The Conquerors Path

459 Chapter 459-Time To Be A Daddy.

After the date with Zelda, I quickly moved out from the War Council. As much as I would like to stay longer, there are still things I have to deal with. Plus, I have already informed the higher-ups to send the proposal for my vacation directly to Ralph. Since it's something that will affect the structure of the War Council, it will take some time before the plans I gave them can be implemented.

"So, how did the date go?" Ralph asked me as we prepared ourselves to go back. His questioning eyes looked at me as I spoke.

"It went well."

"Well, it had to after all the effort you put into creating the perfect date. Damn it, who taught you these techniques?" Ralph asked in a sullen voice, looking at me as if I were some sort of love guru. His expression earned a chuckle from me as I replied.

"Well, if you want, how about some tips to get some ladies?"

My voice was laced with fun, which quickly brought a pale face to Ralph. He desperately waved his arms around while speaking.

"Fuck no! Brat, I haven't forgotten the last time you tricked me! Fuck! That still hurts..." His face was the perfect picture of a husband in fear of his wife. Well, he had to be after the things that Athena did to him when I played the recording of him asking me for lady tips. Those were the times when I had a good laugh.

"So, do you have any plans for this girl?"

"Maybe..." I said as we went through the portal back to the base of DarkNight.

"I will be heading back to the academy. Tell Sister Athena that I will visit next week for the attack."

Hearing my words, the expression on Ralph's turned deadly as his killing intent leaked out.

"About time," he said, nodding his head. Giving him a hug, I moved out as Ralph's warning echoed in my ears.

"Be careful playing with different girls. Sometimes it can sink you."

"I know," I affirmed, returning back to my mansion. There, I used the orb to get transported back to my room in Babylon City. Upon arriving, I didn't immediately go to meet Mira and the others. Instead, I took out a cage from my dimensional storage where a cute cat lay. Taking Aria out, she soon transformed into a beautiful woman and jumped into my embrace, shouting.


I caught her body as she lay above me like a sleepy kitten. Her saddened eyes looked at me as she spoke.

"Sniff... I was scared! Why didn't you take me out sooner!"

She complained like a spoiled child, tears streaming down her face. Seeing her, I felt a little guilty as I slowly rubbed her head.

"There, there. Daddy is sorry. I just had things to deal with. I didn't forget about you," I said, to which she turned her green saddened eyes towards me. She looked like a lost puppy as she asked.


"Yes, how can I forget about my cute daughter? You are the love of my life, aren't you?" I spoke in a loving tone while playfully rubbing her nose. Doing this to a fully grown stunning woman who is the idol god of all mages was somehow making me feel good and weird at the same time.


'You shut up!'


Hearing my words, she gave me a stunning smile and jumped onto my body, tightly hugging me again.

"I love you too, Daddy!" she said with all her love, making the mana around us seemingly tremble with her delight.

'Sigh... this is going to be a pain in the ass to deal with,' I thought to myself. If she really did look like a child, perhaps I could have gone further with this play.


'You know that's not what I meant.'

Pushing off the system's remarks, I focused on Aria. In truth, dealing with her will be difficult. I already have a buttload to hide, and keeping her hidden would be harder due to the simple fact that her mentality is that of a child. It's impossible for her not to screw up somewhere. That's the main reason why I kept her locked up all this time.

God knows what she might do if left uncontrolled, and perhaps right now, I might be seeing the best way to deal with a lot of things just by using Aria.

"So, my sweet daughter, how about we go out?"

"Out?" she asked in an innocent tone.

"Yup, you know, change into your cat form, and we shall go for a walk."

"Together?" she asked.

"Of course, together..." I said, lightly patting her head. She liked it as she foolishly nodded her head, soon turning into her cat form and jumping into my embrace. Placing a small kiss on her cat head, I walked out of the room, coming upon Clara who was waiting for me. She smiled at me as she spoke.

"Hope everything went well."

"Everything did," I replied while walking forward and placing a kiss on her cheek. Her eyes lit up, which soon turned towards the cat in my hand as she asked.


"I will explain later," I spoke, my code words easily understood by her. She took a step back and spoke.

"Then I shall await your return."

"Good, also call up the others. We will be conducting a meeting soon. Things are about to get messy," I said. With that, I walked out of the mansion, maintaining my perfect looks as I headed towards Mira. My pace was well-kept as I soaked in all the looks from the people around me, something normal as I kept walking.

'Wow, Daddy, there are a lot of people here!'

Aria spoke into my mind, establishing a link between us as I commanded her. She kept looking all around this place while sitting happily on my shoulder.

'Indeed, take it all in. I will soon take you out for a real trip later.'

I responded, to which Aria happily asked.


'It's a promise.'

My words were more than enough to make Aria's day as she kept happily humming on my shoulder. Her cute purring sounds attracted all the eyes of the girls who couldn't seem to take their eyes off both me and the cute Aria cat. After a minute or two, I reached the dean's office, and just as I did, the door opened up, causing me to let out a sigh. Mira and Eleanor were in the room, both of them drinking tea.

My 'happiness' of meeting them exploded outward, which quickly got Mira to flinch for a moment. But the real twist was when the two of them turned to me with a smile, which quickly froze when they landed on the cat on my shoulder. If the real Aria wanted, she would have emanated a feeling of superiority.

The power of true supremacy that could only be felt by the powerful, and as two Imperials, I am sure that both Mira and Eleanor could have felt the overwhelming fear filling their souls. I could see the hairs stand up on both of them, causing me to smile wryly.

'Aria, block off this space completely.'

'Yes, Daddy!'

Quickly, the room I was in was completely cut off from any sort of snooping. This quickly made the two women more vigilant. I smiled at it as I spoke.

"There's a lot that I have to say to you two."

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