spoke something serious

"Mom, do you miss father?"

My question stunned her, causing a melancholic look appear in her face, she wanted to deny it, before she hesitated and nodded her head

"Is that the reason why you haven't married again?"

"It's part of the reason, the other's that, my heart to in a way died along with your father"

Mother had a bitter smile on her face as she spoke those word's, I placed my hands over her's in the table, my eye's had a dreamy loving look as I looked straight into mom's eye's earning a bit of panic from her, my voice was extremely serious as I spoke

"Don't worry Grace, I am there for you, I will of course look after you, I will make sure that your are the most happiest woman in the world, I promise you that"

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