The Conquerors Path

Chapter 67: Smooth Walk

Just as I had called the demon appeared in front of me, the arrogance he had before had long since disappeared all that remained was pure hatred and despair towards me, the past strong looking demon disappeared, All that remained was an illusionary figure hanging onto his life

"Looks like you had quite the rough time"


Hearing my words the anger in his body exploded further, he just couldn't understand where had he gone wrong?, just what the hell is up with this human, are there more prodigies like him in the outside world?

"Look both you and me know that this world will only last for 2 more days, so why don't we call it a truce and let us go or you could risk you inheritance and try to kill us again, which you don't know will succeed or not"

"So you choose"

the more I spoke the more ugly the expression of the demon became, at the same time he couldn't understand how did this boy know about this world?

"Just what are you?"

"Just your normal teenage kid"

my answer only furthered the demons anger, but what could he do?, risk everything he left behind for a petty anger, while he maybe hotblooded he's not stupid, he became an imperial through rising through several corpses

And there were times when he had to bow his head, only when you survive can you seek revenge, seeing the changing expression on the demon I smiled, it's always a good feeling when you make your enemy completely helpless against you

"sigh, you win, get out"

As the demon made this decision it seemed that he had aged further, without even wasting a second he snapped his finger

And the next thing I know I am back outside the forest, looking around I saw Eleanor on the ground waking up, happy I ran towards her and kneeled to hug her only to receive a slap

Stunned I looked towards her only to see tears falling down her eyes and before I could respond she hugged me tight...I mean really tight

I could feel the tears running down my shirt and I could feel her shivering body, it's only then i realized that I must have scared her a lot

Without holding back I hugged her back tight, Eleanor went on to cry for a few minutes and at that time I could only respond to her with a few words

"I'm sorry"

We hugged like this for a few more minutes before she finally did let go, she took her hand and placed it on my face and looked directly into my eyes and smiled

The contradiction of her smile with the tears from her eyes was so beautiful that I went into daze for a moment and my heart beat only furthered from her words

"It's good that your fine"

Pure happiness could be felt from her words but then her face changed to anger, she directly pulled my ears making me scream

"Ouch....ouch....stop it teacher"

" dare to leave your teacher and even make her faint look at how I would teach you a leasson"

"I'm sorry teacher please let me go!!"

Since we had gotten out of the historic world it seems that Eleanor's power had returned so even if

I wanted to I could not stop her, with her power the poison in her body is gone for good

"I would forgive you if you do something for me"

seeing that I was remorseful enough Eleanor let go of my ears and demanded a request, it seems that she was not planning on asking how we had escaped, that helped me cool my head

I stood up and looked down waiting for her request, even now Eleanor was sitting on the floor but to my surprise she raised both her hands and uttered somthing that surprised me

"Carry me"

Hearing her words I was stunned for a bit, it's only then that i realized something, the Eleanor in front of me right now was not displaying the normal domineering side of her

Instead it was the look of a girl asking her crush for a ride, well that was from my perspective, though a bit bewildered, I responded with happiness

Bowing down like a butler, I put on a face of a knight who was extremely honored

"To carry such a beauty in my arms would be the most honorable thing in my life"

Hearing my response Eleanor giggled and without waiting for her to ask a second time i scooped her up in princess carry

Eleanor happily smiled and crossed her arms over my neck, then she placed her head on my shoulder

"Where does the knight planning on taking this poor women?"

leaning on my heart with a happy smile Eleanor looked towards me mischievously

"It would be my greatest honor to take such a beauty back to my home to treat her seeing that she's hurt"

"Oh?, then this poor women shall accept your grace"

Though a little doubtful, Eleanor nodded her head, seeing that I tightened the hold on her and continued walking

While we walked we stayed silent, only the sounds of birds and wind could be heard, while walking we didn't meet any beasts, I am sure that this was due to Eleanor

As I continued to walk we left the forest and came upon the village, without paying much focus, I walked towards a certain house within a hill

I had taken this house for rent when I came here, I had thought that maybe it would be of use, who knew that it did

The more we walked the lesser the people became, since the house was built for tourists who preferred peace, the place was very silent

Strangely as we walked no one paid any attention to us, it was as is we were invisible, all this while Eleanor had stayed silent, not saying a word

I climbed up the hill and reached the top, it was better to call the house as a cottage, it had only one floor and seemed decent enough to spend your time in, plus the veiw from the top was good to

I walked and reached the door and waited there I thought that Eleanor might finally get down but she didn't do anything

'How am I to open the door?'

This questing was soon answered, seeing that we had stopped Eleanor looked towards the door, after that she just waived her hands, causing the door to happen

'yup, what is a door to an imperial?'

Shaking my head I entered the house, what I didn't know at that time was that as soon as I had left the historic world a small crimson like flame fell from the sky

The flame looked extremely small and was similar to the one that Austin had used but what was different was the power it possessed

It slowly fell from the sky and fell into the historic world and before the demon could even scream the historic world was removed from this world

The demon didn't even know how he died....

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