The Conquerors Path

Chapter 87: A Good Morning

Morning arrived at the Duchy, as sunlight feel into my room, I was sleeping soundly when I suddenly felt a sensation on my dick

A pleasurable feeling continue to assault my lower body, I could feel the hot breath of someone impacting against my dick, and a warm sensation was teasing my dick constantly

I opened my eyes with a half-expectant, half-unwilling expression, Immediately, a head of black hair entered my sight, her mouth was licking my dick as her naked breasts pressed against my legs


I whispered softly with sleepy eyes

"Good morning Austin Are you still asleep? Don't worry, I'll wake you up soon."

"Is it like this? the other maids said that men like it when a woman wakes them up like this…"

Her hands were moving up and down, stroking my morning wood and causing it to twitch from time in time, She then kissed the lower head softly and moved her tongue around it, I let out a grunt of pleasure and closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation

"Do you like it?"

I nodded and stroked her face, Her big brown eyes looked at me in anticipation and delight while her hand continued touching my morning wood

All my blood rushed towards my lower body, making my sword grow and twitch on Clara's hands, Clara's opened her eyes wide with a surprised expression

"Wow, it became even bigger. I wonder how it managed to enter inside me last time…"

I smiled wryly

"You are doing it wrong, Let me teach you."

I said and grabbed Clara's hands. Clara tilted her head a bit but cooperated with me, I then moved my hands towards her breasts and I started to grope and massage them softly


Clara closed her eyes and let out a moan, I smiled and continued massaging her breast slowly, pinching her nipples and kissing her mouth, after kissing her for a bit, I let go as I said her to continue

She first licked my glans, and with one fell swoop, she suddenly took my whole cock into her mouth, which surprised me as I didn't expect her to take in my whole cock like a meat stick

Her mouth almost took in 3/4th of my cock, and I wondered if her mouth was really that big, A couple of centimeters more, and she would have deepthroated my cock

Clara bobbed her head in and out as she took her own sweet time sucking my hot dick while stroking it with her hands

She sucked while tonguing my dick and stared into my eyes with a loving expression, Seeing her seductive face and feeling my cock being sucked in her hot and wet mouth, I got even more turned on and clutched her head

I didn't know whether I should be surprised or not as Clara quickly managed not to let her teeth scrape my dick, She didn't even take much time to get used to sucking my cock

Clara could taste some slimy and warm liquid in her mouth, which she already swallowed like nectar because of how pleasant and delightful its taste seemed to her

She couldn't believe that she missed such a tasty thing for all this while, But she was glad that from now on, at least she would be able to taste his dick as much she wants

Clara moved her mouth back and swirled her tongue around my glans, and tightened her lips at times, Her mouth moved a bit forward and gave a gentle tiny bite just behind my glans before sucking my glans

All this happened with so much gentleness that I almost wasn't able to bear it, I wondered how Clara was becoming an expert in this so fast

And the longer Clara played with his dick, the more I felt like I was being melted in a paradise of warmth, wetness, and softness

I played with her hair which had already come loose, and complimented her

"You are doing very well, Clara So good...Nghhh…"

Clara felt gleeful and more excited seeing my intoxicated expression, knowing that she was pleasuring me well, her pussy was already dripping again and became even hotter the more she sucked my hot dick

She made a suctioning motion and felt that my dick had suddenly becoming slightly bigger and throbbing

"I am going to cum…Unghhh…"

I groaned out as I clutched her head tighter and shot my load inside her mouth, Clara prepared herself swiftly and took in my warm sperm, and gulped it all down without hesitation. A wet strand of saliva stuck to her mouth from my glans as she took her mouth out to swallow

She stroked her lips with her fingers, collecting all the milk outside her lips and swallowing them, She didn't want to let my precious sperm go to waste

Seeing some of my cum and her saliva still dripping from my glans, she lovingly held my cock and licked it clean, She ran her tongue up and down my cock till the end of my dick and lifted my cock up to lick under it from top to bottom

"Oohhh...very nice…"

I let out a gratified groan while moving my head up just as she sucked at the base of my cock Clara saw his glistening balls and fondled them before starting to suck on them

It was as if she was sucking my balls into her mouth and bit them gently as she kept on stroking my hot dick, She pulled my balls upwards slightly with her mouth as she gobbled and nibbled on them like a hungry rabbit

My heart was soaring in ecstasy and love as Clara kept on servicing my balls, She also lifted my balls and licked underneath them before suctioning them into her mouth

All this simulation was making me dizzy, and my cock was only getting more vibrant, after licking and playing with my balls for a few minutes, she decided to take in my cock completely, this time with full determination

With reddened lips, I saw her mouth enveloping my dick again, and my brows raised when she grabbed my hips from under the bed and pulled me in, making my cock go deep in her throat


Clara made gagging sounds, but she didn't stop, and I didn't also stop her seeing that she was trying to get used to it, It was as if gagging didn't bother her at all.

I instead pulled her head in as my cock almost went down her throat, Within a couple of seconds, Clara got used to my cock deep in her throat and sucked it really hard, making me close my eyes, indulging myself in the amazing pleasure

'So fucking amazing…'

I inwardly howled as I felt the wet and slippery sensation in her mouth., even though she was gagging, she didn't stop, and I kept thrusting my dick inside her mouth as if I was really banging her mouth

I was almost having the same pleasure as if I was really banging a pussy and felt that I would be cumming any minute


Wet sounds from her mouth sounded out as Clara passionately kept on sucking my hot dick like a delicious sweetmeat

I was banging her mouth fairly deep, and when I felt like I was about to cum, I pulled her head closer and shot my load right inside her throat

Clara already swallowed most of my sperms just as I cummed, and there wasn't any need for her to swallow them herself

I slowly took his cock out and felt that there was still some cum about to come out. So I stroked my cock in a fast manner, and Clara saw more of my cum spurting out towards her face

I cummed all over her face, and Clara kept her mouth open as if she wanted to drink the rain of warm sperm showering on her, I tapped my cock all over her face as my cum spurted out

Clara took all the cum on her face and licked it all up before licking his hot clock clean as well

"Haaaaa.....that was amazing"

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