The Conquerors Path

Chapter 35: Chaos(6)

after Eleanor had disappeared i directly slumped into the floor, i was bleeding from several areas and i almost died, if i don't treat myself now i am sure that i am going to die from bleeding, my ears are buzzing from the screams of my sisters and my head is filled with many useless thoughts

'sy-system qu-quickly get me the potion for me to drink and fast'

[Product purchased, delivering]

suddenly the container quickly appears in front of me, i was laying on the floor helplessly looking at it, pushing myself i use my only one good hand to lift it, using all my effort i quickly pushed it into my mouth drinking it at one gulp falling back into the ground again

the mysterious healing quickly started to flow through me, bringing myself back to shape, though it was slower than before, the current healing rate is at least 10 times slower than the before one's

i am so glad that i can't feel pain right now or else i might be crying on the floor, no matter how tough it is, i don't think that being stabbed by different daggers is a pleasant feeling

well that is one of the main reason that all the people in the viewing room was impressed, to see a 11 year old boy with such pain tolerance or bravery, there are many talented people but to go on fighting even when you are in pain, now that's impressive

sigh....if only they could know the truth

while i was going into different fantasies to somehow forget my current situation, a voice was heard the very same emotionless A.I voice from the beginning

"an unknown individual as entered the trail tampering is said to be done, calculating counter measures"


'wait what?'

"counter measure's calculated the next round shall be combined with the last round increasing the difficulty"

"the last round shall take place from the next 10 minutes"

"best of luck"

'what the fuck?'

'you are increasing the difficulty because of this?'

'even if Eleanor hadn't interfered i would still be fine!'

that's not a lie after having died unknowingly in a shoot out after coming to this world and knowing that it's more dangerous than my old world i had already set up many life saving measures on myself throughout the last years

even if the blade had gone through my skin many hidden items and spells on my body would have killed that dagger waving bastard away

so i am to suffer for this?

'wait all of them will come together as one?'

'then i should just buy a huge bomb and blast them all together'

suddenly the stress on me was gone and i started to relax

'hey system buy me huge bomb and give it to me'

[it is advised that the host do not do it]


[currently the space has been restricted, if the item even i brought it cannot be delivered]

[plus it's better for the host to win this with just your strength if you want to awaken your bloodline]

i raised an eyebrow to the last sentence, this was the first time that this stingy system had said anything valuable without me paying for it

'looks like i can only depend on myself at the end'

even with the potion i drank it would be impossible to completely recover, it would only help me to maintain my life for the time being

sighing to myself i quickly search my body and took out a container, unlike the other one's this gave of a mystical feeling and an abundant amount of life force can be felt from it


Item: The Holy Tree's Nectar

Description: A nectar derived from the holy tree of life, said to bring even the dead back to life

uses: drinking this completely heals any injuries, diseases and cures all ailments, bringing you back to tip top condition

cost: 300,000


an extremely expensive item, i had luckily found it at an offer and brought some, my heart pains about drinking it knowing that a few minutes later i would end up in the same situation again, i had kept it at my inner pockets just as a safe guard and it looks like it came in handy

without wasting anytime i quickly opened it, an extremely sweet and relaxing scent was realesed, without any delay i quickly drank it


the taste was just too sweet, it was like something i couldn't describe, i felt as if i was melting, all the injuries quickly healed and the mana which i had spent also recovered much to the suprise of the on lookers

i stood up and felt the power in my body, there was no injuries on me currently but my body was covered with blood from head to tow and i looked completely like a beggar

seeing that i only had 5 minutes left i quickly began to prepare looking at my bow i could see some starches and cracks, it looks like the bow could not last much longer

looking at my sisters i could see their worried faces so i went to them to talk, currently they were laying inside the barrier not being able to move, their eyes completely trailing my now bloodied body

they knew that the next round would be the end but they didn't know that if i would survive it or not, i could see it in their eyes, the pain Elda feels upon my hurt body, the unwillingness flowing through Nora at the current situation

standing in front of them i didn't say much only 3 words

"i will win"

saying so i stood in front of them waiting for the next wave and 5 minutes flowed quickly as the bell rang several figures quickly began to form, this time 60 humainds appeared!!

And there was a difference too as in the middle of the group stood a humanoid completely different from the rest, he stood there like a commander ready to lead his army and all those that appeared stood in discipline as if trained

this time i wasn't facing a bunch of headless chicken but a group of trained soldier's who had someone leading them

'looks like shit finally hit the fan'

without any delay i quickly pulled the arrow, to kill a herd kill it's leader first and then the rest would follow

as soon as the test began archers drew their bow, assassins disappeared from view, mages began their spell and the warriors held up their shield to protect their own

'looks like i need to go all out on this one'

without any delay i quickly activated my defense mechanisms, the mana ring i wore started supplying me with great amount of mana, my protective barrier quickly covered all my vital zones making them impenetrable

using the excess mana flowing through me i quickly activated a powerful spell, i got buffed up increasing my speed, strength and power

after that the war began....or in this case a one way bullying

under the command of the commander all the humanoids quickly started to move, i wasn't still as i drew several arrows multiplied them and fired them at the weak links's i had identified

just like before several dagger wielding humanoids appeared to cut at me, but this time i quickly held the bow at one hand and took out a small knife which i used to deflect and kill 2 of the dagger wielding humanoids while my eyes glowed black and gold

at the same time several arrows flew towards me and the barrier protecting my sisters, without delay i cast a small spell {whirlwind} causing them to change directions, while i fired 2 chaos arrows at the other humanoids who were closing in

but the moment it got close it was deflected by the other mages causing its direction to change leaving no effects at all, just as i had fired the dagger wielding humanoids appeared cutting at me

i quickly changed my weapon to the knife and started fighting them with my increased strength i could push them back in a one on one fight but as i was fighting them the mages and the archers quickly started firing at the barrier my sister was at

the barrier quickly started to have more cracks on it, seeing this i quickly pushed and killed one of the dagger wielding humanoids and tried to create some space with them but that's when i realized that i was surrounded

as i was fighting them the others quickly formed a circle and began to surround me, currently there were some sword and spear wielding humanoids coming upon my back cutting my exit route

seeing that there was no other way i quickly started to fight back more but it was getting more difficult as attacks began to come for my back even when i fired arrows they were being stopped by the shields

i quickly threw a smoke bomb to cover myself but it was quickly pushed away by some wind spells, i couldn't go invisible too due to the fact that all the attacks will then be forced on the barriers protecting my sisters

i quickly started to build up more injuries, seeing this i quickly brought my kinfe to the chest gathered a large amount of mana and made a slash causing those close to me to be cut and the approching one's to move back

i needed to move fast as the barrier was breaking

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