Back home, Song Xi saw Qin Tiantian sorting out the big-headed shrimps, and asked curiously, "Qin Tiantian, where did you buy the big-headed shrimps? How much does it cost per pound?"

“Bought on the community platform, 44.99 per box, I counted, there are almost fifteen.” Qin Tiantian said while packing.

"Why isn't it moving? Is he dead?" Song Xi came over to take a look. Seeing that the box was still nearby, he took it over and took a look, "It's only 450 grams, less than a pound. This The price is too expensive. If you want to eat it in the future, you can go to a seafood store to buy it. It’s cheaper there and it’s all fresh.”

“Seafood restaurant? Do we have such a place here?” Qin Tiantian asked curiously.

"We are in the city, how can we not even have a place to sell seafood? There are not only all kinds of seafood, but also all kinds of fresh food, which is very convenient." Song Xi said.

Qin Tiantian looked at Song Xi with bright eyes, "Where is the store?"

"It's right next to the bus station. It's obvious. You can see it at a glance." Song Xi used to live alone and eat casually. She was not so particular. Even if she knew there was a seafood restaurant there, she would not be able to go in and buy seafood to eat. of.

Qin Tiantian nodded, "Okay, I'll go over and take a look next time when I have time to see what kind of seafood is in there, but this big-head shrimp doesn't seem to be from the sea, right?"

"Although it's called a seafood shop, most of the things are there. It doesn't just sell seafood." Song Xi pulled Qin Tiantian away. "I think you don't know how to cook or handle big head shrimps. I'll handle it." Bar!"

“Then I’ll learn from you and I’ll be able to handle it myself next time.” Qin Tiantian said with a smile.

Song Xi finished handling the big-headed shrimp, washed her hands, and went back to her room to rest. Although she didn't do anything this morning, she felt really tired, and now she just wanted to lie down and rest.

Song Xi returned to the room and lay down on the bed without even playing with her mobile phone. The bed was covered with ice silk blankets that cost tens of dollars. It was cold and comfortable, and there was no need to change into a heavy bamboo mat. .

Ever since the three of them lived in the same room, Song Xi didn't dare to move around when sleeping, for fear of going to other people's territory and making them dislike her. She would not let everyone listen to her just because everyone lived in her house. if.

 Although everyone lives in her house, they do not take advantage of her. They also pay for water, electricity and gas, and often buy groceries to fill up the refrigerator.

 Everyone is contributing to her family.

Song Xi felt tired and soon fell asleep in the breeze. They woke her up just before dinner. Song Xi yawned and went to the bathroom in the master bedroom to wash her face with cold water. , let myself wake up a little before going out to eat.

Song Can asked worriedly, "Song Xi, what's wrong with you? You've never been like this."

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve been tense all this time, but today I suddenly relaxed, that’s it.” Maybe it’s because she studied the map in the morning, and she doesn’t know why it takes so much energy to study the map. "Since you are tired, go to bed early at night! Haven't you already saved manuscripts for several months? It's okay not to write for one night, and the final is about to begin, so you still have to be energetic." Song Can gave Song Xi some food, "Eat more."

"Okay." Song Xi smiled sweetly and decided not to think about looking for Zhou Yi for the time being. Wait until summer vacation and then concentrate on looking for Zhou Yi!

She still thinks that she should focus on her studies and find Zhou Yi, which she can spend her whole life doing.

She worked hard to find Zhou Yi here, and she didn't know if Zhou Yi still remembered her, let alone whether there was anyone else around Zhou Yi. If there was someone else around Zhou Yi, then she had no choice but to give up. .

After the meal, everyone cleaned up the kitchen together and went for a walk on the seventeenth floor. The roof area of ​​the seventeenth floor is very large, but now that the sun has gone west, there is no sun on the roof. The breeze washes it away. Quite comfortable.

 In July, many art candidates went out to study, and some seats became available in various classes.

After the final exam, the summer vacation for the sophomore year of high school has officially begun. Everyone can make money by writing online novels, so there is no need to go out to work hard part-time jobs. However, there are musical fountains at the reservoir every day, and everyone does not want to miss this opportunity to make money, so Just like last year, a stall was set up to sell cold drinks.

Song Xi bought all the things needed to set up a stall before setting off. Everyone only needs to set up the stall, and there is no need to worry about anything else.

"Song Xi, is it really okay for you to go out alone?" Song Can was really worried when he learned that Song Xi was going on a long trip. She was a little girl going out alone, who wouldn't be worried?

Song Xi smiled lightly, "Don't worry! I'll be fine."

 She will definitely pay more attention when she goes out.

Seeing how determined Song Xi was, Song Can said nothing more. Song Xi was such a determined person, and it was impossible for her to give up her plan for this trip just because of her few words. She could only keep her in her heart all the way. Peace and pray nothing bad happens to her.

Song Xi bought the ticket in the afternoon and arrived at the transfer station at around eleven o'clock in the evening. Then the second journey ticket was at around six in the morning. She had to wait for several hours. It was not that Song Xi wanted Mao's ticket at this time, but Tickets for other time periods require longer waiting times, so she can only buy tickets for this time period.

An hour and a half before the high-speed rail departed, Song Xi went out to take the bus. It took forty minutes for the bus to arrive at the high-speed rail station, and she had to wait fifty minutes for her to arrive at the station. She would not be late at all.

When she arrived at the high-speed rail station and went to the ticket machine to get her ticket, Song Xi went to the waiting room and found her ticket gate. Then she sat on a chair nearby and waited. Although she was not sure whether she could find Zhou Yi or not, Song Xi She wasn't sure if there was Zhou Yi in this world, but she was still looking forward to it in her heart.

 Because of her appearance, she led the development of Ping'an Village, and later it developed into an independent town. Young people can find a suitable livelihood without having to travel far. Song Xi is extremely proud! She also misses the huge family fortune she worked hard for in the 1980s. In the 1980s, she was really a rich woman, how could she be as frustrated as she is now?

She wanted to break a penny into two flowers, couldn't bear to buy what she wanted to eat, couldn't afford what she wanted to wear, and her whole body from head to toe only cost more than a hundred yuan. She really missed her time in the 1980s. The days of a rich woman.

  Seeing that she had jumped to the first row of the train she took by mistake, and knowing that the ticket check was about to begin, Song Xi quickly picked up her small bag and walked to the ticket gate to queue up.

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