Chapter 200: Whom the Gods Would Destroy, They First Make Mad

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On the other end of the phone, Lin Shanchu said in a serious tone, “How can you dream if you don’t sleep?”


She did not expect Huo Chaosheng would be the first person to call her after the incident.

“Dream?” Huo Chaosheng belatedly realized that Lin Shanchu was scolding him for having wishful thinking.

However, he was not angry because Lin Shanchu was the friend he had chosen.

He liked to see the look on Lin Shanchu when she could not get rid of him even though she disliked him.

Huo Chaosheng seriously reasoned with Lin Shanchu.

“In terms of age, I’m older than you. Moreover, I’ve helped you before, but why are you unwilling to call me brother no matter what?”

“Do you think you’re worthy?”

Lin Shanchu’s serious tone did not carry a hint of mockery. It was just a normal questioning tone.

Huo Chaosheng was a little angry.

At the same time, his competitive spirit was aroused. “I’ll make you yield and call me brother sooner or later.”

Lin Shanchu was puzzled.

He was not even angry?

As expected, Huo Chaosheng’s brain worked differently from normal people.

“Just you wait!” Huo Chaosheng hung up the phone after saying that.

He Xiang was a little worried when she saw Lin Shanchu sitting there in a daze after the phone call.

“Sister Lin, you… Are you alright?”

Lin Shanchu could tell that He Xiang was worried. “It’s nothing. It’s a call from a psychopath. Rest early. We have to deal with many things tomorrow.”

He Xiang bit her tongue. “…Alright.”

She was also considered a member of the entertainment industry. With Lin Shanchu’s current situation, it was hard to tell if she would be able to get a job in the future.

Seeing how optimistic Lin Shanchu was, she could not say anything more.

Lin Shanchu was condemned for the entire night.

The next morning, the topics condemning her were still on the trending search list.

Kong Suyi rushed to Tang Qidai’s house early in the morning and told her about the incident.

“She’s courting death. Whom can she blame?” Tang Qidai had a contemptuous look on her face when she talked about Lin Shanchu.

She knew that b*tch, Lin Shanchu, would never be able to defeat her.

It was just a stroke of luck that Lin Shanchu managed to ride high previously.

Judging from this incident, she could tell that b*tch Lin Shanchu was still as stupid as before.

Kong Suyi also hated Lin Shanchu, “I’ve watched her exclusive interview. She has her nose in the air and dares to say anything. She deserves to be condemned by the netizens.”

“It’s been a night, and the PR on Lin Shanchu’s side hasn’t taken any action.

Does that mean she’s out of ideas? Should we use this chance to add fuel to the fire and take down that b*tch Lin Shanchu?”

Kong Suyi mentioned this incident to Tang Qidai after Lin Shanchu had ended up on the trending search list due to condemnation last night.

Tang Qidai had become more cautious after suffering a few losses because of

Lin Shanchu. She chose to wait and see instead of making a move immediately.

After pondering for a while, Tang Qidai asked, “Have you taken care of the company’s surveillance cameras and the employees’ phones at the scene?”

Kong Suyi smiled as she said, “It’s been dealt with immediately. President Lu even ordered someone to deal with it. Don’t worry. It’s been properly taken care of.”

Tang Qidai smiled and said softly, “This time, we have to trample Lin Shanchu no matter what.”

“Daidai, don’t worry. That b*tch won’t be able to turn things around this time!”

In addition to condemning Lin Shanchu, the netizens also went to Tang Qidai’s Weibo to console her and symphatize with her grievance.

Many netizens even asked Tang Qidai to speak out.

After waiting for a night, the netizens finally received a response from the other person involved in the incident the next morning.

Tang Qidai stirred emotions with her response.

[Shanshan and I have been friends for many years. Putting aside my identity as a celebrity, we’re also ordinary people in front of our friendship. We’ll get angry and argue before we are reconciled. These private matters shouldn’t have been made public to disturb everyone. I hope everyone can pay more attention to my work…]

In the latter half of the Weibo post, Tang Qidai took the opportunity to promote the new drama that would be launched soon.

This new drama was the one that had been postponed because of the text message incident.

Compared to Lin Shanchu’s response in the exclusive interview, Tang Qidai’s Weibo post seemed to be more sincere.

Many netizens began to side with Tang Qidai.

[Tang Qidai’s positive response has made favorable impression on me.] [One can judge the obvious difference by comparing the two sides.] [Would the responsible Sister Rabbit dare to come out and show herself?]

[Come to think of it, there’s a reason why Lu Shiyuan is so nice to Tang Qidai.

Who doesn’t like such an considerate girl?]

[Lin Shanchu, come out and apologize!]

Tang Qidai had earned quite a bit of popularity with this Weibo post.

She had originally wanted to take advantage of this incident to trample Lin Shanchu. Coupled with the fact that the netizens were on her side, she naturally would not let go of such a good opportunity.

She ordered someone to arrange for the Internet trolls to start stirring things up uncontrollably.

In just one morning, the Internet was filled with insults directed at Lin Shanchu.

Apart from condemning Lin Shanchu, they even insulted her parents.

The netizens insulted her again with words like “jinx your parents”.

It was as if they had returned to the dark age before Lin Shanchu participated in “My Stage”.

When He Xiang saw the comments, she cried out of anger.

She dared not cry in front of Lin Shanchu, fearing that she would make her even sadder.

After He Xiang finished crying in her room, she came out to look for Lin Shanchu.

“Sister Lin, you…’

Hearing He Xiangs voice, Lin Shanchu raised her head.

Looking at Lin Shanchu’s face tha showed no signs of sadness, He Xiang could

not say anything to comfort her.

When Lin Shanchu saw He Xiang’s eyes were red-rimmed, she said in surprise,

“What’s wrong with you?”

He Xiang shook her head subconsciously, and then asked in confusion, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine at home. What else can happen to me?” Lin Shanchu tilted her head and sized up He Xiang.

A moment later, she came to her senses. “You couldn’t have… Did you cry out of anger while reading the comments?”

He Xiang was speechless.

Lin Shanchu could not help laughing. “Really?”

He Xiang was a little sad as soon as she mentioned the comments on the Internet.

She sniffed hard and sobbed as she asked, “Sister Lin, what exactly is your plan? Can you tell me first?”

She was really worried about Lin Shanchu.

Before she became Tang Qidai’s assistant, she hated Lin Shanchu.

After becoming Tang Qidai’s assistant and discovering her true colors, He Xiang’s opinion of Lin Shanchu changed.

After getting to know her, she realized that Lin Shanchu was a really good person.

Lin Shanchu first handed He Xiang a tissue.

After He Xiang took it, Lin Shanchu said softly, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

“Oh.” He Xiang looked confused.

This time, it was Lin Shanchu’s turn to be surprised. “You understood the meaning?”

“No, I don’t.” He Xiang shook her head and said seriously, “Although I don’t understand it, this quote sounds quite amazing.”

Lin Shanchu was speechless.

He Xiang scratched her head awkwardly. “Anyway, you must have a solution, right?”

“Actually, it’s not considered a solution…” Lin Shanchu turned to look at the phone screen and muttered, “She should be calling me soon…”

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