Terran Guardian

: Chapter 1432 An irresistible reward

"There are many dangerous places in the heavens. Some of them are so powerful that even Dao Immortals will shed blood. The Chaos Forbidden Zone is one of them.

There is the place where the ancient Qinglian Emperor sat and died. Before his death, he fought with the powerful men in the world, and the rules of the fight collapsed, making the chaotic rules last for countless years, and finally turned into a dangerous place.

Among them, there are Chaos Gods who were conceived and born. The Chaos Gods with the weakest cultivation are all powerful men who can rival the God King, that is, the True Immortal level.

There are countless chaotic gods who are comparable to the gods and Taoist immortals..."

Listening to the chaotic restricted area described by the God of Killing Immortals, everyone's expressions changed several times.

Just from the opponent's mouth, they can clearly understand the horror of the chaotic penalty area.

The weakest chaotic gods are equivalent to powerful true immortals. What kind of concept is this?

Even in today's Kyushu, true immortals are among the top strong ones. After all, there are only a few Taoist immortals, and they can't even get together with two hands.


The top strong man in Kyushu is only the weakest existence in the chaotic restricted area. How can he not shock everyone?

Half a month later, I met with Shen Zhenshou and learned that the sect master was a big hidden danger.

As for everything else.

The Immortal Killing God said calmly: "The cruelty of the mountain spirit is less than what you think. After I returned to the mountain spirit, I killed a god.

It's just that Shen Changqing's identity and status are within our reach. In addition, the other party's dragon has seen its beginning or end. If we really want to find the other party and take action, what should we talk about and do.

The monks who have never really seen Shanling Xiaojie are naturally vague about the current situation of Shanling.


Chaos God!

"Retreating to Shanling may not mean that there is no chance at all. In the long term, it is estimated that none of you will have the chance to step into Cui Di.

Not to mention.

This kind of opportunity cannot be duplicated.

Qingwei nodded in agreement.


At that time, the painting style of Killing Immortals suddenly changed.

"Yudong is in another place. When the heaven and earth reach their limits, disasters will inevitably occur to cleanse the beings in the sky.


Billions of living beings perished.

If the hundreds of weak people in the world in front of us must all retreat into the mountain spirit, it is a question whether half of them will come back alive.

Kill the clan leader!

As soon as this statement came out.

"Perhaps the opportunity for me to attain enlightenment comes from the small calamity of the mountain spirit..."

The other party's words extinguished many people's inner yearning for the mountain spirit.

But the existence of the sect master is powerful, and there is no weak person who can stand up to the stage. How can the Chengxian Sect and this Shen Zhenshou care about it.

The words of the Killing Immortal God were not merciful at all, which made some weak people in the world change their expressions again and again.

Above the true immortals, there are many chaotic gods who are comparable to Taoist immortals.

The weak will survive and the strong will perish, this has been the rule since ancient times. "

All the gods present will naturally be familiar with Cui Di.

"Anyone who kills ten thousand sect leaders can enter the Cui Diying Immortal Sect and practice for a hundred days!"

As the sound of the myth of killing immortals fell, many people were eager to ask questions.

Therefore, Shen Zhenshou hopes that your sect can strangle the sect leader with all its strength and completely eliminate this scourge. "

We all forgot to understand Cui Diying's purpose for letting herself and others later.

Since the outbreak of the minor tribulation, the number of God Lords who have died alone has not exceeded eight figures.

It's all about me, as long as I find an opportunity to break through to become a true immortal.

The gods smiled and said: "The monks of your generation are able to reach this day and night. They have fought their way through step by step. A mere calamity is nothing."


Your strength is among the top among the four states, but the monks who are now comparable to the God King outside the mountain spirit can only say that it is wrong, but it is definitely a little weak! "

"What do you mean when you say this?"

However, when I left the chaotic restricted area, the sleeping will of the restricted area was awakened again, and even you were unable to enter again. "

When all parties were silent, Shenxu took a deep breath and said: "The mountain spirit incident hasn't happened yet, so I don't pay enough attention to it for the time being.

They also have some understanding of why the immortal-killing god's cultivation level can improve so quickly.

I see-

Everyone else looked surprised.

Everyone was shocked!

Seeing the immortal-killing god's cultivation soaring, who would hope that he would also get such an opportunity.

As soon as these words came out.

If we really want to retreat into the chaotic restricted area, who can guarantee that we can get out alive?

"In those years, I discovered that some shackles were gradually forming between heaven and earth. How would I be affected when I first entered Cui Di?

After all, if no one of you here steps into the chaotic restricted area, who can guarantee that you can come out alive? "


Generally speaking, Shenxu Wenyan and others, as weak true immortals in this world, can also detect some abnormalities in the world. "

The Killing Immortal God said calmly: "I can't say enough about the specifics of this matter, but you should not feel anything when you step into the realm of the heavens.

Killing Immortal said without any meaning.

The topic just now was not taken away at all.

Shenxu nodded slightly.

The Killing Immortal God gave a blank look, and then said with a normal expression: "I will let you all come back, and naturally I will only talk about Cui Di.

It is also true that everyone is afraid of danger, and no one hopes to get this opportunity.

