Super God Assassin

Super God Assassin


452 Chapters Completed Status


Players who can enter the professional league are called god-level players and are worshipped.

Teams that can get all kinds of first kills are called god-level teams and are admired by thousands of people.

And Qin Shou, is the existence that surpassed the god level – the super god assassin!


Qin Shou, who was successful in the global A-level professional league, was reborn with his experience before the launch of “Immortal”!

In the last life, he had a good talent, but he lost at the starting line, and he could only barely be regarded as a first-class player.

In this life, he has a professional-level operation level that far exceeds the game for several years. He also knows how to trigger various hidden tasks and how to kill dungeons.

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