Summon Survival

Summon Survival


121 Chapters Completed Status


What happens to ordinary people facing the end times? With no power, nothing but good looks?

Of course fate worse than death.

Xu Yang doesn’t remember how many years she has become a zombie. She wanders in the last days, she is self-conscious but can’t evolve.

She was an ordinary person when she was a human, and she could not change anything when she became a zombie.

——Is it unfair?

But everything is never fair.

When her head was cut off and the crystal nuclei in the brain were taken away, everything that Xu Yang has experienced was clearly performed again in the brain, is this rotating lantern?


She is rebirth.

She is going to survive.

Xu Yang: Lu Huixue that Mother…

Lu Huixue: ??? I’m really not a Mother!

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