Supermarket Space: Traveling Through the Ages and Marrying a Rough Guy

Chapter 1157: I don't even dare to admit it

Bai Qinshan also cut a piece for himself and nodded after eating, "It's really not too sweet. This kind should be better!"

"No matter these things, we don't eat it every day anyway." Li Wei put the cake down, pulled out a chair and sat down, and then slowly started eating spoonful after spoonful.

Bai Qinshan also sat next to her and started eating. The two of them ate a small piece each. Bai Qinshan packed the remaining cake in a cake box and put it in the refrigerator, "Just keep the rest for breakfast tomorrow." !”

"Okay, the cake is not big. If you eat it tomorrow, you should be able to finish it." Li Wei packed up all the garbage, threw it into the trash can, and said to Bai Qinshan, "It's getting late, you should go to bed early! I It also takes a while to take a bath and take care of your skin.”


Li Wei took her clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower, while Bai Qinshan brushed his teeth and washed his face at the sink outside the bathroom, and then went back to the room. He had already been quarreling with Li Wei for a long time, so he stopped quarreling with her now.

The end of the year soon came. Last year, Liwei took a long leave because she got married. This year, she couldn't take leave. She didn't have leave until the 27th of the twelfth lunar month. The 28th of the twelfth lunar month was her father's birthday. She communicated with Lichun. After that, she and Bai Qinshan were responsible for ordering cakes. Lichun and Zuo Yunqing didn't need to order cakes. As for birthday gifts, they could buy whatever they wanted.

Liwei went to the cake shop to order a cake after get off work on the evening of the 26th. She used Bai Qinshan Company’s cake shop’s shopping card, so she didn’t have to spend any extra money.

After ordering the cake, she went to the clothing section on the second floor of the supermarket to buy a pair of clothes for her parents and a pair of shoes. Liwei is not a person who can bargain. When buying clothes for her parents, she can't buy clothes that cost dozens of yuan a piece online. Yes, so I just go to the supermarket and buy it. The price is clearly marked and there is no need to bargain. And you don’t have to worry about the quality of the things in the supermarket. After all, you can come back and exchange the bad ones.

Since the Chinese New Year is coming soon, there is a discount in the supermarket. After the discount, her dad's top is 233, pants are 17, and shoes are 198, a total of 601.

Her mother's woolen coat costs 428, her thickened leggings cost 90, and her snow boots cost 198, a total of 716.

Liwei didn't buy it for herself because she couldn't bear to buy such expensive clothes for herself. She bought her own clothes online. From head to toe, the whole body might not cost 400 yuan. That's it. She finds it too expensive!

Fortunately, she drove out, otherwise she would not be able to take so many things home!

Liwei paid for the clothes and put them in the trunk of the car, then returned to the supermarket. She would definitely buy more things to take home when she goes home tomorrow.

The nephews at home have already been playing at home during the winter vacation. They must prepare candies, toys and gifts, so Liwei pushed the shopping cart and went shopping in the supermarket again.

While strolling around, Li Wei felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned around and saw that it was her classmate from her sophomore year in high school, Shi Zhenzhen, who was a few centimeters taller than her, almost 1.7 meters tall. 3. Approximately 1.74 meters tall.

I have a pair of black, bright and beautiful eyes, and the eyelashes are also very thick and enviable, but my skin color is yellowish. It was like this in high school, and it is still like this now.

“Shi Zhenzhen?” After recognizing Shi Zhenzhen, Li Wei said in surprise.

 The main reason is that it is too difficult to meet old classmates. She returned to her hometown after her divorce from Lu Liangyu. It must have been three or four years now, but she has only met her classmates a handful of times.

This time she met her high school classmate. Could she not be excited?

"Liwei, is it really you? You have become so beautiful now that I don't even dare to recognize you." Shi Zhenzhen looked at Liwei and was very surprised, "But you can still see the shadow of the past. " No matter how I change, I'm still me. I haven't had plastic surgery, so how can I not see the shadow of my former self? You haven't changed much either. I haven't seen you for so many years, but I can still recognize you at a glance!" Li Wei said with a smile.

Shi Zhenzhen also smiled, "Are you here to buy new year's goods? I won't disturb you. After the shopping is done, let's go to the snack shop opposite to eat oden! There are stools to sit on over there."

"Okay." Liwei nodded in agreement. There was indeed a snack shop opposite, and she had gone there to buy seafood noodles before!

After that, the two of them went separate ways. Liwei bought the things, put them in the trunk, and went directly to the snack shop opposite. Seeing that Shi Zhenzhen had already ordered oden and was sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, she walked over and ordered it too. A bucket of oden and a few spoonfuls of soup. She especially likes to drink oden soup. It is not greasy and tastes good.

Coming to sit down next to Shi Zhenzhen, Li Wei hesitated for a moment before tentatively asking, "Zhenzhen, are you married?"

Shi Zhenzhen did not take the college entrance examination. She dropped out of high school not long after the start of her third year of high school and before October. At that time, Liwei watched her leave and saw a boy coming to pick her up. She took a taxi with him and left.

Liwei wanted to know what happened to her and the boy who came to pick her up. After all, the relationship between students was very pure, and the journey from student days to now is also very touching.

 “Married.” Shi Zhenzhen nodded, but there was no hint of happiness on her face.

"Who is your husband? Is he the handsome guy who came to pick you up?" Li Wei asked curiously.

"How could it be him?" Shi Zhenzhen covered her chest with regret, "I was ignorant and didn't accept him back then. Looking back now, I feel so regretful that my intestines are green. That boy is indeed good-looking and tall. We The two of them really matched each other, but I was not very young at that time and was not sensible, so I felt that I would definitely meet someone better. I would never have thought that I would marry someone who was inferior to him in every aspect."

After Shi Zhenzhen finished speaking, she looked at Li Wei with a mysterious face, "You know my husband, guess who he is?"

Li Wei went through all the boys in the class in her mind. Some of them really couldn't remember their names, so she shook her head, "It's been so many years, and I can't remember many of their names. I If you can’t guess it, just tell me directly!”

"It's Lin Jianru." Shi Zhenzhen stopped playing mysterious and directly revealed her husband's name.

Li Wei thought for a while and shook her head, because she had no impression of Lin Jianru at all, "He is not in our class, right? I have no impression at all!"

"Guan Tingting, the small and exquisite little deskmate I had before we became roommates, do you still remember it?" Shi Zhenzhen asked.

Liwei nodded, "I remember. She was small and looked very cute. We even went to her house together. Her family lives in the community across the river, very close to the school."

Li Wei was very puzzled. Wasn't she talking about her husband Lin Jianru? Why did you jump to Guan Tingting again? (End of chapter)

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