The Netherworld invades, and the battlefield between the two realms ends.

But at this moment, the Immortal Killing God brought the topic to light, causing Cui Di, who was too sure, to completely confirm his previous guesses.

If you really want to step into the mountain spirit and be trapped in a small tribulation, it is still unknown how many people can really stand out. "

The other human being, Dao Immortal, was also refreshed.

"It's wrong..."

The rest of us didn't say anything, but they all nodded in agreement.

"Pindao doesn't feel this way either."

No matter how small the Evergreen World is, it has no limit.

Those things basically never happen.

is wrong.

Didn't the Immortal Killer say too little? He just told some of the current situation in the Evergreen World and Cui Di.

The will of the restricted area!

Although Shen Changqing did not warn him intentionally, the fact that the news from the Divine Palace has been circulating for so long after returning to the human race from the other side shows that the imperial court has no intention of leaking the secret.

Weak people such as the Divine Lord and Divine Emperor below the Divine Lord can also be completely spared.

"Is it possible that nothing happened in the four states?"

Zhutian is considered to be the top weak among the human race. Even if there is no fighting from time to time, many weak people who are not at the level of Zhutian will fall. If they stand against the sky, they will not fall into some caves.

can not say.

At that time, everyone's expressions were clear.

See this.

There is a way. The amount of information contained in the other person's short sentence is really too little, so we don't care.

The Immortal Killer God understands this clearly.

Just when all parties were secretly wondering, the Immortal Killing God threw out another temptation.

Many of the monks had a fierce fighting spirit, and they were not afraid at all because they heard about the mountain spirit's small calamity.

I just mentioned it all.

The Killing Immortal God just shook his head secretly.

But if he takes a few steps back, he will probably be suppressed by the shackles of heaven and earth, and will no longer be able to take a step back. "

For a while.

"I can decide whether to retreat into the mountain spirit or not. Only if I don't speak up can I find the opportunity to step into Cui Di."

Usually it is related to the battle between the human race and the divine palace, and the Immortal Killer God didn't talk about it at all.

But Shen Zhenshou is the master of the Evergreen Realm and has no ability to prevent the minor catastrophes of heaven and earth from coming, so there is no need to worry too much about the disasters.

"That's right. Why should monks like you be afraid of safety? If I can enter the mountain spirit, I will definitely fight my way out of the sky!"

Before the number of weak people in heaven and earth reaches a certain number, they will inevitably fall into a bottleneck period, making it impossible for the young monks to take a step back. "

I am a Taoist immortal, and then I suddenly realized.

The Killing Immortal God continued: "The biggest threat to the Chaotic Forbidden Zone is not the Chaotic God, but the will of the Forbidden Zone that is born out of countless rules.

So when the sound of the myth of Killing Immortals fell for a moment, Cui Di asked directly: "May I ask, Killing Cui Di, if you don't have a chance to retreat to the mountain spirit?"

We have thought that Chengxian Sect did not let him and others come back just to deal with Cui Di.

Such a fight would naturally be comparable to that of a mountain spirit.

Xu Shao Cui Di thought this was just an illusion.

No wonder the other party would say that the Xiao family will not have a chance to retreat to the mountain spirit for a long time. It turns out to be because of that.

Many monks who wanted to find a chance to step into the mountain spirit looked disappointed.

If you practice in a place like this, it is normal for your cultivation to improve by leaps and bounds.

But although disasters will happen, it means that the shackles of heaven and earth can be broken.

Everyone knew who the other person was referring to.

In this battle, the will of the forbidden area was severely damaged and fell into sleep. Since then, the chaotic forbidden area has become a place where no living thing dares to set foot. UU reading www.uukanshu.com


But at this point, you may not be willing to actually see it. "

Such practices are completely on the verge of life and death. If you make one wrong step, there is no possibility of death.

If you and other humans want to take a step back, you must leave the Evergreen Realm and truly step into the Mountain Spirit. "

"If you have nothing to say, please tell me clearly. You are really very bad -"

"The Four Prefectures have developed rapidly since they were young, and weak people have emerged one after another in the world. Compared to hundreds of years later, the number of weak people in the Four Prefectures has increased several times.


Before breaking through the heavens, we were also particularly sensitive to the qi of heaven and earth, but compared to those who were the real immortals, we were only slightly unaware of the existence of shackles.

Other human beings and immortals are also silent.

"You can know about that problem, and this person has already noticed it a long time ago, so I can conclude that if it takes a long time, you will not have the chance to step into the mountain spirit.

Within the battlefield of the two realms, all forces are also attacking each other.

Qingwei sighed: "Lu Wenyan has been able to practice in such dangerous places for hundreds of years, no wonder his cultivation has broken through so quickly.

It's just that the mountain spirits are experiencing minor tribulations at the same time, the order of Yin and Yang is in chaos, and all races are trapped in endless fighting.

Lu Wenyan invited you to wait until later, presumably just to talk about Cui Di, right? "

Think of that.

This is an existence that is more terrifying than a true immortal. Hundreds of years later, the Mountain Spirit God Clan encircled and suppressed the chaotic restricted area, and as a result, countless weak people fell.

The fall of the God Kings and God Lords means that even the weak of the God King and below did not fall.

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